Editor’s Note: Thanks to Uncle Warlocks and FNF (Fox News Fabricators), the Muslim Brotherhood is now getting some airplay.  At the moment, I do not have the time to write another essay on the matter, yet I feel it is important for the ”sober some’ to have access to this perspective on history.  Hence, I surgically extracted the following passages from The Hand of Iblis.  Those of you who think Egypt is ‘delivered’ are in serious error.  This is no time for celebration.  Mubarak should have been brought before a Sharaiah criminal court and the money he stole returned and the lives he took, accounted for.  As it is, he simply scurried away and left his chief muscleman in charge of the same riba and international corruption that has governed Egypt since Napoleon left the Freemasons there.  Because you have exposed him for what he is you have won a transient feeling of false hope, but you have not exposed his Masters and neither have you rid yourself of them.  Not in the least.  Read this, and then pray for mercy.

Spiritually and physically, Islam has been decapitated, which was the condition of Israel during the 400 yr. period of ‘Judges’ prior to the Davidic monarchy as well as the 400 years preceding the advent of Isa.  Since both monarchy[1] and democracy are dead ends—i.e., never desired for the righteous by Allah—that historically and naturally incline towards the inevitable autocracy of a dictator and plutocratic cronyism, the ummah is in a no-man’s land and each polity must fend for itself as best it can in this defaulted estate of in-authenticity or ‘headless-ness’. Furthermore, and most unfortunately, Muslims—often under Freemasonic auspice—have indeed authored the misery and dishonor of their present moment, and without a Caliph and/or clear policies of enforced conflict resolution between states and sectarian tribes, we are fair game for UN intervention as the Security Council—with the additions of India and Japan—tightens its grip on global gauntlets and Jerusalem as cited previously.

This is even more so when the respective polities of the ummah submit themselves to materialism, corrupt bureaucracies [2] and half-educated Imams with bidah cum shaman-driven dogmas that merely enhance the denial syndromes of ‘the many’.  The new evangelical anthem, “Unity in Diversity” gives franchise to minions who seek the skirts of Lady Liberty’s democracy, which is a cunningly fabricated Aryan ploy—a ‘Trojan Horse’ guaranteed to lift her skirts and elevate secular law above the Shari’ah while politico/mercantilists extract wealth and elegant criminals operate black markets, extortion, sex-slave and drug trades to control revenues that rival and/or exceed the Fortune 500 and surpass most government incomes.[3] By all means, talk persuasively dear brothers and sisters of the alim, but do not be so naïve as to think you can stem the tides of such a well entrenched monist majority of institutional insan while at the same time many among your respective khassa and amma ‘wet their beaks’ in this mammoth sink of sin.

People of immature faith—conceivably the majorities of the patronizing religious—want and perhaps need hero-messiahs or at least their image (idols).  These spiritually impoverished souls are the majority who yearn for the escape such hope provides, and as such, they are readily persuaded—perhaps relieved, as are Christians—that someone else will do the work of deliverance and/or redemption.  Was this not the case when Prophet Daud stood before the Philistine Giant?  Such masses of mankind huddle in comfort zones of traditional conformity, cowering with muted sins and supplications for relief, waiting for at least the promise of ‘deliverance’ from an oppression that relentlessly hems them in as God’s natural justice, which is the dominion of injustice or Iblissian Ethics as it refracts through the dimmed light of their own disobedience, emanating secular laws and international agreements that now make it near impossible to escape (migrate) to anything better.  However, the Feudal Lords of the NWO Evangelicals[4] do offer this promise with a charm so lacking in our ummah: a polity that, for the most part, has forgotten how to enjoy life and have a good laugh because of the patronizing imposition of false piety.  Instead, evangelists and pseudo-Sufis offer spiritual euphoria repeatedly like drugs, despite the absurd obscurantism of dogma and vacuums of worthless deeds that evaporate at first light while polite bullies blow horns for Jesus and dead sheikhs: their Heroes.

