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By Omar Zaid, M.D.,  June, 2009
“If what you speak is true it will be good to be in this heaven
because all White Men will be in hell.”

Unnamed Chief, Ogallala Sioux Nation, 1851,on accepting baptism after hearing the Gospel from a Jesuit priest at Fort Laramie

Like the noble Bedouin, the Native American’s individual and tribal integrity was inherent from birth then reinforced and sustained by a sincere reverence for creation that was all-encompassing.  The gestalt homage was not only engraved upon the indigenous zeitgeist but also on dignified countenances that reflected their ‘monotheist’ cognomen for God, Whom they named ‘Man Above’ or Wakantakan, the ‘Great Spirit’. [1] One is hard pressed to find such engravings of soul and visage in the Occidental world.  By virtue of abstract symbols used as metaphysical substrates, the West romanticized then ostracized itself from nature and is long divorced from such a regard for Allah.  Except for pockets of earnest husbandmen, the West is no longer vicegerent of divine husbandry for this gift of Creation and Muslims also have failed the task.  To the contrary, the earth is lorded over by conglomerates of schismatic kingdoms governed by barons of exploitation whose god is mammon in exchange for the destruction of both earth and soul.

Icons are abstractions removed from sensibility and relegated to the realm of mental constructs. [2] The White Man not only removed himself from the pregnant terrestrial blessings that Aboriginals enjoyed, but also from the ecumenist compassion that marks sincere believers.  And as sincerity has no flag nor does wisdom have a country, and since the corporate occidental heart became hardened like Pharaoh’s [3] — for if we do not respectfully manage the created world as stewards answerable to God — how  then can love for God’s creatures and creation (Agape) dwell in such souls or be echoed in their features? [4]

Environmental defacement at the hands of the West and its mimics belies the grievous error, and the East has now over-reached the occidental relish for earth’s degradation in the name of lucre’s expansion.  And even this is because Olympian opium-lords systematically destroyed Classical Cultures in the name of gain, after which Chairman Mao cleansed the land of approximately 100,000,000 shepherds of compassion—much to Rockefeller glee—making way for the current surge of Sino-capitalists who care naught for the soil of earth or spirit.

Preaching redemption from the abstract podiums of iconography, the West remains unredeemed as a corporate polity because the revered icons do not represent truth with the penetrating integrity that distinguished the gestalt consciousness of the Red Man or nascent Bedouin.  Hence did the unnamed chief draw such a telling conclusion from the child-like purity that illumined his sagacity. [5]

Worse than animals,this ‘unredeemed’ [6] polity competes to the point of war on a continuum.  Unfortunately, the pugnacity advances the mania of genocide and the astute observer will ask why? Firstly, the traditional belief systems of both creeds, Pagan and Judeo-Christian, are similar (which I’ve established in Trinity).  Secondly, their leaders share the philosophy of fascist arrogance made manifest by the rituals of occult fellowships, despite rhetoric to the contrary.  And don’t plead a defense on the basis of their charitable works, as they are a calculated cover for reprehensible barbarism.  This was/is not true of the Native American whose nobles and wars never proceeded beyond the limitations of imminent need or the satisfaction of valor; that is, until the White Man infested them with so-called ‘civilized’ customs then added insult with barbarous genocide after generations of magnanimous tolerance and sustenance from ‘soft-hearted’ Indians.

19th Century portraits: of Native Americans & Muslim Bedouins

The search for an answer to the disparity between any group’s professed Creed and actual deeds begins with cognitive dissonance. This is the feeling of uncomfortable tension which comes from holding two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time. Dissonance increases with: The importance of the subject to us; How strongly the dissonant thoughts conflict; Our inability to rationalize and explain away the conflict.

Dissonance is often strong when we believe something about ourselves and then do something against that belief. If I believe I am good but do something bad, then the discomfort I feel as a result is cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is a very powerful motivator which will often lead us to change one or other of the conflicting belief or action. The discomfort often feels like a tension between the two opposing thoughts. To release the tension we can take one of three actions:

  • Change our behavior.
  • Justify our behavior by changing the conflicting cognition.
  • Justify our behavior by adding new cognitions.

Dissonance is most powerful when it is about our self-image. Feelings of foolishness, immorality and so on (including internal projections during decision-making) are dissonance in action. If an action has been completed and cannot be undone, then the after-the-fact dissonance compels us to change our beliefs. If beliefs are moved, then the dissonance appears during decision-making, forcing us to take actions we would not have taken before. Cognitive dissonance appears in virtually all evaluations and decisions and is the central mechanism by which we experience new differences in the world. When we see other people behave differently to our images of them, when we hold any conflicting thoughts, we experience dissonance. Dissonance increases with the importance and impact of the decision, along with the difficulty of reversing it.

