May the ‘Force’ Not Be With You, by Dr. Omar

  • Our own Jews will destroy us! – Yiddish Axiom
  • The idea that Zionism and the State of Israel is the protector of Jews is probably the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the Jewish people. – Jews Against Zionism

The phenomena of the Zio-Fascism cum Bolshevik ethos and the Palestinian saga are stage center and will remain so till Armageddon, which many feel is not afar off. With this in mind, we will now explore historically validated methods that may embarrass some readers who will realize their ignorance or learn of their vicarious cooperation with the organized wickedness of the Zionist ponerocracy. Power is required to enact the outrageous schemes of coercion that control global wealth and command the utilitarian will of earth’s inhabitants. So let us look at the little known historicity of the atavistic nemesis.

It may surprise some readers that most Jews are not Zionists and many have little love for Israelis. But just as citizens rush to a flag they do not comprehend, the State of Israel draws support from Jews in general and most have no idea that Zionist leaders are either manic disciples of Illuminati Magi who purposely misguide them, or outright atheists. Judaism, in its undefiled form as practiced by devout descendants of Isaac is actually closer to Islam than the present Christian apostasy. Nevertheless, the disparity between Zionism and Judaism is publicly belied by Israel’s Supreme Court building as shown previously. Not far distant is Dorothy de Rothschild’s Grove and in its centre is the Obelisk (phallus) of Isis or Ashteroth. The prophet Jeremiah (pbuh) had much to say about Christmas and such groves in his book because, without exception, groves were traditionally set aside for the worship of the ‘Queen of Heaven’ (originally Semiramis) and Zionists certainly lust after this lady’s favor and purse, as does the Vatican.

The reader will also begin, I pray, to understand cozy relations governments have with Organized Crime, especially the Jewish mob. The CIA has facilitated and profited from illicit drug trafficking for decades after taking over trade routes established by the British and French governments in Indo-China. Opium profits vis-à-vis the British East India Co. have endowed the ‘Skull & Bones’ fraternity at Yale since 1830, as well as Dr. Coleman’s Committee of 300. And a few of the more astute WWII buffs know that the ‘Empire of the Sun’ had a major cocaine plantation on Iwo Jima run by the Yakuza.

Where do ‘Zionists’ fit in this mania? Well, just as Ezekiel dug through Temple Foundations (Ezekiel 8: 7-18) to enter cult caverns to see Kabbalists at work in Satanic cellars, so must historians seeking truth. I am greatly relieved in my efforts by those who have gone before me, some of whom are Jews whose families and blood authored the Yiddish Axiom quoted above.

Facts on the Skull & Bones Fraternity @ Yale University

Founded & endowed by General William H. Russell who was initiated into the Illuminati and Thule Cults in Germany. General Russell’s Family became wealthy via trade in Opium with the East India Company; parent Co. of the 300 Olympian families. At that time in America, Freemasons were in disgrace and disrepute over the murder of Captain William Morgan who published a volume exposing their secrets. Hence, Gen. Russell avoided the Freemasonic appellation but dressed his fraternity with their regalia and ritual. Hence, the continued pretense allows the Bush Clan to deny Masonic affiliation. Their windowless fraternity house is named ‘The Tomb’ / Their Fraternal Motto is ‘New World Order’ / Their Logo is the ‘Skull & Bones’ (Jolly Roger) of Hitler’s Thule Society / The Interior decor boasts swastikas, pirate flags, skulls, coffins, & bones.

  • A Few Bonesmen: Sen. John Kerry; Sen. Orrin Hatch; Sen. David Boren, CIA Director Robert Gates; William F. Buckley; Christopher Buckley; Potter Stuart, Supreme Court Justice; William H. Taft Pres.; Archibald MacLeish, founder of UNESCO; T.W. Hooper, CEO, American Publishing Association; Henry Luce, CEO, Time & Life Magazines; Sen. Howard Chafee, Henry Stimson, Hoover’s Sec of State; Robert Lovett, Truman’s Sec of Defense; Prescott Bush Sr., George Bush Sr., George W. Bush, Winston Lord, CFR Pres.
  • Wall Street Bonesmen: Brown Brothers & Harriman, Solomon Brothers, Lehman Brothers, Kun & Loeb, Morgan Stanley & Co all have Bondsman Alumni as Directors – Brown Brothers & Harriman & America’s Union Bank financed both the Bolshevik and Nazi Efforts. The Bush Family are major partners and/or stockholders in both firm

The Skull is a Kabbalist symbol for the Baphomet Goat of Mendez as previously discussed; and the Crossed Bones symbolize Osiris. Every Pharaoh had his leg bones crossed in the tomb as do Freemasons on ritual burial. The CFR is a major Bonesman beehive submitted to London’s Chatham House which was founded by Round Tables of the Jew, Cecil Rhodes, and both institutions are highly active in the World Council of Churches and various Knightly Orders furtively Loyal to Rome’s unholy chair. Another Bonesman alumnus, John Dewey, revolutionized American education in association with the Fabian Society of London’s School of Economic theft. He introduced social engineering and liberal values designed to erode what remained of sound Patriarchal ethics. Many famous Fabians were/are Jewish elitist, Marxists or Frankist Zionists who favor social engineering and eugenics.