The German polity was well educated, modern and progressive, steeped in the protestant work ethic but still needed a hero.  For them, ‘the other’ very quickly became non-German—which later translated to non-Aryan—as Hitler and Goebbels touted the fascist model of the Wagnerian horn fashioned by Nietzsche and guided by Alfred Rosenberg, a Russian Jew and occultist who happened to also be Hitler’s ideologue; calling even Jesus an ‘Aryan god’.  Why did this profound theomania embrace an entire modern nation?  The report below reveals the epistemological zeitgeist of the German group-soul, upon which even Christianity was a superficial layer:

Concluding Excerpt of a Report From the G5 Unit,
US Army Intelligence, Allied Command:
Preliminary Study for Military Government, Rombaden, Romstein, Germany, 1945:

“Rombaden has many typical German characteristics. There is idol worship, tribalism, revelry, and mysticism.  There is the pagan ritual of the Nazis.  As a contradiction there is strong Catholicism, a cultural and educational life and a modern industrial complex. This tug of war, this paradox, runs deeply in the German character.  It is particularly easy to see that Rombaden is representative of the Eternal German, who is looking for himself and is an enigma to himself as well as to the outside world.”

They mistakenly did not assume Catholicism is something other than pagan ritual; nor is Lutheranism far from the Persian Mithraism adopted by its old nemesis.  The Germanic legends and myths extolling Aryanism and self-sacrifice for the ‘Fatherland’, when combined with the syncretism of Trinitarian Mythology as glorified by Wagnerian Grandeur are a profound subliminal force that is anti-Semite (Arab/Jew) and anti-monotheist.  They promote nothing other than a convenient return to barbarous chauvinism while annihilating or subjugating ‘the other’.  It is no small wonder the entire German Nation followed the standard of the sun-god’s fire wheel (the Dhali Lama’s sacred swastika).  But please do not smirk!  The same phenomenon is about to be repeated on a global scale, and the 9/11 WTC catastrophe is surely akin to Hitler’s burning the Reichstag.  Even the NATO Logo bears a swastika as I write.  Study it carefully before you dismiss the charge.  This insanity still rules and you really should ask yourself this question: “Why didn’t I know this already?  Answer: Because ‘they’ didn’t want you to know!  That’s how good they are.  It’s a conspiracy!

Fascist/Aryan propaganda that played to the polity’s well manufactured need for a hero.  The ubermenge concept is not unlike that of the Shi’ite cum qausi-Sufi doctrine[5] of the ‘Perfect Man’, which mystifying imagination is clearly rooted in the Ishmaili cum Fatimid dogma regarding the occultation of an invisible Imam in need of babbling Babs.  Indeed, they are the same.[6] The Fatimid’s (sired by a crypto-Jew) and Ishmailis shared Initiation Rituals with the infamous cult of Agha Khan’s Assassins[7] who later introduced these Gnostic doctrines to the Knights Templars with the help of Eastern Orthodox Johannites and other Gnostics.[8] Simulacrums of these fantasies are adopted by many Muslim Mystics who initiate a quest for sainthood via unity with God, which speculation is demonstrably a monist concept shared by the Christian evangelical polity, albeit with a slightly different twist.

The latter polity call themselves ‘saints’ by way of exhortation, not unlike the Nazi ubermenge of the ‘Fatherland’.  Those of the polity across the Euphrates worship (mind you, worship also means to obey) ursiloon sheikhs and/or dead men considered to be “perfect”, and, like Nazis, are also prepared to die for their mystified ‘Fatherland’ courtesy of an analogous Indo-European mythos.  Thus do fundamentalist amongst us follow the Christian and Jew[9] ‘step by step’ as foretold.  Now, considering this plethora of pseudo-monotheist insanity, it is no small wonder that atheism is currently the religion of preference among intelligencia.[10] Here we have grizzled mesmerisms on both sides of the Nile with occult roots connecting the two ostensibly opposing polities conveniently fitting Hegel’s dialectical theorem; which is nothing more than Caesar’s well-proven strategy for rolling out the war drums for both groups.  Does anyone care to say Abracadabra?

