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Dr Omar, June 2013
Dr Omar, June 2013

Ramadan Kareem (2014/20) __ Those who can, please make a contribution.    This will help me pay for translations, additional formats and more online activity, etc, etc.

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Madame Chook


The Clock That Would Not Talk


Omar Feb 2013



Page 5CAIN’S CREED; The Cult(s) of Rome


Page 4

FORGOTTEN SAINTS: The Gospel of Barnabas, Survey & Commentary


Iblis CoverTHE HAND OF IBLIS: An Anatomy of Evil, The Hidden Hand of the NWO, Summary Observations & History

Cover La Mano de Iblis


Translated by Angel Moya (Honduras) complete:


Page 3

THE TAQUA OF MARRIAGE: Essential Knowledge for Modern Believers

Simply the best book on duties of husband and wife to each other as defined by God. The larger part deals with the environment that is required to make a healthy baby and family. Even if you have not been blessed to be a Muslim you should read this book!

(4 Sep 2013) – Salaam Dr.Omar i just finished reading your Taqua of Marriage; it is brilliant.  I gave it to my brother to read he is engaged and soon to marry Insha’allah.
– Sufyan Jan, Saudi Arabia


Trnity CoverTRINITY, THE METAMORPHOSIS OF MYTH, 2nd Edition (2013)



Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 11.21.16 am

refuge from the damned_revision Oct 2015


Jerusalem Cover


  • Jerusalem Sion& Zion: Truth Lies, Occult Background, Historicity

Hand of Iblis Cover (French)

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Dr. Omar Zaid, M.D., Jan 2013
Dr. Omar Zaid, M.D., Jan 2013


9 Comments on “BOOKS Publications & PDFs

  1. Jazak Allah Khairan. You have started me on a new journey!

  2. Assalaamu Alaikum sheigh I am Na-Aim from South Africa, would like to know if your books is available here and where I will find it. Shukr

    • Salaam, Not to my knowledge in S. Africa. You will have to go online and google for hard copies. Or write to AS Nordeen, I’m sure they will forward you from their stock. All the best. – omar

  3. Mashaallah great work, This is what I myself want to research about. Allah bless you and spread your work even more.

  4. Thank you Omar, I have successfully downloaded the book “The Taqua of Marriage” as you recommended.
    The son of mine in question is already 42 years of age and his mother over 60. Somehow I believe your book has a message for this mama.

    • You are most welcome. I wrote it specifically with folks like you in mind once I had the time and knowledge. May it please Allah swt to grant you and yours relief from the burden of not-knowing what should have been taught.

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