The ‘Force’

  • Allah puts forth a parable—a man belonging to many partners at variance with each other, and a man belonging entirely to one master: are those two equal in comparison? Praise be to Allah! But most of them have no knowledge. (Al’Qur’an; XXXIX: 29)

FrankYakov ben Judah Leib Frankovich (1726-91)

Here the Koran clearly indicates that Iblis has sedulously authored numerous oddball factions. Among these was early 17th century Shabbataism under the Kabbalist Bal Shem, Zabbetai Zvi, which later became 18th century Frankism which morphed to 19th century Zionism, and then to 20th century Israelitism as a vehicle to help usher New World Orderism (Globalism). Frankists established annual orgies at the Feast of Purim, practiced wife swapping throughout the year and generally had a great time reforming the pliant morals of European nobility while infiltrating them. The original motto of the psychotic Mr. Zvi was: “Praise be He (Jehovah) Who permits the forbidden”, which made him an exemplary Apostle of Rasputin’s creed and a disciple of the Alamut cult spawned by the work of Abdul ibn Maymun who fathered the Fatimid farce.

The goal of 18th century prescient Zionists cum Baal worshipers was to overturn Hebrew morality along with goyim decency and thereby negate both Torah and Bible while elevating the atavistic promiscuity of ancient fertility magick. This was a practical stepping stone towards the Messianic Age of the libertine chaos that marked the Weimar Republic and which finally hit American streets during Prohibition and later when Beatles, Rolling Stones and sundry Madonna sex goddesses emigrated. Their Purim escapade was actually a perversion of the Hebrew Feast of Jubilees, a feast that was never celebrated because Israel, by everyone’s account, had never kept Covenant with G-d for a consecutive fifty years. This ‘Frankist Spring’ occurred during the Encyclopedist mania of Rousseau Romanticism and Voltaire Illuminism which presaged the French Revolution whose Jacobin (Catholic) ‘White Terror’ was the model for Stalin’s ‘Red Terror’ as well as for the Maos and Pol Pots of Twentieth Century Blitzkrieg-Barbarism.

The main obstacle Frankists confronted was that authentic Jews were a stubborn lot that refused to cooperate with the hedonism of these permissive choleric rabbis. Eventually, after Napoleon’s Imperial romp to retore the temporal reign of the ostensibly out-lawed Jesuits, Frankists, along with Weishaupt intellectuals and the moneyed Jews of Frankfurt, initiated programs to persuade Europa’s pseudo-Christians to make their continent as intolerable as possible for devout Jews. Unfortunately, it really is that simple, but I’ll return to this selective ethnic discomfiture later. Presently, I want to address the reality of sexual magick as it is central to the thesis of goddess worship, Christmas parties, and ancient fertility cults from whence the rubbish of these accretions was taken.

Al’Qur’an II:101 has this to say on the matter at hand:

  • And even now, when there has come to them [the Jews] an apostle from God [Mohammad], confirming the truth already in their possession, some of those who were granted revelation aforetime cast the divine writ behind their backs as though unaware of what it says, and follow instead that which the evil ones used to practice during Solomon’s reign ― for it was not Solomon who denied the truth, but those evil ones denied it by teaching people sorcery; and they follow that which has come down through the two angels [or kings as per Ibn Abas] in Babylon, Harut and Marut ― although these two never taught it to anyone without first declaring, “We are but a temptation to evil: do not then, deny God’s truth!” And they learn from these two how to create discord between a man and his wife; but whereas they can harm none thereby save by God’s leave, they acquire a knowledge that only harms themselves and does not benefit them ― although they know, indeed, that he who acquires this knowledge shall have no good in the life to come. For vile indeed is that art for which they have sold their own selves ― had they but known it.   – (The Message of the Qur’an, Trans. By Mohd Asad)

StarThese verses teach that sexual magick and other forms of sorcery were taught to Jewish Elders in both Babylon and Jerusalem by Angels. Occult historians know that the annual Feast of Isis required orgiastic fornication and sodomy at the foot of the Asherah (De Rothschild’s Obelisk), as well as self mutilation and castration by the most ardent hierophants of Pharaoh’s priesthood at the Spring Equinox of Easter (Ishtar). This was/is also true for Adonis, Dionysius, Bacchantes, Cybele and numerous other cults. We see atavistic remnants of the same saturnalia in festivals of Mardi Gras, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, New Year parties, Christmas etc.—all of which were somewhere originally associated with fertility-cult gibberish.

Celebratory promiscuity is historically central to rituals that inspire social engineering policies, especially sodomy (homo or heterosexual); not to mention the coercive effects of human sacrifice used to terrify any populace into submission (see: Trinity). Though I’ve oversimplified the following equations with acrobatic equivalents, they are, nevertheless, an accurate representation of Cain’s Creed: the first ‘god-man’ on earth to ‘rule over sin’ in lands east of Eden, as per Moses in Genesis 4: 1–16.

  • Start aEaster = Ishtar = Isis = Ashtoreth = Semiramis = Lilith-Shakti-Kali as Queen of Heaven = Wife of God (Madonna) = Mother of sun-god Messiah = Tammuz = Horus = Son of Osiris = the Gnostic Christian’s elevation of Jesus to the ‘Word’ or ‘Son of God’ (Society of Jesus) = deification of man = indwelling of sun-god’s holy spirit = divine inspiration via sepheroth (Sufism cum Ishmai’ili cum Kabbalic cum Aryan Perfect Man twaddle) = radiation from the sun-god himself = goal of sun-god worship = Pharaoh’s Religion = Freemasonic Obsession vis-à-vis occult Illuminati overlords = Government via elite god-men (fascist ‘ubermenge’) = New Age of Horus = Global Cabal of Jolly Roger’s Laddies of Bohemian Grove = Monism’s Utopian New World Order of Plutocratic Kleptocrats and Megalomaniacs such as Jesuits et alia.