Fundamentalists are expert obscurantists, groups which both Ghazali and Mystics and Khaldun vehemently admonished.  True Sufism—as opposed to mysticism—is nothing more than an application of one’s will to discipline his/her sentient nature [nafs] through the practice of the recommended rituals of Islam in addition to those required, and thus, become extremely self-aware and diligently conscientious of Allah’s laws in every thought word and deed as I described in the introduction.  And it is important to note that the term ‘Sufi’ was unknown to Muslims during Islam’s first 4-5 generations, and generally speaking, it takes 3-4 generations for innovators to ruin what prophets initiate.  Simply stated, true Sufis are pietists like the Ebionite (poor) Jerusalem disciples of Prophet Isa, who go about their business generally unnoticed, humbly seeking Allah’s blessing through the real work of Muslim husbandry by actually doing good rather than the inane recitations of useless adjurations like professional Tibetian monks.  Two that come to mind as outstanding examples of non-mystified Sufis would be Imam Shamil and Omar Muhktar.  Hassan Al-Bana and Sayd Quitb were both Sufis, and al-Bana’s father was a Freemason., and the Freemasonic owners of the Suez Canal Company in London gave Mr. Al-Bana the money for his first mosque.

Idras Shah has the following to state about the origins of what I’ll call ‘New Age Sufism’, and which origins, if true, automatically place commonly known Sufism in league with the Freemasons and other mystical practitioners of the ancient alchemy.  Further evidence for this assertion is presented later, so please bear with me:

“Alchemical lore came from Egypt direct from the writings of Tehuti (Hermes) … According to Sufi tradition the lore was transmitted through Dhu’i-Nun the Egyptian, the King or Lord of the Fish, one of the most famous of classical Sufi teachers.”

– The Sufis, Idras Shah, 1964
[Confirmed by Said of Toledo, 11th Century; See Durant’s Story of Civilization, vol. 4]

Even Prophet Noah had no knowledge of the unseen according to Surah 11:31, and nowhere in the prophetic literature is there uttered any pretense of becoming one with God.  Nevertheless, today’s mystics presume a degree or three higher than these divinely qualified messengers.

“Islamic contemplation is a free form of worship … there is, nevertheless, one restriction, namely, the contemplation of the Divine Being Himself. Not only is it forbidden, but it is also impossible since none but God Himself knows what He really is … how can they have the audacity to presume that they could ever contemplate He Whom “no vision can grasp, but His grasp is over all vision” [6:103]”

— Prof. Malik Badri, IIUM; Contemplation, op. cit. p 67

“Contemplate the creation of God and not God Himself, for you can never give Him His due.”

– Mohamed, Al-Suyuti, Al-Jami, vol. 1, p 514

How can you grasp the One, firm on the throne? Ask not how the Word was revealed, How the Lord speaks, or how He sees. My word, this is but superfluous!

— Al-Ghazali, Badri, ibid, p 68

Tehuti is known as Hermes and the cognomen describes the ‘Hermetic Tradition’ of blood oaths that are grist for the core of Freemasonic dogma and other Theosophical nonsense that assumes to present the mystical knowledge of the impossible to know.  In opposition to true piety which is the practice of good deeds and the actual earning of one’s living, the construction of Mysticism’s Route 666 happens to run parallel to the freeway of Islam’s decline from the 10th Cent. AD., and this is in stark contrast to the Prophet’s admonition to “contemplate and study the wonders of creation, saying that the reward of learning is like that of fasting, and the reward of teaching is like that of salah or daily prayers” [Badri, ibid, p 102] … How so?

“Islam has generally failed to evolve an ethos to mobilize the masses from poverty, illiteracy and oppression. The later phase of Islam’s middle age was surely beset with marked cultural decline. The early ‘enlightenment’ had receded with the advent of jahiliya by the tenth century A.D. when the ulama declared the ‘Gate of Ijtihad’ closed. Dysfunctional theological learning replaced rational and empirical disciplines, reducing man to insignificance … man therefore remained hopelessly incapable of shaping his own destiny … what then evolved amounted to a tradition of unaccountable leadership, bureaucratic inertia and dysfunctional [impotent?] intellectual elitism … this disorientation fostered a tradition of esoteric theology that only helped to work out a more disastrous worldview: a universalistic and irrational weltanschung… a unified cosmos… devoid of any justified territorial diversity.  The ideas of ‘country’ and ‘state’ could hardly fit this grand monistic scheme of being.  The fiat of creation and management on a pure transcendental plane made man-made institutions redundant … legislation, economic planning and development became not only demeaning but also heretical … The community so reared on passivity, superstition and fatalism learned to survive under unjust rule. The cumulative effect of this degenerating ethos eventually bereft Islam of public policy orientation.”

