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Salaam to All,

I have been out of work for five months now (Sep 2013); hence, any donation(s) will assist and enable me to support my family and work more comfortably, and also to GIVE books away to students and serious readers who cannot afford to purchase them otherwise.

FYI, I feed 8-10 people monthly on a salary of about 2,500 Euros.  I am in debt upwards of 20,000 Euros and I must pay the publisher for each copy and have thus far given away approximately 100 copies of Iblis, Taqua of Marriage, and The Gospel of Barnabas.  Generally speaking I manage to clear RM 10-15 (3-5 USD) per copy should I have an opportunity to sell them.

Just visit the site above to make your contribution to this small part in the Cause of Allah SWT.

My Accounts:
Name: Leonard Joseph Owsiany, Jr.   or   Leonard Joseph Omar Ziad

Pay Pal:

MayBank:     # 162085 446625

Bank Islam:  # 02039024727704 Jitra, Kedah [SWIFT BIMBMYKL]

CIMB  # 02040008673209

Bank Muamalat # 1205-0041876-72-0

If you do so, please inform me.  Also, if you wish to purchase a book, I will arrange for signed copies to be sent to you at discount plus postage.

Thank You kindly & Wasalaam,

dr omar