EkhartExamine the following text quoted from a 33’rd degree Masonic ‘son of England’ branded ‘the most evil man on earth’ 100 years ago; a contemporary and intimate of Hitler’s occult magus, Herr Deitrich Eckart (one of Hitler’s occult mentors, left), and Mdm. Blavatsky:

  • Although I was admitted to the 33’rd degree in 1900, not until 1912 were my suspicions confirmed. I speak of my belief that behind the frivolities and conviviality’s of our greatest institution (Freemasonry), lay in truth a secret ineffable and miraculous, potent to control the ‘Forces of Nature’ [the objective of Baal Worship], and not only to make men brethren, but make them ‘Divine’. But at the time I speak of, a man came to me, a man of those mysterious masters of esoteric Freemasonry, who are alike its eyes and its brains, and who exist in its most unknown, often, {even to its acknowledged chiefs} … This man had been watching my occult career for some years, and deemed me now worthy to partake of the Greater Mysteries.”

– Aleister Crowley, Grand Master, Ordo Templis Orientis, 1912

The extent of the unrecognized veil over Hidden Hands of Iblissian regency is readily apparent in this reprobate’s reverie. Mr. Crowley managed to get three of his wives committed to insane asylums after brief but magickally-inspired honeymoons. The respected historian, Francis King, documents evidence that the OTO was/is the corporate body “ultimately responsible for the final selection of’ all candidates to be made Freemasons in England.” OTO’s claim to this exalted auspice is: “Its Mastery of Sexual Magick, and thus all of the secrets of nature symbolized by Freemasonry” as quoted from the OTO Journal written by Theodor Reuss, British Spy and their Grand Master in 1902.

Dear reader, bearing in mind the previous chapter on Goats and Baal worship, these are facts that are also supported as cited in Al’Torat and Al’Qur’an. These men were not in the business of peddling fantasy for comic books but of capturing jinn and the imaginations of people like lord Northampton and other major Luciferian cronies in positions of power and influence as traditional targets for the masterful Jesuit subversion, recently endorsed by even Judge Napolitano. I submit therefore, in light of previous essays and mountains of scholarly evidence, that “Sexual Magick” is ‘the most cherished way’ of Pharaoh’s religion as cited in Al’Qur’an ( S. 20:56-73).

It is symbolized by the ‘Cross’, the Labrum of Constantine, and the phallic Egyptian ‘Ankh’ held by every Queen as depicted on the tombs of Egypt. Several hieroglyphs even have Pharaoh consuming his own semen to capture it’s life ‘force’, and Alexandrian Christian Gnostics are known to have celebrated this as the ‘body and blood’ of Jesus as the real communion rite, only hinted at in New Testament interpolations. Even the Swastika or saintly ‘Halo’ represents the carnal intercourse or ‘fire wheel’ of divine conjugation with mother earth, a combination that endows whoever controls the union with power (horns) over the ‘Forces of Nature’ as cited by revered Masonic authors and numerous texts on magick. The Nazis owed their ascendency to this magick and the inner rings of this buggered oligarchy hosted scads of Satanists.

The real power of sexual union has to do with the unity, fidelity and purity that ushers divine guidance during the pillow talk following the fanna of sexual ecstasy. The perversions cited above, however, clearly demonstrate that Pharaoh’s fascist deviancy is neither dead nor merely some marginalized neo-nuanced nuisance reserved for skinhead skirtoids. Examine NATO’s logo in Brussels and you will see the swastika cleverly disguised. Even brother Osama owed his fame to partnerships directly related to this icon, as the influence of its occult regency among neo-cons and Jesuits gave rise to Al Qaeda’s predecessors and current suppliers of jihadist fodder: the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis, discussed in later chapters.

Hollywood and Bollywood celebrations of the libertine ‘magi morality’ that marked the Roman Empire’s dualism is exhibited by the abundance of wild sirens, sodomites and profligates. Even ancient Shakti’s Matriarchal Dravidian culture was an elective polyandrous structure that lends credence to theories regarding their migration to Easter Island. The unrestrained prurience exhibited by today’s ‘slut walkers’, ‘twerkers’, Hollywood Madams and ‘hip hop hoes’ along with ever so sensitive ‘boy-men’ and titillating sodomites only serves to erode society’s most fundamental unit, the heterosexual patriarchal family. The subversion is unmistakably recorded in the Protocols of Zion (authored by Jesuits, not Jews) and is specifically under Jewish auspice, Zionist and not. All statistics indicate a steady global decline in traditional heterosexual households wherever this sub-culture encroaches, but most especially in the USA which was targeted for pan-socialism by Papists who declared war on America over a century ago. Observe this indictment’s veracity by reading the following two citations very carefully and review the book, Lucifer’s Lodge by William H. Kennedy which describes Sexual Perversion, Luciferianism, and Satanic Ritual within the Catholic Hierarchy, as well as “Demonology At The Heart of Sexual Perversion Among Vatican Priests,” by Greg Szymanski, JD Jan 4, 2009 (

Ten years after the creation of the Knights of Columbus in 1882 AD, Pope Leo XIII declared the following in an Encyclical. Students of history will note the half-truths plainly stated to misguide the less well read:

  • The American Republic under Protestant rulers is with the worst enemies of the Church, where security is offered; this Republic having seized upon the lands discovered by Christopher Columbus, a Catholic, and usurped the authority and jurisdiction of the supreme head of the church, the United States is filled with obstinate heretics… The United States has been filled with books containing the most flagrant heresies of which the Protestant version of the Bible is chief. And not content with adopting its false and impious doctrines, proselyting has been resorted to, to turn the Catholics from the one true Church. The whole Roman Catholic hierarchy and priesthood of the world have been deprived of their livings by the Protestant heretics of America … Naturalization oaths have been demanded in order that the subjects of the True Church might be made to subscribe to the United States Constitution, with its impious laws and nefarious teachings to compel them to renounce the true authority of the Catholic pontiff; to dis-acknowledge Him to be the head of both church and state… With deep sorrow we are now constrained to have recourse to the arm of justice, and are obliged to take action against a nation that has rejected the Pope as head of all church and state governments…
  • Moreover, we proclaim the people of the United States of America to have forfeited all right to rule said Republic, and also all dominion, dignity and privileges appertaining to it. We likewise declare that all subjects of every rank and condition in the United States and every individual who has taken any oath of loyalty to the United States in any way whatever, may be absolved from said oath, as also from all duty, fidelity, or obedience on or about the 5th of September, 1893, when this Catholic Congress shall convene at Chicago, Illinois, as we shall exonerate them from all engagements, and on or about the feast of Ignatius Loyola in the year of our Lord, 1893, it will be the duty of the faithful to exterminate all heretics found within the jurisdiction of the United States of America. As the circulation of this bull, by sending to all places, would become a matter of difficulty, it is commanded that copies of it be taken and signed by Jesuit notaries, subscribed by a bishop, and sealed with the seal of our court, they will then have the same power and efficacy as these presents here.’      – Pope LEO XIII, Rome, 25 Dec 1891
  • Under fascism, property owners may keep their property titles and deeds, but the use of their property is, as Leo XIII wrote, “common”. Fascism is a form of socialism that retains the forms and trappings of capitalism but not its substance. Under fascism, property titles and deeds are intact but the institution of private property has disappeared. Government regulations and mandates have replaced it. For this distinction between legal ownership and actual use, the fascists owe a debt to the Roman Church-State . . . Pious XI also told us that the encyclical, Rerum Navarum was instumental in ending laissez-faire capitalism in the 20th century by ushring in the era of “effective interference by government.”

Pope Pious XI, Encyclical Quadragesimo Anno (1931), 47.

Now the reader may understand who is effectively responsible for the fall of America and globe into the Hand of Iblis. ‘Any and all means’, a Jesuit dictum, are used for the purpose of achieving Rome’s dominion over the entire earth, and that includes perversions of religions and morality, and they are happily ready to lay blame elsewhere, most especially on Jews, their traditional scapegoats, enforcers, and tax collectors.

St. Paul clearly warned that men would worship the ‘god of forces’ in order to entice believers with great signs and wonders (magick). As Crowley related, this ‘Force’ is real and extremely potent as all Shamans, Witchdoctors and Sorcerers know from primary experience. It is with the Masters and Pawns of Pharaoh’s many faceted postmodern court, and with the chosen few of Crowley’s god-men crew.

– May ‘The Force’ not be with you! –


  •  We must allow all federations to continue as they are … we must create a super-rite to remain unknown in strictest secrecy, through which we will govern all Freemasons, which will become its international centre; more powerful because its direction will remain unknown.” – A. Pike 1870
  • Frank, Jacob: Frank kept Shabbateanism alive and ended its tribalism, opening adherents to the world outside of Judaism [for purposes of infiltration and subversion]. Shabbateanism become Frankism was one of the most important of the 18th century movements which freed man. The great revolutions: the Turkish, the French, the American, all sprang from his loins.

– Prof. Harris Lenowitz, a trouble making professor
of Languages and Literature at the University of Utah.



  • “Zionism has no place for God as such. For Zionists, Judaism is a convenient source of energy and culture and the Bible no more than a State book. From the start, most religious Jews regarded Zionism with suspicion or outright hostility and some believed it was the work of Satan,”
  • A History of the Jews, Paul Johnson, NY, Harper and Row, 1987, p. 547.
  • The British occultist, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, close advisor to Kaiser Wilhelm and adopted father of Hitler’s hero, Wagner, claimed that Isa was an Aryan. But Pilate’s spies describe Isa as a black man with blonde hair: NB: some claim this Vatican held treatise is anti-Catholic propaganda. See The Archko Volume, McIntosh & Twyman, 1887 – Keats Pub., 1975 Catalogue # 74-33199;
  • Yakuza_Japanese organized crime syndicate, similar to the Chinese Triads.
  • See: Proceedings US Anti-Masonic Convention 1830, Acacia Press, Inc. 1996, an excerpt is included in the Appendices.
  • See Dr. Antony Sutton’s Work: How the Order Creates Revolution
  •   Baphomet: a hideous hermaphroditic deity representing the power of God (Prime Cause or Force) as invested in Lucifer (Satan/Iblis).
  • NB: John O’Hare, Pres. of The CFR, is also the Jesuit President of Fordham University
  • It’s been brought to my attention recently by a local Muslim Religious instructor (2004-5), that some of the Christianized natives in Borneo (Sarawak) have begun the same practice.
  • Jubilee was supposed to be held every 50 years. All debts forgiven, slaves set free, alienated and/or leased land returned to original owners, etc, etc… You can understand why it was never celebrated.
  • Voltaire was an intimate of both Weishaupt and Frederick the Great. Yes, he was an Illuminati cult member. See Hands of Ibliss for details. Rousseau was one of their pawns.
  • Many Mesopotamian reliefs picture kings as angels with four wings.
  • Skirtoids are vital, egotistical, and thick-skinned individuals who make good soldiers because of their endurance and psychological resistance. In peacetime, however, they are incapable of understanding life’s subtler matters or rearing the younger generation prudently. They are happy in primitive surroundings; a comfortable environment easily causes hysterization for them. They prove rigidly conservative in all areas and supportive of governments that rule with a heavy hand. – Political Ponerology: A Science on The Nature of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes by Andrew M. Lobaczewski.
  • Polyandry is now being forced upon middle Asian women due to a dearth of females because of female infanticide, especially in rural Pakistan, India, and China.
  • An excellent scholarly dissertation on the subject of this power is Unholy Spirits by Gary North (Dominion Press, 1986).
  • Mr. Pike directed the Confederate Secret Service during America’s Civil War and continued its Ku-Klux-Klan counterpart after the war.