– S.M.A. Sayeed, op.cit. pp 318, 319

Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right … and a desire to know; but besides this, they have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, I mean of the characters and conduct of their rulers.[11]

John Adams 1735–1826  2nd President of the USA; father of John Quincy Adams]

Secrecy is the womb of this unaccountability, and pride is its father.  In addition to this rather ‘communistic’ effect, which we shall see is the product of conscious esoteric manipulation by certain members of the khassa, we must also realize that mystics spend time being mystified rather than doing real work and hence, need dupes, sorry, I meant sponsors to support their fantasies.  To achieve the latter they either adopt sycophantic behavior, practice real magick, or advance cunning schemes to extract wealth for their subsistence; and they do have counterparts among fundamentalist evangelicals who feign both work and clairvoyance in order to attain similar goals.[12] However, Al-Ghazali argues that:

“… hard work for the purpose of securing honest earnings with a view to satisfying the legitimate needs and ambitions of oneself and one’s dependents is not merely permissible [but] in the light of both Qur’anic precepts and Prophetic teachings it is a highly commendable form of worship … the assured reward for which is Godly blessings and heavenly bliss.” [13]

I might also add to this Ghazalian hard work ethic, the word ‘honest’… because even crooks can ‘work hard’; one need only observe the Jews or the Chinese, and certain segments of the ummah’s professional regiments of pirates and ‘produce-nothing’ pretenders called bureaucrats, as well as mullahs and fatuous professors of recycled cant who can’t even get to the lectern on time.

But moving on: wherever you see a preponderance of both fundamentalism and mysticism, they are accompanied by social backwardness with correlating degrees of ignorance, social inertia, fitna and poverty; not to mention the archaic superstitions that drive ‘the many’ to shamans who practice real magick (sorcery) with the help of reprobate jinn.  These conditions are not accidentally allied which is exactly why King Josiah killed them all and prophet Musa likewise ordered every shaman put to death and suffered no iconography (e.g. pictures of dead sheikhs in prayer rooms) or deviation from his sunnah.  Also, wherever people endure disenfranchisements, you will see exaggerated and repetitious representations of heroes and saints (ubermenge posters like those of Lenin, Stalin and Mao or front page photos of politicos) claiming religious or generic myths of origin promising peace, justice, divine reconciliation, lower costs of living, eradication of poverty, and chicken stew for every pot.  All of them are professional liars!

Add to this proclivity for mystic indolence the fatalism and lethargy common to intemperately-climated peoples, and you have a natural circumstance for industrially inclined Northerners to descend then ascend under the solar cross while spiritually degenerating Muslims contemplate useless theorems and explore conflict resolution with swords or conveniently available modern facsimiles:

“A life of asceticism with a Spartan environment was further sharpened by religious preoccupation … and eventually culminated in fierce fanaticism. The total dedication to religious pursuits and the shunning of work, avoiding business and farming, shrouded this life of lethargy into a queer ‘otherworldliness’. They found the pursuits of wealth to be inconsistent with their total dedication to God.”   – On the degradation of Ibn Saud’s Ikwan. [14]

In addition to the cunning scheme of replacing tribal and familial loyalties with the myth of Saud’s or al-Bana’s brotherhood, we see above the results of brainwashing and indolence combined.  Such was the case when the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Hasan al’Bana’s brethren contributed 500,000 mystified ikwan to Hitler’s SS in the Aryan cause. [15] Most of those young men fell on foreign soil after raping and murdering as many Jews and Christians they could lay hands on in the Balkans; so please don’t judge the Serbs too harshly.  The ‘blind of heart’ leading the blind and murdering the blind it would seem; led to the slaughter of a ‘stunning punishment of humiliation.”  Is it merely coincidental then that Hassan al’Banna and his ideologue, Sayed Quitb, were both Sufis and Freemasons? — not to mention their mentors?[16] Other Notable Muslim Freemasons include: Jamal al-Din al-Afghani, former PM of Afghanistan and founder of the pan-Islamic Salafiyya movement [of which Lord Cromer, 33rd Freemason spoke highly]; His disciple; Mohd Abduh, who became lecturer at Al-Azhar University & High Court Judge, Reformer of the University, Egyptian Grand Mufti, and Grand Master of the United Freemasonic Lodges of Egypt, circa 1900; Haj. Amin el-Husseini (above left), who held the shepherd’s staff as Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and was mentor and uncle to Yasser Arafat, and who commanded Muslim troops to join Hitler’s SS Corps, which required occult initiation ritual and an oath to Hitler.

“Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries … conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be mislead …Truth is not for those who are unworthy or unable to receive it, or would pervert it.”

– Alfred Pike, op.cit.

My dear brother and sisters in Islam, this is not a light statement from the Occult Master still worshipped in Washington DC. Men join this society for idealistic reasons with the hope they might even become ‘Perfected Men’ of the Brotherhood, or at least ‘rich’!

“The attempt at founding ethics and social philosophy on the principle of utility amounted to severing the relation between morality and revelation. Revelation, according to Abduh, was not meant to invest acts and events arbitrarily with value but to provide a framework for reason to operate.  In attempting reconciliation between science and religion he unwittingly undermined divine omnipotence and subjected God and nature both to scientific laws.  Thus the affirmation of causality both in nature and society, assertion of human liberty, emphasis on utilitarian nature of ethics, reassertion of the right of reason in human spheres led to a complete transformation of traditional Islam. Abduh’s revisionism opened the door to ideas and forces he had not quite intended to let in.”

— S.M.A. Sayeed, op. cit. p 273

Don’t you think this is exactly what Illuminists like Pike and Lord Cromer desired!

Is the ubiquity of this Roman Salute a mere accident of history?

Dakini: “Sky Walker’ astral projection of Tibetian adept’s imagination of archetypal Feminie Force as emanation of his own soul. Part of the androgenic sex magick of Tantra Lamaism. Such monks, a few score, were in Berlin throughout the entire war praying for Hitler’s success.  Another accident of history I suppose.

[1] “I do not know if I am a caliph or a king; and if I am king, that is a fearful thing.”  —Hadrat Umar; Guy Eaton, Islam and  the Destiny of Man, p. 150

[2] Transparency International’s Corruption Survey, 2006, ranked the majority of Muslim countries among the most corrupt.  Malaysia ranked 44 of 183 levels, and no Muslim Country was in the top 25.  Finland was #1, least corrupt; Singapore #5, USA #20, UAE #31, Israel #34, with Mexico and Saudi Arabia tied at #70.  Corruption is endemic in the ASEAN community and many developing countries, and is traditionally perceived as a ‘way of life’ by many: it is the so called ‘Ali Baba’ syndrome recently denounced by Pak Lah, Alhamduillah!   Ali Baba: a mythical pirate become tradition, commonly accepted by ‘the many’ amongst our ummah, it must be stressed that this is not the sunnah, and as such, negates any help from Allah for such polities: hence the Muslim impotency.

“A community in the midst of which sins are being committed which could be, but are not corrected by it, is most likely to be encompassed in its entirety by Allah’s punishment.  Behold, Allah does not change a people’s circumstances unless they bring about a change in their inner selves.”

– Abu Da’ud on authority of Abu Bakr

[3] Many ‘Sons of Hung Wa’ (Triad gangsters) and others, have initiation rituals endowed by pagan monism that mimic the Freemasonic rite.   They are also dressed in mammon’s re-patriated respectability.  Their exalted wickedness is now an integral component of the global economy and threatens the internal security of Nation States via diffuse illicit operations funded by enormous quantities of black-money generated by exquisitely organized vice and sophisticated forms of graft.  It is well recognized by Criminologists and observant Scholars that their activity is enhanced by the various ‘Free Trade’ policies and proliferation of global technology.  Their profits far exceed the gross national product of many countries wherein they freely operate in harmony with the respective ruling khassa, which is literally at their mercy.  That they function in intimate relationships with various ‘secret services’ is in fact, no longer a secret but rather a matter of general apathetic misregard, upon which they depend.  They are known also as the Ghee Hon, Yhe Society of Heaven and Earth, T’in Tei Hui, Ts’ing-lin-kiu, Son-ho-hoei, San-ho-hui.  The Hung Triads, formed initially in the 17th Century, lead the failed Taiping Revolt of 1851, but revived under Sun Yat Sen’s Presidency to overthrow the Manchus in 1911.   Thereafter, Chiang Kai Shek, a Triad Assassin took over.   A definitive history is given by J.S.Ward and W.G. Sterling, The Hung Society. They are also subject to much current academic and constabultory reviews, but to little avail. Their power is now so enormous, the Austrlain Government has tried to stop several expose’s so as not to offend them.  Besides, Australia is run by Freemasons, so what indeed is the difference?