See: Festinger (1957), Festinger and Carlsmith (1959)

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon which refers to the discomfort felt at a discrepancy between what you already know or believe, and new information or interpretation. It therefore occurs when there is a need to accommodate new ideas, and it may be necessary for it to develop so that we become “open” to them. Neighbor (1992) makes the generation of appropriate dissonance into a major feature of tutorial (and other) teaching: he shows how to drive this kind of intellectual wedge between learners’ current beliefs and “reality”.

Beyond this benign if uncomfortable aspect, however, dissonance can go “over the top”, leading to two interesting side-effects for learning:

  • if someone is called upon to learn something which contradicts what they already think they know — particularly if they are committed to that prior knowledge — they are likely to resist the new learning. Even Carl Rogers recognized this. Accommodation is more difficult than Assimilation, in Piaget’s terms.
  • and—counter-intuitively, perhaps—if learning something has been difficult, uncomfortable, or even humiliating enough, people are less likely to concede that the content of what has been learned is useless, pointless or valueless. To do so would be to admit that one has been “had”, or “conned”.

This latter factor is called “losing face” in the East, and it is a major stumbling block for Christians who’ve swallowed the Trinitarian Myth of ancient paganism.  The following exposition on the phenomenon’s methodology explains the institutional ease with which Olympian Illuminati have manipulated Freemasons and via the compliance of this lot, also the  nations.  There’s nothing at all mystical about it:

Ordeal is therefore an effective — if spurious — way of conferring value on an educational (or any other) experience. “No pain, no gain”, as they say: the more difficult it is to get on a course, the more participants are likely to value it and view it favorably regardless of its real quality… ditto, the more expensive it is.

  • the more obscure and convoluted the subject, the more profound it must be. This has of course been exploited for years to persuade us of the existence of the emperor’s clothes, particularly by French “intellectuals” and “post-structuralists”. (I recently came across the wonderful phrase “intellectual flatulence” which perfectly describes such rubbish.)

It is not, however, so much the qualities of the course which are significant, as the amount of effort which participants have to put in: so the same qualification may well be valued more by the student who had to struggle for it than the student who sailed through… In anthropology, a number of commentators have noted how “rites of passage” often reinforce their potency by involving humiliation and even sexual degradation (La Fontaine, 1985, from memory). Even fraternity hazing practices have similar features, and cults have always exploited this phenomenon. Perhaps the clearest was “est” (Erhard Seminar Training) in the 1970’s which I gather continues in a slightly different guise. And then there is the routine phenomenon of people who pay vast amounts of money for designer labels and cannot/will not see that they are being exploited:

“Of course it does not always work: Barker 1984 reported that the retention rate of the notorious “Moonies” was only about 3% after a couple of years, but they went in for “love-bombing” to draw people in and only gradually initiated them. Lifton (1961) pointed out that once removed from the immediate reinforcing environment such “brainwashing” did not tend to stick.

There are several examples of elite military training (for the Royal Marines and Special Air Service in particular in the UK) which pursue such an approach, and for whom the rejection and drop-out rate is a source of pride. And there is something in the loyalty engendered by old-style “public school” education in the UK: “I was beaten every day at school and it never did me any harm!” One could move on from this to the pathology of co-dependence… At a more personal and minor level, one course I used to run has a reputation of being tougher and more demanding than parallel courses at other institutions (and the handbook carries a “health warning” to that effect), and our graduates do feel proud of having completed it and value it highly (at least the ones who were still speaking to me by the end of it!). I of course would like to believe that that is a purely rational judgment based on its excellence, but there may be an element of cognitive dissonance in it…

ATHERTON J S (2009) Learning and Teaching; Cognitive Dissonance and learning [On-line] UK: Available: http://www.learningandteaching.info/learning/dissonance.htm Accessed: 12 June 2009

Co-dependence describes conformism and perfectly describes the sectarian phenomenon once cognitive dissonance has been over-come by the  tribe’s acceptance of myth.  This is the psychological context of tyranny’s facilitation and its manifest behaviorism leads straight to the polar opposite of God’s provision of what Islam calls ‘guidance’, which I’ve defined as the ‘significant light’ of monotheist ’Theo-centric’ government under prophetic auspice.