  • The Great Heroin Coup by Henrick Kruger, German Investigative Correspondent for Der Speigel, Forward by Peter Dale Scott, 1980 … the book is out of print and was suppressed for obvious reasons, but I managed to borrow a copy from an ex-undercover agent hiding in Malaysia. Mr. Kruger met an untimely end after publication and the book was pulled from the market.
  • Chinese Organized Crime by Mark Craig, retied Australian Chief Detective, Pub.1996, by the Winston Churchill Memorial Fund – Aussie authorities persecuted him and tried to ban the book in order to protect trade & tourism.
  • Cocaine, An Unauthorized Biography, by Dominic Streatfield, London Based correspondent whose publisher financed the two year research that took Mr. Streatfield to four continents and upwards of 10 countries meeting with dealers, police, DEA agents, Drug Barons in Europe, USA, Caribbean Islands, Cali, Mexico, farmers, politicos and hit men – ISBN 1-85227 921 4TBS Distributions, London, 2001 – This book was so revealing it was not released to the general public because of its damning contents. Only security personnel and select police departments had access to its unedited pre-publication issue for review. I gained access solely by serendipity! For further information contact Eleanor Johnsey @
  • International Drug Trafficking, Dennis Rowe Ed. Univ. Chicago Office of International Criminal Justice, National Institute of Justice, Wash. D.C., 1988
  • “Perhaps the most blatant example of the exploitation of drug trafficking by a state for its own purposes is that of the British East India Co., which used opium to expand British influence and control over the Celestial Empire of China. The British traffic was a planned and conscious effort to destabilize China for the purposes of commercial and colonial expansion and profit. Indeed, the resistance of the Chinese to this activity resulted in the Opium Wars (1840-42 and 1856-60) and the commercial conquest of China by European Powers. American firms, such as Perkins and Co., and Russel and Co. joined the trade.” Russell founded the ‘Skull and Bones’ Fraternity at Yale, and these opium’s profits endow it to this day. Other American Families who gained their ‘old money’ from opium, include Forbes, Delanos, and Woods.” – Peter A. Lupsha, “Transnational Narco-corruption and Narco Investment: A Focus on Mexico”, Transnational Organized Crime, Vol. 1, No. 1, Spring 1995 ibid, page 18, and The Opium War, by Peter Fay, Univ. N. Carolina Press, 1975
  • Mani, for whom Manichaeism is named, was a third century Prince of Babylon, the ‘Son of the Widow’ (an occult catch-phrase and password). At this time, Babylon contained the largest concentration of Jewish scholars in the world. Mani devised his own form of Gnosticism blending pagan sex rituals and Goddess worship with elements of Paulian Christianity. He “rejected Jehovah God as an evil demon.” Manichaeism imposed on Gnosticism a caste system of leaders (elect) and followers (hearers). A Manichaean sect called the Bogomils (later called Cathars) arose in Bulgaria and spread across Europe. Their ritual homosexuality became so closely associated with these Bulgarian heretics that the common practice of sodomy became known as “buggery.” Indeed, “the word for Cathar in most European languages came to be the word for homosexual: in German, Ketzer, in Italian, Gazarro, and in French, Herite… Heresy and homosexuality became so interchangeable that those accused of heresy attempted to prove their innocence by claiming heterosexuality” – Arthur Evans, Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture
  • Ritual homosexuality has been reported by anthropologists in scattered areas around the world revealing a pervasive link between ritual homosexuality and the warrior ethos… We find these similar forms of warrior homosexuality in such diverse places as New Guinea, the Amazon, Ancient Greece, and historical Japan. The process of a boy’s homosexual initiation in these societies is horrific: he is deprived of sleep, starved, beaten and raped over several days until he is completely “resocialized” as a homosexual.” – The Sambia, by anthropologist, Gilbert Herdt.
  • These latter techniques are utilized today by CIA operatives to create psychotic (schizophrenic) slaves and suicidal assassins. Deitrich Eckart was involved in Tantric occult sex rituals similar to Crowley and initiated Hitler into such activities (Raschke). We also know that Eckart was one of the most enthusiastic followers of Otto Weininger, a leading homosexual supremacist.
  • Plutarch described Lupercalia: “Lupercalia, of which many write that it was anciently celebrated by shepherds, and has also some connection with the Arcadian Lycaea. At this time many of the noble youths and of the magistrates run up and down through the city naked, for sport and laughter striking those they meet with shaggy thongs. And many women of rank also purposely get in their way, and like children at school present their hands to be struck, believing that the pregnant will thus be helped in delivery, and the barren to pregnancy… It had been literally degraded since the first century, when in 44 BC the consul Mark Antony did not scruple to run with the Luperci… In Ancient Rome, Lupercalia, observed February 13 through 15, was an archaic rite connected to fertility. Lupercalia was a festival local to the city of Rome. The more general Festival of Juno Februa, meaning “Juno the purifier “or “the chaste Juno,” was celebrated on February 13-14. Pope Gelasius I (492-496) abolished Lupercalia. It is a common opinion that the Christian church may have decided to celebrate Valentine’s feast day in the middle of February in an effort to Christianize celebrations of the pagan Lupercalia. The Roman Catholic Church could not abolish the deeply rooted Lupercalia festival, so the church set aside a day to honor the Virgin Mary.
  • Francis King: “The Secret Rituals of the O.T.O.“, London 1973, and also Magic World; Ritual Magic in England, Pub. Neville Spearman 1970; and Satan and the Swastika, Mayflower 1976. OTO: Founded in Germany. Crowley took the name ‘Baphomet’ on Initiation. Bush Senior took the name ‘Magog’.
  • Hugh Urban, Unleashing the Beast: Aleister Crowley, 2007; Also: The Beast with Two Backs: Kabalah and Tantra in Late Victorian Sexual Magic, 2003-4 Ohio State University Office of International Affairs, Ohio State University.