[4] Televangelism Has Grown To Be A $5,500,000,000 Industry.

[5] “In the mystical hierarchy, the Qutb or Pole is the Spiritual Head of the hierarchy of Prophets and Saints, the intermediary stage between the Godhead and the phenomenal world, the eternal and the temporal.   The Qutb is the “Pole” on which all Creation turns.   According to Sufism, the Pole is realized in the Perfect Man, the individual human expression of the Logos [of Philo-what later became the Holy Spirit of Christians and Cosmic Christ of Theosophists-OZ].   Each Sufi seeks to became the Logos.   Here there is a certain parallel with Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, where the emphasis on the Trikaya at times shifts from the theological or “mystical” to the individual yogic (the Trikaya as the yogically transformed and perfected individual self).   The Divine Logos thus manifests as countless Avatars, Perfect Masters, Divine Presences, and so on; whether in human form as an actual physical Avatar, or in subtle non-incarnate form as a Presence that moves subtly in the spiritual Heart (Qalb) of each individual being.  This is a process that is always continuing, for there is always the Divine Presence in the world, although in some periods it may be more accessible than others – thus the Ismailis speak of Cycles of Epiphany and Cycles of Occultation [Corbin, Cyclical Time and Ismaili Gnosis, pp.80-81], and the Cabalists of God revealing his Face and turning his Face away [Luzzatto, General Principles of the Kabala, p.47] – but even in the periods of concealing of the Light, there would still be avatars and masters for those who are sincere.  At no time are souls stumbling in the world of darkness ever left without guidance or grace.”

–  A. E. Affifi, The Mystical Philosophy of Muhyid Din-Ibnul Arabi

Here we have the ancient ‘Initiation Formula’ and justification for Sheikhs and sundry Masters to form ‘private polities’ of disciples from the disenfranchised and half-educated of the amma.  — oz

[6] “By Fascism I mean a philosophy of totalities and perfection, and a way of thinking in certainties and absolutes, powerful intolerance for any differences in ideas, demands for conformity to the certainties and often a cultivation of mindlessness or no thinking or questioning: taking a position of superiority over others who do not believe or cannot qualify for full membership in the fraternity of believers, and the cultivation of cults of power even among the believers; a readiness, in fact often a love of doing violence and harm to all who are defined as non-believers or enemies of the certainty; and in the end denials of having done any harm to life—ones own or others.” – Fascism and Democracy in the Human Mind: A Bridge between Mind and Society,by Israel W. Charny, 2006.

This definition defines bullies as well as the occult leadership of secret societies as verified in the Appendices.  – oz

[7] “… the most radical and dangerous type of revolutionary Shi’ite sect.” – Bertold Spuler, The Age of the Caliphs, Princeton, Markus Weiner, 1995, p. 67___   “…the constant object of them [Isma’ilites] all [was] to overthrow Islam.” Nisam al-Mulk, Rules for Kings, translated by Hubert Drake, London, Routledge and Kegan, 1960, p238; __ see also al-Ghazali: The Scandals of the Batinites __ For a history of the Fatimid–Ishmaili genesis leading to Mustalis, Druzes, Batinis and Aqa Khanids of Bombay, as well as Shi’a theology, see Shi’a by Allamah Sayyid Muhd Husayn Tabatabai, Trns: Sayyid Husayn Nasr, Ansariyan Pub. Qum, Iran 1981 ___  See also: von Hammer, The History of the Assassins, pp. 45-6:

“… Skepticism and freethinking, as long as they occupied only the minds of the indolent and philosophical, have caused the ruin of no throne, for which purpose religious and political fanaticism are the strongest levers in the hands of nations.  It is nothing to the ambitious man what people believe, but it is everything to know how he may turn them for the execution of his projects.”