Without man’s submissive obedience to the authentic lamp of revealed wisdom, genocidal offense is the inevitable religious-political alternative to the Kingdom of God’s defensive posture and bears with it a completely rational basis such as that used by Christian Americans to justify the gruesome slaughter and disregard for aboriginals.  Notwithstanding this oft-utilized, hard-hearted villainy disguised as ‘Religion’, we should be mindful that the first such war against true metaphysical guidance (non-abstracted reasoning) was conducted by Shaitain when he convinced Cain to commit the first recorded religious murder — which was essentially the first ‘Crusade’. [7]

This ancient spirit of Genocide attempts to wipe from the face of the earth those who bear the uncorrupted seed of the ’living word’ inherent in all humans at birth, and this ‘living word’ is best expressed as the significant lamp of ‘Faith’.  The fact is that inherent Faith has no language, no nation, no flag, no dishonor, no religion, and no prophet!  Children are not born with flags in their hand, divisive ideations or hatred in their heart.  As is heaven and earth, so is man’s inborn faith: a prescient knowing and trust of Truth―and truth is indeed Allah―Whose hand is readily discernible in creation by those of soft-hearted discernment, or those who’ve been granted the grace of spiritual regeneration after acknowledging the misdeeds of misguidance, such as myself. Therefore, the question that begs an answer is not one of faith because unadulterated faith cannot possibly and repeatedly commit genocide or sub-human atrocity on the continuum which marks Colonial exploitation for 500 years throughout the Americas in particular.  Western Colonialism is therefore, an attempt to communicate, promote, defend and protect humanist re-definitions  that reform inborn Faith, ala E.W. Said’s Orientalism for example; which is in particular, the adoption and  adaptation of Myth’s of Origin (Ibn Khaldun’s term) in order to assuage guilt and overcome the valid objections of cognitive dissonance.  This successful campaign eventually gives absolution and Imprimatur for publicly sanctioned mass-murder and traditionally acceptable deeds of malefaction against those who disagree (the “Other”).

Like a pipe of pure gold, clairvoyant faith lay buried in the crust of our soul.  However, to dig it out disrupts and destroys the placid surface of its nourishment; much like uprooting a tender shoot.  And to describe it with adulterated Apostolic guidance—such as the Christian example—has led to the accretion of Pagan iconography: a violation of its purity which disturbs the tranquil comforts of its soul-nurturing peace and security.  This primal sentient experience begins in the womb and is initially confirmed as the fulfillment of Allah’s promise of His Peace and Security at our Mother’s Breast.  It is the same matured hope the mother lives to maintain in her husband’s arms, and that which he seeks as he returns his seed to her temple.  This Peace and Security is a natural reflection of Allah’s Provision.  Being the greatest innate reminder of true faith in Allah at the most crucial psychological stage of an infant’s developing consciousness, it is naturally fertilized physical soil for the metaphysical seed of inherent faith in God.  The West has supplanted and despoiled this soil with artificial substitutes, including baby formula.

This most fundamental of social unions (family) and crucial period of development is what Iblis seeks to destroy via sexual magick and material pursuit, as the disruption of a child’s natural development in a secure environment permits the ‘State’ to vicariously replace the lamp of prophetic utterance with patriotic hubris and icons.  Once these abstractions are rooted in the psyche, the love of nature and reverence for its husbandry becomes subservient to the cross of Baal, the very ‘Mark of Cain’—a fact the Jesuitwithheld from the Oglala Chief due to the priest’s groveling for crumbs at Baal’s altar.

Those who hoard the earth’s gold are vile sub-humans who’ve sedulously despoiled this inherent faith over the centuries.  Their guise and religions vary, but all utilize the icons of Cain’s Creed like so many dogs marking their territory.  And those who submit to the perfidy are, unfortunately, pawns lending plebian vigor to hidden hands of the ancient atavism; a misguidance administered with jingoistic zeal.

Because this pollution of inherent Faith is continual since Cain’s Dravidian advent, Prophets were required to re-communicate Allah’s directives so the faith remained pure with peace restored and hope maintained.  But civilization has opted for the ‘Pax Romana’ rather than Pacis Deus.  The Church of Urbania prefers an imposed peace proffered by ‘Nightriders’ who keep torpid herds contained in a restless stupor cordoned by the hobbles of pedestrian lies.  This is the phenomenon fastidious Romanographers would have us believe is man’s providentially intended ‘manifest destiny’.  Their Captains, Kings and Priests have murdered the prophets and/or profaned their legacies with sophisticated disjunction and ‘Apologetics’ based on false premises leading to vain conclusions; not to mention the halfwit interpolations and ambiguous ‘double-speak’ of Crowley’s Knights of Thelema.  However, Allah permits this trial as a penultimate test of faith via the application of man’s ‘Free Will’ to the core aspect of our existence: i.e. Faith in Him.  For this reason He allowed Cain to live and prosper.