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  1. As salaam alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuh brother,

    I just wanted to point out an error or perhaps an error of my own understanding:

    “I submit therefore, in light of previous essays and mountains of scholarly evidence, that “Sexual Magick” is ‘the most cherished way’ of Pharaoh’s religion as cited in Al’Qur’an’s Sura Ta-Ha, vs. 39.”

    I don’t see how the following verse has anything to do with sexual magic:

    Sahih International
    [Saying], ‘Cast him into the chest and cast it into the river, and the river will throw it onto the bank; there will take him an enemy to Me and an enemy to him.’ And I bestowed upon you love from Me that you would be brought up under My eye.

    Qur’an Surah Ta-Ha 20:39

    Also, though a completely different subject, i find this absolutely fascinating; Prophecy given to Native Americans:

    “”The prophet of the Fourth Fire spoke of a time when “two Nations will join to make a Mighty Nation”.”

    Rings a bell in my opinion to the Muslim-Rum alliance, Allahu Alum.

    Amazing stuff, more prophecies and information at:

    In researching Native religions I came across an amazing Creation story which I will quote an excerpt from:

    “In the beginning, Gizhemanidoo created the universe as we know it today. He created Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon, Mother Earth and Father Sky. And on the earth he created all things, living and nonliving. He created life in the earth, on the earth, in the sky and in the water. He created the plants, rivers, four-legged and winged creatures, and the swimmers. After this was done, he created one of the greatest mysteries of all – the four seasons – to bring harmony and balance to all.

    After all creation was complete, he created man. After he created the first Anishinaabe, he came to him in a dream and instructed him that he was to name all things in the language that he gave him, Anishinaabemowin. So the first man went about on his journey and named all things he saw – all the animals, insects, birds and fish – however long this took. Afterward, he spoke to the Creator Gizhemanidoo in his dream and said, “I have finished what you have told me to do.” Then the Creator Gizhemanidoo spoke back to him and said, “Yes, you have indeed done so, and now it is time for me to give you your name. Your name shall be Nanabozho, and whenever your people meet and greet one another, they will say a part of your name. That is why whenever the Anishinaabe people greet one another, they say the word Bozhoo.”

    And Allah taught Adam aleyhi salaam the names of all things.

    Beware of information, google Johnny Cash 666 Lyrics (redemption).

    TRIPLE 6

    Here are some lyrics:

    “My old friend Lucifer came
    Fought to keep me in chains
    But I saw through the tricks
    Of six-sixty-six”

    I don’t buy the story of this country being founded by rightly guided men who then turned on the indigenous population and massacred them.

    Forgive me of my suspicion.

    As salaam alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

  2. Dr Zaid,

    I did not know of these ritual practices to respect the “jin” thank you for teaching me these things. This is what my Father taught me. That Muhammad lived in a time when people taught that a King had a different “god” than a slave. Muhammad was descended from Jains as was the Apostle Thomas. The Jains had fought a great battle in the hindu Kush against ‘Sun” worshippers and their God name was “Allah” pronounced ‘Aillah” in some parts of India. Because these people destroyed the “Sun” worshippers the Dynasty of Krisna and Rama became known as the “Lunar” Dynasty and Allah was the new name that God told Prophets was his true name.

    According to the Legend Saladin taught the Templar the true name of God “Allah”. Saladin married 12 of his nieces to Templar knights ( Any Muslim tribal stories on this?) and the descendants of Saladin through his nieces and Templar knights took refuge in Scotland and Switzerland. Some Templar of course did not accept these revelations. The Templar that stayed loyal to the Pope were the ‘Knights of Malta” – this was the organization Christopher Columbus belonged to at his time. Gypsies call them the “Black Knights” because they killed Gypsies that told secrets of the Cathedrals. The Knights of Columbus are on off branch of the Knights of Malta but they are Templar orders that stayed loyal to the Pope.