[8] As per Albert Pike, see Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Pub., 1871

[9] bearing in mind that the cosmic-christos is actually the ‘logos’ or emanation of divine essence as taught in the Jewish book of magic known as the Kabala, and that several of Hitler’s top Nazis, financiers, and supporters were Jewish adepts of this tradition.

[10] A meta-analysis of 39 studies since 1927 concludes that increased IQ and Education are directly correlated with a decrease in theism. See: Paul Bell, Mensa Magazine, 2002.  Only 7% of the US Academy of Sciences are Believers in God, and less than 3-5% of the Royal Society.  See: “Leading Scientists still reject God” by Larson and Witham, Nature, 394, 1998, 313.

[11] A Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law (1765),  M. J. Kline (ed.), Papers of John Adams vol. 1 (1977) p. 120

[12] “I know men among the Shaykhs of the Azhar who live on Islam as do germs of bilharzias and anky-Lostomiasis on the blood of the wrethched peasants.” M.Al-Ghazali. See: S.M.A. Sayeed, op.cit. p.128.

[13] Muddathir ‘Abd Al-Rahim, op.cit. p 157: Ihya, vol I, book 4, p. 168 and vol II, book 5, pp 21-137

[14] Tim Niblock, Social Structure and the Development of Saudi Arabian Political System, Croom Helms, London, 1981, p. 33.

[15] The Hanjar Croatian (Muslim) SS Division

[16] See: Dr. Habib Siddiqui, “Masonry in Middle East”, Al-Jazeerah, Dec. 26, 2004

“Al-Zawahiri is Qutb’s intellectual heir; he has further developed his message, and is putting it into practise.  But without Qutb, present-day Islamism as a noxious amalgam of fascist totalitarianism and extremes of Islamic fundamentalism would not exist.  His principal “accomplishment” was to articulate the social and political practices of the Muslim Brotherhood from the 1930s through the 1950s – including collaboration with fascist regimes and organizations, involvement in anti-colonial, anti-Western and anti-Israeli actions, and the struggle for state power in Egypt – in demagogically persuasive fashion, buttressed by tendentious references to Islamic law and scriptures to deceive the faithful.  Qutb, a one-time literary critic, was not a religious fundamentalist, but a Goebbels-style propagandist for a new totalitarianism to stand side-by-side with fascism and communism.”

“Islamism, Fascism, & Terrorism”, Mark Erikson, Asia Times, 2002 – Provides detailed account of Egyptian Islamism with respect to espionage, Freemasonry, the Muslim Brotherhood and Nazi collusion. Also: Historical Development of the Methodologies of al- Ikhwaan … Salafi Publications, Sheikh Abu Abdur-Rahmaan Muqbil ibn Haadee al-Waad’iee from Sa’dah in Yemen”   March 2003; Afghani and Abdul, Elie Kedurie, Univ. of London, 1992; The Esoteric Deviation in Islam, Umar Ibrahim Vadillo Publisher: Madinah Press, Madinah Media (2003)

Further reading: The Knights Templar of the Middle East: The Hidden History of the Islamic Origins of Freemasonry, by Hrh Prince Michael of Albany and Walid Amine Salhab, Nov. 2006; 50 Jewish Messiahs,  Jerry Rabow, Gefen Publishing, Jerusalem, 2000;  To Eliminate The Opiate,  Rabbi Antleman, 1974; The Deautsch Devils, Israel Betrayed: contact Barry Chamish, Nakhat Zohar 40/2 Modin, 71700 Israel, Book Orders: chamish@netvision.net.il;   also see: The Secret War Against The Jews, John Loftus & Mark Aarons, St. Martin’s Press 1994.  An authoritative expose’ of 20th century Allied collusion in the Middle-East. Mr. Loftus is an ex-Federal Prosecutor and Counsel for disaffected CIA & FBI agents. See:boards.marihemp.com/boards/msg1x54701.shtml, and http://www.orignofnations.org/index.htm, for further background on espionage; see also: Unholy Spirits, Occultism and New Age Humanism, by Gary North, 1966 A complete and scholarly dissertation on Humanism in light of its philosophical development and implementation. Dr. North presents a Sociological perspective on Shamanism and Satanism, as well as monism’s persuasive deception, giving rise to the present social chaos in western civilization and thus, setting the stage for al’Darjahl’s tyranny.




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