If you don’t comprehend the dilemma and continually pray and perform at the behest of sun-god totems and iconographers, you do not perceive the essence of our position before Allah and most certainly do not take His prophets as seriously as did the Lakota Chief .  This is due to being separated from God’s Creation by virtue of an urbane existence ridden with pride and iconic futility.  And though I don’t agree with Chief’s forgone assessment of Caucasian futures, I do fear that the bulk of mankind stands in eternal peril and pray it’s true that Allah judges our intention rather than deed, for it’s upon this grace that salvation depends for most of mankind.

What is truly supernatural is the power to change a man’s competitive heart from selfish to selfless pursuit, so that rivalry ceases on the verge of destructive behavior as it is morphed by Allah’s Grace into egalitarian benevolence.  The Monotheist societal goal strives for this supra-natural ascension of humanity towards a perfection restrained by selfless ambitions. [8] What makes this magnanimous human state ‘supra-natural’ is not the mystical nonsense attached to icons or moments of amentive silence, but rather the grace our Creator dispenses to those who obey His Commandments.  Therefore, only a minority will achieve the dignity of this lasting glory.

As Isa said: ‘You cannot be my disciple unless you do what I say”, or as Mohammed said: “you cannot be a Muslim till you desire for your brother what you desire for yourself.”  The selfless and initially humbling obedience and emulation of the Prophets is what makes us truly human through the ‘supranatural’ elevation of virtue.  This genuine transcendence stands in stark opposition to iconography’s depiction of ‘homo noeticus’, the so called New Age genetic surge of humanity towards the ubermenge status of Hitler, Benny Hinn and sundry Batinite clones—a race of psychic demigods—the inevitable condition of idolatrous creatures of profound reprobation.  The status of this metaphysical misadventure is the goal of hero worshippers worldwide; and you need look no further than children’s cartoons or the fantastic marvels of Hollywood to see these idols held forth as God’s answer to humanity’s problems.

Iconographers, like insufferable pompous savants, flourish in a metaphysical mist with as much visibility as a London Fog—thinking they perceive while ignoring their disobedience to the primary diktat of Moses.   What is worse is many know the fault but do nothing to correct it, judging it a ‘light thing’ in the eyes of God Who sternly forbade it!  The reptilian hearts of such men seek the sycophantic benefits of myopic preferment and retirement pensions.   Like bulls in rut, they splosh in the excrement of Cain’s desperation, spreading the pungent scent of nationalism to minions with mongoloid discernment whom they mold into gilded fists for merciless slaughter.  Such mobs plough fearful furrows sown with seeds of endless discord watered by the blood of countless Abels.

All the while, like the converted Oglala Chief , the truly great man commits good deeds in soundless solitude bearing the dignity of unsung praises etched in the wizened lines of his/her face.  But libertines of disobedience forge armies of insane fervor and contagious indulgence; unknowingly destined for the decimating cross-fires of hell that lay waiting at the final ambush.  They are atomized Orwellian [9] automatons of benighted righteousness who do all with impunity to obtain gold and set rules where they wallow in wealth at someone else’s expense as morality flees and depravity advances its occult cancer.  Such are the keepers of myth and politicized deities, dressed in royal garb adorned with gilded ‘Marks of Cain’ so proudly saluted and worn upon partisan breasts like the ignoble civilized savages they don’t know they’ve become—a true Satanic finesse!

With Victorian scorn and shameless gall, they present onerous deeds as holy incense untrammeled by any ‘fear of God’ and thus miss the lamp of wisdom.  With Mastadonian majesty and mind, they mistake usurped provenance for privilege while trussed in the senescent suggestion that perhaps God tried to trick rather than test them, whereby they make dubious battle on the plains and slip into tar pits of vanity, awaiting the despairing death rattle: “Where is the God of Abraham or Mohammad?”… or …“Save me Jesus!”

This so-called ‘Civilization’ is far from civil having removed man from nature and thus, removes mankind from the vicegerency of this handiwork of God, and thereby from the penetrating dignity and reasoning that manifests the conscious remembrance of God.  We stupidly call artists ‘Creative’ when in fact they create nothing but merely mimic creation within the typically limited scope of man’s vanity, which is why Moses handed God’s most important and primary Commandment to the Jews as they worshipped the calf. [10] Even Michelangelo admitted his life’s work had been in vain for the same reason and one should ask why this fact not emphasized in our Universities? [11]

Therefore, just as today’s urban communities remove men from nature and reorient them towards preoccupation with mercenary-mercantile mentality, so do icons remove men’s hearts from our Creator towards vanity—a Fascist emotion and Primate of the Church of Urbana’s cardinal sins.  Ask Mephistopheles next time you see him: a character created during Goethe’s reaction to the iconography he encountered as an Illuminati.  And if you do not understand this last sentence, how can you judge my words when you bathe in ignorance borne of slavery to the same menace?  It is better to remain silent and seek true guidance.