    All Templars fought against Saladin in the beginning. My ancestors believed they only lost a battle when God was against them. After several crushing defeats by Saladin my ancestors decided they were wrong and Saladin was the true one chosen by God. He told us God wanted us to go West and to follow a star. Saladin called this star “Merica” and told us it was the land God had given to our people. Saladin is one of the true “Founding Fathers of America per Gypsy legend. But bear in mind it was the Gypsies that buried George Washington so maybe these legends are not so far from the truth. My DNA test middle Eastern- I have red hair and blue eyes yet my Y-chromosome and haplogroup X in female members of my family supports a strong middle eastern heritage. Thomas Jefferson bears the Y-chromosome T which is most common in India and North Africa. This information on Thomas Jefferson was shocking to many people: how could Jefferson be a Jew or a Muslim ? Well now you know 🙂

    • Salaam Dear Brother Triplett,

      Thank you so much. I had always suspected that there must have been a division among the original Templars, but thus far had found no evidence until your account of the tradition. The deviance has caused no end of mischief and bloodshed. Now I understand even more the enmity of both Papist and French Crown. The more light you can shed, the better our brothers and sisters will realize bothe the treason and the authenticity of the initial Templar Muslims. May Allah reward you brother Johnny.

  3. Dr Zaid,

    As you know my wife is recording the oral history. Here is the story as my Father would tell it. I am descended from the first ‘Zionist” but my people realized that God had given the Holy land to the Muslims. This is one of the greatest revelations of our people- to go west. If legend were believed Saladin was the final teacher that convinced my people that God wanted us to go to America. According to the legend God commanded that no more Temples be built – this is why Gypsies worship under the open sky. Only God will return the true Jews to power in the Holy land- not Hitler or British petroleum. Orthodox Jews seem to believe the same thing. Here is the story of the Knights and the temple.

    “In the days when Templar Knights walked the earth the misery in Jerusalem continued much as it was in the time of Jesus. The Gothic Knights following their false “Christ”, who was actually the war god Mag-or, had devastated what was called the holy land. The bloodlines of the nine Knights of the Temple were well known to the Freemasons who kept the histories of the ancestors. These knights were indeed descended from the Franks and the Halani sons of the Apostle John and their families had been instrumental in building our Cathedrals of stone. The Templar Knights knew Jerusalem as the homeland of their ancestors who were Galilean free masons that had built the Temple for the Babylonian Priests after the time of Alexander. They wanted peace in the holy land and saw all people Muslim, Christian and Jew as brothers in Jesus name. They claimed the Temple mount of their ancestors and began working for peace offering charity and protection to all the people of Jerusalem. The Muslims were descended from the early masses of the first Christians and had never left Jerusalem and Palestine. Mohamed was a champion of the Master Jesus, and the Muslims are our cousins well deserving of the mount today.

    In these days there were no accepted Freemasons. Only those men who would one day lay stone with their hands were taught the secrets of the order, and this tradition had been kept by our master Jesus himself. The great Cistercian Freemasons of our order had been recognized by this time by the Pope of Rome. The architecture of our Cistercian brothers is a tribute to their Freemason heritage. In this time almost 1100 years after the execution of Jesus Freemasons like the Cistercians were allowed to make allegiances in many cities with the protection of the Roman Pope, and they were protected from local despots and tyrants. (52)

    The Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon suffered for eight years with little support. They then asked St Bernard for help and they were allowed to join with the Cistercians and Freemasons. This allowed them to establish outpost all over Europe and the holy land. The Knights of the Templar order became the first accepted Freemasons in history. They were taught the mysteries of Moses and Solomon and the way of the Freemason though they would never lay stone.

    In these days the grips of the Freemasons were used on the work site to determine a man’s skill. A mason traveling from Toledo to Normandy would not even need to speak the same language as the Master Mason building the Cathedral. Two Freemasons need only shake hands to determine their skill level. There were different grips for apprentice, journeyman and master. An apprentice would not be given work until they had reached a certain skill level. As the name suggest, a journeyman was skilled enough to travel and find work anywhere that the Freemasons were building. The grip of the journeyman allowed them to immediately communicate their skill to the master mason on the work site when they arrived. The Freemasons also spoke “the cant”, which allowed Freemasons to recognize each other and protect their brothers traveling to building projects. All of these secrets were taught to the Temple Knights and they used these skills of secret communication to build their order.

    These secrets were needed by the Templar order in a time of bandits, despots and local tyranny. The Templar used the cryptolects of the Cistercian Freemasons to facilitate very practical transactions like the exchange of money. The Templar created a system whereby a traveler could give their money to Templar/Cistercian monasteries in Europe, safely travel to Jerusalem and retrieve their exact deposit from Templars in Jerusalem once they arrived. The secret script and cryptic receipt exchanged for money could only be understood by another Templar- a secret code was needed to conduct these transactions. The Templar had created the first banking system for common people. The Templar would make a profit on this transaction and they would invest the money in Europe that they were collecting from travelers. Their order became well trusted, and with the help of Cistercian monks they began educating the common children of Europe. Many wealthy nobles would give the Visigoth plunder of their ancestors to join the order. This international banking and investment system created by the Templar became the source of their great wealth. Their system is used by the great banking institutions of the modern world. Universities today still use the mortar board hat of the Cistercian monks, who would turn a mortar board of mason mud on top of the head of an apprentice to celebrate their graduation to journeyman.

    The first nine men that called themselves the Poor Knights of Christ did not plunder gold from the remains of Solomon’s Temple, but they did find something more valuable than gold. They found copper scrolls that detailed the knowledge of the ancients: electricity, moveable type and differential gearing were explained on scrolls from the Temple. This knowledge was kept by the descendants of Galilee as a grail of knowledge that would one day enlighten the entire world.