That ‘Truth is no Defense’ in secular courts is legal tradition and Mankind cannot rise above this sub-human proclivity when icons hold sway demanding reverence.  The extent of ridiculous ideations these inspire is demonstrated by Monty Python’s hyperbolic satire: The Meaning of Life, where the extremes to which this furtive idolatry affects the minds and behaviors of British Gentlemen are hilariously mocked. Icons transfix the human soul in such a way that it attends powerfully and unnaturally to ideas bound to the idol by panderers of myth.  Most often the abstractions are removed from their genesis which is hidden under layers of cunning dissimulations called ‘tradition’ or ‘patriotisim’ or ‘initiation’ into sacred mysteries’; any of which may contain moral imperatives but are not crucibles capable of holding the elixir of true guidance.  For the latter, we need unadulterated Scriptures accompanied by men and women unsullied by pagan ideograms—rare commodities indeed.

Because icons/idols are so readily and subtly manipulated, they are inevitably contaminated with mendacity, which is why they’re forbidden within the confines of true Monotheism.  Prior attempts to banish them made by the Byzantine Church of the 8-9th Centuries and Puritans of the 16-17th, failed for two reasons: (1) because they themselves were the product of icons and thus stood on false premises established by misguided Principals; and (2) because men prefer idolatry to sound reason based on reverence for creation; a reasonable basis for puritanical fools to exterminate the tribes who nurtured them during the infancy of the Pilgrim fantasy.  The fact is that most humans become spiritual invalids, so weak of heart and ignorant of their tenants of faith they actually require iconic crutches to tramp the roads they’ve chosen to the abyss.  ‘So mote it be’, as say the Witches, Warlocks and Olympian Grand Masters.

King Edward VII, bedecked with Pagan Icons in full Masonic Regalia.
He is flanked by two honest men naturally adorned by God’s regalia.

On the other hand, iconoclasts are described by the leagues of conformity with words like: critic, skeptic, questioner, heretic, nonconformist, dissident, dissenter, dissentient, malcontent, rebel, subversive, renegade, unpatriotic, mutineer, maverick; original and innovator.  While ‘original’ and ‘innovator’ have positive imputations, the remaining synonyms are so negatively ingrained in herd mentality that stampedes of murderous rage readily erupt when the menially-minded creatures are reminded of truth.  This is indeed the ‘way of the world’, a reality we must deal with as a challenge of faith.  However, and devastatingly so as my books demonstrate, most folk—including Muslims—have acquiesced to iconic idolatry over the centuries during which God sent us Prophets who clearly commanded the contrary.  Nevertheless, if there be a genuine ‘icon’ that represents God, it is creation’s living crown rather than man-made facsimiles that lean easily towards vain imaginations at the behest of liars.

The deceptions attendant to iconography construct behemoths of falsehood that stand like harrowing wardens over ‘Big Brother’s’ sheep pen, creating a psychic prison—an edifice so powerfully inculcated the conformed masses wax and wane like schools of fish in gyres turned by propaganda’s spin-doctors, preying on each other like animals instead of aiding each other like spiritually mature human beings.  All one need do is study the mayhem of Bush’s inner cities or Saddam’s legacy of Hitlerian devastation, where flummoxed Americans lose their ‘hip-hops’ enroute to morgues and comrades-in-arms attempt to rid themselves of unwanted sand and infidel shrapnel. Or reconsider the popularly endorsed 19th Century extermination of Native Americans by godmen-fearing Christians; or view the orange glow of Ulsterian pride reflected in Windsor; or the near sinking of the US Liberty at the command of US Pres. Lyndon Johnson, another of the 33rd Degree bedeviled pawns. [12] Reflect on these in order to acknowledge a social phenomenon that exclusively profits Iconography’s Magi while plaguing and pacifying well-penned minions.  Indeed, the kudos for the Olympian knaves are well earned.

Keeping biped sheep at this lamentable level of consciousness is the far-sighted goal of High Freemasonic Initiates like the Duke of Kent and his occult associates who pander Lord’s Rothschild’s sycophancy to Lucifer; much to the subconscious chagrin of woefully bemedaled devotees who saunter like Quixotic champions along trails of gallant felony.  I dare you to compare the countenances borne by these bemused fools to those shown on preceding pages as equivalents.

True Monotheism—as per the First Commandment—is absolutely devoid of iconography and does not suffer such medallions.  Without the muzzle of vain anthems such as the glee club pictured at right, the pure monotheist is released from the psychogenic restraints that bind many of his fellow creatures.  However, there’s a price to pay for non-conformed liberty; a toll that demands persecution, exile and traditionally honored manslaughter.The true monotheist is that rare creature who rejects tradition and sides with Moses rather than the Golden Calf of Egypt’s Apis.  He or she does this in answer to the challenge posed by the Prophet in confirmation of our inherent faith: “Choose this day whom you will serve…” as spake Joshuah a generation later.  My words toss the same gauntlet at your feet and you must answer and face similar consequences—sooner or later, and I care not which you choose and neither does Allah.  The choice is yours, but as for the consequences either way, you have no choice!

Democracies grow weary because leadership via the not-so-random selection of ambitious rogues and self-appointed saviors lacks the significant illumination of Divine Sanction let alone logic.  The best ‘Chief of State’ is the man who doesn’t want the job and where is he found in office?  Eventually, the futility born of this system of guidance by means of delinquent reasoning, produces national despair (apathy) likened to a stillborn destined for premature corruption.  Nevertheless, oligarchs and comfortably sequestered banditos—like late 19th century Cattlemen of the American West [13]— love to govern democracy’s not-so-open-range as long as the stench is kept outside their private Edens.  But being predictably rife with perplexing and multiple dilemmas, the National democratic ‘will’  fragments to partisan polities along lines of reputable delusions acquired at the knees of iconographers so that unity can only be maintained under the repeated threats of barbarian incursions such as the ignoble sting of 9/11; just what the fraudsters require in order to mobilize herds towards cliffs of valiant self-sacrifice for the benefit of private bursars and glory of Lucifer’s insignificant radiance.

Into this chimerical vacuum, Horus inserts himself like magma clinging-to and expanding the multitudinous interstices of man’s perennial and fractious upsurge towards self-imposed doom.  Being immune to terror, the demon inoculates exalted ‘Cattlemen’ with Pharaoh’s ‘hardness of heart’ using Crowley’s Book of Law dressed in robes of religious posturing such as is shown in the photo at left—the inverted birthright of Cain.  He labels it the “Right of Might” baptized with the romance of patriot colors (shed blood for Baal-their ‘most subtle and cunning’ lord) [14], adorns it with dissembling icons that launch crusades in the name of God, then apologizes for catastrophe and outrageous disbursements of public funds with reams of mystifying poppy-cock while faithfully aproned acolytes manufacture new barbarian threats to Pax-Amero-Roma on yellow-brick-roads to Avalon’s Yankee-Doodleized utopia, now globally tailored for everyman.  Again, compare the rather ‘boyish’ faces of these scouts of dishonor to the indigenous seed their zealous civilization seeks to annihilate.

I’ve given you this dreadful intelligence in three volumes of over 1,000 pages.  But twelve years before I was born, Picasso painted it with a sapience missed by ‘all but a few’.  His masterful composition and painstaking deliberation illustrates man’s inexorable destiny under the Mark of Cain’s creedsters as a forlorn scenario of misery; and interestingly enough―to my surprise and purpose―in terms I’ve torturously researched and described before I viewed his work critically.

Note the preeminence of the ‘All Seeing Eye’ in his famous Guernica.  An angel lifts a disemboweled lady as she looks towards the ‘oil lamp’ of Faith; her gaze fixed on what appears to be a prophetic mantle—an icon-free robe unlike the tattooed Anglo-Catholic costumes!  This is an extended ‘right arm’ and lamp of revelation that shield her from the eye of Horus. [15] She is dead but her undisturbed visage comes into agreement with that of the angel’s, both being lit by a dimension of light set apart from the rest of the scene; a tableau besieged by the ‘outer darkness’ of St. Jude’s epistle! [16] She, the horse and the angel also share ovoid eyes, unlike the other creatures.

And lo, there stands Apis with a distinctive set of ears and a ‘two-faced’ cycloptic-albino-bust joined to a cloven hoof; [17] (note the skull superimposed as nostrils and jaw on both bull and horse).  The bull’s dark body seems to have once cloaked the bereft madonna and child and is lifted by a demonic arm (Iblis ?).  An imp looks on from behind the bull’s head as the ‘speaking beast’ stands over a fallen warrior who bears the eyes of Horus.  The beast speaks as if supervising the forsaken Isis whose infant no longer suckles the milk of Allah’s intended peace and security.  Or perhaps she’s crying out to her idol for solace?  And what is this that comes forth from the mouth of both war-horse and bull… projectiles?… fire?… propaganda?   And why is the war-horse’s body covered in newsprint save for where the light of the lamp falls on its body: the same ‘print’ seen on the fallen warrior’s left leg?