    As the Templar grew in influence they became the very stabilizing infrastructure needed to replace Rome. They brought Europe out of a time of dire darkness. They were in the end destroyed by the same jealousy of nobles that forced Senmut on his exodus into the desert. They had made the grave mistake of lending money to nobles. King Phillip IV of France continued to insist on loans that he could never repay and as he became more guilty and jealous of the Templar order he devised an evil plan. King Phillip decided to kill the Templar Knights rather than repay his loans and thus began the end of the Templar peace.

    The Templar had created peace for two hundred years in Europe before the vicious attack of Phillip. They had promoted education, clean water and social justice for the weak, but liberty was again disrupted by tyranny. Seven years after the Templar Grande Master Jacques De Molay had been tortured into admitting heresy he came forward and recanted his confession. He knew he would be sent to his death, and he hoped his death would be remembered as a stand against tyranny and call to arms for those that would live free or die. We honor Jacque De Molay through the order of De Molay in the Scottish Rite today.

    The Templar survivors were again forced to travel west to seek freedom. Just as their Galilean ancestors were forced to travel west to Iberia, they would travel west to Scotland and again try to build a free society. From many diverse peoples and cultures we gathered in Scotland and later America. We kept the stories of our struggles in hopes that our diverse people could unite. History should be written in the secular style, but so too we should tell the Mythic tale of our Fathers and guard the truth from being smothered in history and facts. As we joined in telling the tales of our common heroes we became part of a common Myth and a common people. We became a people called Americans. “

  4. Thank You Dr Zaid,

    I love that you have researched references so that intellectuals can not debunk your conclusions. If I had the money I would have paid you to write this article. It is Ironic Dr Zaid that your writing is very appealing to Scottish Rite Freemasons yest it would infuriate York rite Freemasons. And here is the crux of the whole issue: York rite Freemasonry vs Scottish rite Freemasonry. A Jew or a Muslim can not become a York rite Freemason. Yet the United States of America was founded by Scottish rite Freemasons like George Washington and my ancestors. The United Stes of America was not formed by Christians ! Did you ever notice that the American flag is the only flag in western civilization with no cross? .Did you know that the crescent moon and star was one of the most common flags used in the American Revolution ?

    In the middle east the word “Jin” or ‘Watcher” is used. In Wales where the Gypsy migrated after the Cathar holocaust they use words like “Fairy” the Vikings used the word “Vril”. The only exception I would take with your opinion is that you need to see the multi-cultural ties that link Islam-Europe- India.

    Was the force not with Muhammad? The watchers certainly protected all of God’s Prophets. My point is that words sometimes create a disagreement when there was never any disagreement to begin with. Certainly Muslims of good faith believe that God is the “Force” of the Universe. The Vril; Pixies; watchers; jinn are just words for beings that personify the force of God: primarily the forces of Nature.

    God sent rain and flood to destroy the evil and wicked. Is not rain a force of Nature? And some may say that Vril fairies bring the rain. W3ell then were these Vril fairies not controlled by God when the flood destroyed the wicked ? My point is do not let semantics deceive you from realizing that pagan and Muslim beliefs are so very different. It is all in how you define these terms and words. For instance God commanded that we honor and care for the Earth. Is it blasphemy to honor Isis as the Mother Earth ? This is the command of God is it not ? You see what I am saying is it is not so very simple depending on the intent and understanding of the worshipper.

    All the examples we find of Evil Freemasonry is either from rouge Albert Pike devotees or York rite Satan worshippers. So very ironic that Scottish rite Freemasons refuse to fly any flags and also refuse to say the pledge of Allegiance in school. I faced great hostility in grade school with other Gypsy Freemason children for refusing to pledge allegiance to a flag created by our ancestors. How ironic is that ? My family created this flag and 200 years later the children of Puritans and Christian Torries that supported England are abusing me for not worshipping this flag. History is often very humorous. The Tyrants adopt the symbols of the faithful- the revolution becomes the next Tyranny. The whole Zionist movement was about controlling oil- the Rothschild’s- English corporations. In fact in terms of definition of the scripture everything is upside down. Muslims seem to be the true ‘Jews” and the Israelis have become the proverbial “Philistines”. The true Patriots and true descendants of the men that fought the American Revolution are now thought to be anti- American because they will not worship their own flag. This is the upside down reality in which we live: true Americans have no reverence for the American flag; true Jews seem to follow Muhammad and they call them Muslims today it seems. I love your work Dr Zaid and really makes me think 🙂

    • Thank You Kindly Mr. Triplett,

      I also love your responses and welcome each one. What I hope we are doing in this exchange is striking a balance between extremes. I am aware that Isis, for example, represented the earth, but over time that representation became an abstraction that was usurped by unredeemed Vril or Jinn and the practitioners of magick. They created a system that no longer represented the wisdom of Adam or the glory of God, and humans became obsessed with false concepts that caused degeneracy of mind, body and soul. This is why idols are forbidden by essential Monotheists, as they are easily manipulated.

      As you know, mature Muslims greet the jinn as they enter any building out of respect and as a warning to unredeemed spirits.

      Your revelations about authentic Freemasonry are fascinating, and i am sure my readers would like to learn morel especially about the link to Saladin, etc. There is great confusion there, and some have joined the Templars with the Assassins of Alamut, Saladin’s enemy.

      May God preserve you and your and your seed.

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