And is that the ‘Mark of Cain’ on his severed ‘right-arm’?  And is that the pentagram ‘Star of Isis’ on his left palm?  Is this dead man in crucified posture a fallen ‘false’ messianic pretender or disciple?  Is that the woman’s husband at the far right?—they both have the same eyes as the flame in the lamp, indicating they once knew the truth.  Is he under pennant icons [18] (demonic teeth) as he’s swallowed in eternal shadow?  Note the lack of natural light and any semblance of flora and fauna, and that the source of Horus’s incandescent ‘non-radiance’ is a manmade light bulb!  I’m sure Picasso knew that Freemasons believed this arcane pupil belonged to their Illuminati inspired ‘Architect of the Universe’. [19]

It’s remarkable the renowned father of cubist art should represent Fascist genocide with these ancient images just four years after the Illuminati Seal was placed on the American Dollar as Bush’s grandfather washed Nazi lucre and Rothschild’s neighbor financed the twenty nine planes that destroyed the Basque Bastion and at the same time trained Hitler’s security dogs.

This work deserves its fame because it transcends politics and religion with a profound portrait of inescapable verity that captures all who see it.  The Seer never divulged his own interpretation, and repeatedly admonished everyone to think for themselves, and of course, such reflection depends solely upon what the viewer knows.  What did you know before the ink on these pages entered your ken?

Picasso’s Work could easily be retitled:

‘A Tale of Two Lights’  ‘Rothschild’s Monocle’  ‘Manifest Destiny’
‘The Triumph of Iblis’



[1] An appelation that parallels the Scriptural statement that Man is created in God’s image.

[2] To make this concrete, consider that the Native American ‘Nobles’ presented themselves in ‘Natural Costume’ with real totems such as Eagle Feathers and Bear Claws, rather than artificial appendages representing worldview constructs drawn from ancient pagans.  In order to appreciate the Noble American Native and his Creed (which was essentially Monotheist and Tawhidic), one should review the many recorded speeches made by their Chiefs during futile Treaty Negotiations with the United States.  Their prophetic utterences rival the Scriptures and eclipse the best Western Theologians.

[3] “The last Temchic died yesterday, but we have the consolation of knowing they all died Christians.”
— Spanish Officer’s report to Madrid, 1667.

The Temchics peacefully inhabited a beautiful valley in the Sierra Madre mountains for 3,000 years prior to the Spanish conquest of Mexico.  They were forced not only into the Catholic Christian persausion [by the Jesuits], but also into abject slavery in the King’s Silver mines, where in the span of a mere 50 years they all died from deprivations imposed by Church and State.  Egypt’s Pharaohs did the same.  This singular and absolute genocide is one small example of the spiritual blindness and political impudence that occupies the mindset and deeds of Western leaders and polities even today.

[4] After refusing to appoint a candidate to his cabinet, Abe Lincoln was asked why. He responded, “I didn’t like his face.  After the age of 40, a man is responsible for his own countenance.”

[5] “Unless ye become as little children, ye cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”  — Prophet Isa

[6] Spiritually reborn or “regenerated from above;” is the correct translation of the words of Isa. This regeneration requires additional grace solely attendant to monotheist obedience to the Golden Rule.  Genuine conversion is readily overshadowed by jinn filled zealots of Evangelical Euphoria.  There are numerous acounts of such elated groups of psychotics in post Reformation Europa. See The Hands of Iblis for details.

[7] Abel bore the seed of Adam destined to bear every prophet therefore, his murder was attempted genocide.

[8] Ironically, this was an inherent part of Native American Cultures, which societies had traditions of ‘Give Away’ cereomonies, wherein a family would dispense with their possessions so as not to gain ascendance in property; such as the Eskimo’s Celebration of ‘Potlatch’.

[9] Both H.G. Wells and Orson Wells were High Degree Freemasons.

[10] The Traditional translation in examples [1] and [2] is as follows: (20:3) “Do not have any gods before Me. Do not represent (such gods) by any carved statue or picture or anything in the heaven above or the earth below or in the water below the land. Do not bow down to or worship them.”  My translation is: (20:3) Do not have any gods before Me. Do not represent (me) by any carved statue or picture or anything in the heaven above or the earth below or in the water below the land. Do not bow down to or worship them.” Honestly translated, the First Commandment, also reinforced by vs 20:20, explicitly forbids people creating any religion, any altar, any church and any clergy whatsoever, simply because all of these things fundamentally misrepresent God, who does NOT need a proxy of any kind.

[1] The Living Torah, translated by Aryeh Kaplan, Maznaim Pub.Corp., NY, Jerusalem 1981

[2] The New English Bible, New Testament, Oxford University Press, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1961.
Extract from an exposition by Dr Tom J. Chalko, 2004

[11] See Durant’s Story of Civilization, The Age of the Renaissance.

[12] “John McCain’s father, led the government commission of inquiry which exonerated Israel for deliberately and with deadly purpose, almost sinking the USS Liberty in 1967… Peter Hounam, made a highly ‘damning of Israel’ film of the incident, shown on the BBC…  Israel was creating another Lavon Affair, trying to lure the US into the war against Egypt, as it had done by bombing American targets in Cairo during the mid-50s.  But one problem gnawed at me; The Liberty was hit on June 8, when Israel had already as good as won the Six Day War.  In short, why bother?  So I spoke with the author and broadcaster Dr. Stan Monteith, (www.radioliberty.com) who has long researched the Liberty attack and boasts a 4 CD set of interviews, including with the seamen and officers of the ship. He was direct: “Of course Johnson gave the order.  But he received his orders from higher up.”  “So the attack on The Liberty wasn’t an Israeli decision?” I asked. “It was an American action forced on Israel,” he answered.   More research was necessary and this led to such an obvious scenario!  The Americans sink ships to start wars.  The Maine was sunk to get the Spanish American War rolling. The Lusitania and the attacks on the shipyard at Pearl Harbor were caused by provocation and deliberate military neglect, but they got the Americans to stumble awkwardly and reluctantly into two world wars.  But Johnson himself was an active proponent of the sink a ship and go to war philosophy…  The Gulf of Tonkin In the summer of 1964 by President Lyndon B. Johnson is another precedent… The reason to sacrifice over 200 American sailors was the American, and actually accurate perception, that Egyptian President, Gamal Abdul Nasser had drifted into the Soviet camp and threatened to make much of the Middle East, Russian clients. As Johnson saw it, Nasser had to go and fast:

During the attack the U.S.S. Liberty continually called the 6th fleet which was nearby begging for air support. Two groups of fighter aircraft were sent to defend the Liberty but unbelievably they were recalled by the White House. The Admiral in Command of the sixth fleet called Washington to confirm the recall order. Secretary of Defence MacNamara came on the line followed by the president himself who told the Admiral, “I want that G D Ship going to the bottom” Finally after 3 hours into the attack a Russian spy ship appeared so the Israelis withdrew because there were witnesses allowing the Liberty to limp home to safety. Here is what really took place. President Johnson had personal control over the ship, made a backroom deal with Israel to attack it with an order to kill everyone on board. Then the attack was to be blamed on Egypt and U.S. would enter the war and take over the entire Middle East. – GIVE US THE USS LIBERTY, by Barry Chamish, Apr.2009.

[13] Many 19th Century ‘Cattle Barons’ were financed by British Noblemen (Freemasons and Olympians) and held their fiefs on illegally usurped Indian lands.  They murdered smaller competitors (non-members of their corporate brotherhood) with impunity, and vigorously slaughtered keepers of sheep (Abels) with a fury that rivaled the Native American genocide.  However, they did indeed get their cattle to markets at exhorbitant profits.  Kudos for the Wild West of Cain’s Creed!

[14] Unshed blood is not red in color but blue, hence the term’blue-bloods’, and Satan is described as the ‘most subtle and cunning’ of the jinn (creatures in the Garden) in the Book of Genesis. Hence the colors of national flags: Red for the shed blood of serfs sacrificed; Blue for the ‘Blueblooded’ oligarchs; White for the Aryan Creed.

[15] Bear in mind here the lamps held by the seven virgins as described by Isa. (Math 25). In my opinion, the virgins represent those polities remaining faithful to their post-diluvial Monotheist Prophets; i.e., Noah, Abraham, Moses, Lao Tse, Buddha, Isa, and finally Mohammad.

[16] See Matthew, Chapters 8, 12, 22, and Jude 1:6, as well as Peter 2:17.

[17] Satan appears as a ‘messenger of light’ according to innumerable scriptural and apocryphal sources; that is, he pretends to be an angel delivering the word of Allah, and in fact is quite capable of teaching the truth. But according to Al’Quran angels are created from light while Satan is an elemental spirit (jinni) created from some extraordinary type of fire. Therefore, he does not qualify as an angel by definition alone, and any pretense on his self-exhalted behalf is indeed a lie regardless of the metaphysical knowledge spouting from his bedeviled tongue.

[18] Ensigns especially used by royally commissioned British armed forces.

[19] The British call students of their exhalted knowledge pupils?! … “noun: the dark circular opening in the centre of the iris of the eye, which varies in size to regulate the amount of light reaching the retina.”  – New Oxford Dictionary. Is this artistry and etymology mere coincidence?