The Perversion of Touch: Sexual Magic & War

An Excerpt from The Taqwa of Marriage
by Dr. Omar Zaid
All Rights Reserved

“And we have enjoined on man to be dutiful and good to his parents.  His mother bore him in weakness and hardship upon weakness and hardship, and his weaning is in two years – give thanks to Me and to your parents.  Unto me is the final destination.” (Q, 31:14)


The infant’s vegetative state essentially lasts for the first six months, after which it mimics a quadruped (‘rug rat’ in American slang) until weaning,  at which time a kind of rebellion is announced with tongue and feet.  When the baby stands it is the first attempt to willfully enter the “upright” human realm.  The child then becomes what Americans call a ‘terrible two-year old’ as she/he is now an inept biped toddler:

=>      incapable of discerning harm
=>      who tastes the environment by putting everything in the mouth
=>      so that by tongue-touching the world he/she learns the names of things
=>      and thus, atavistically brings forth the Adamic faculty of speech
=>      while running or crawling away from or to an often exasperated or even terrified mother.

A reversal now takes place in the relationship between generations.  Up to this point, elders have been pleasing (pleasuring) and comforting the baby on a continuum.  However, now the tottering toddler begins learning how to please (comfort) its elders.  Along the many biased roads of this school, trust and faith are left behind by far too many humans and “comfort” becomes the primary goal for both generations at the cost of Allah’s remembrance (i.e., of ‘reality orientation’).

When faith in God and trust in divine governance (provision and authority) are divorced from the cognizant experience of human touch, the fleeting pleasures and comforts of sensuality are all that remain to permeate the human soul.  Thus it is that many become profligates  who repeatedly pursue the lusts of the flesh in vain.  Obsessively — out of an abject surrender to innate instincts — we desperately search for the comfort of the peace and security (As-Sakinah) we desired or knew as infants, but which latter day experiences seem to deny  as the illusion of ephemeral materialism (consumerism) blinds us.   Even true religion is obscured by ostentation, pretense and material ritual.  Hence, we become lost in vulgar carnality rather than the communion of prayerful contemplation as described earlier.  This is a sub-human level where gluttons stuff themselves, gamblers throw away their blessings, addicts seek escape with increasing doses of serotonin and  endorphin substitutes, and  constituencies of drunkards imbibe assiduously to avoid self-examination while the infamous seek fame and  somebody else’s fortune as men beat wives into submission and liberated polyandrines pursue peace and security in the arms of men and/or women they quickly learn to despise.

When the balanced integration of faith, trust and comfort fail to incarnate with respect to human touch, perversion and deviation are the only possible outcomes.  However, when properly integrated during the first three years of life and given refuge in a functional rather than dysfunctional family, the process metamorphically becomes erotic bliss as an adult.  This is especially  so when two completely independent, well integrated mature souls choose to unite their lives in remembrance of God by pursuing the perfection of taqwa in holy marriage.

Therein the woman must be gently fathered by her husband: cradled and caressed, kissed and spoken to by he whose manhood performs the deeds that re-affirm her faith in God’s promise according to the pre-incarnate covenant.  Now her soul and body may securely entertain the embrace that enters her integrated being to initiate the miracle of human re-creation by divine diktat as both enjoy the ‘Rest of God’ consciously and in concert.  The man must also be mothered and cared for as his wife  avoids household entropy and playfully explores the zones of his body that remember the trust he gained during infancy when his mother fed, clothed bathed and caressed him then snuggled and innocently touched and teased him in gentle intimacy.

As husband and wife they now touch with the love and lust that autonomously leads to the bliss of orgasm’s complete surrender to trust and faith.  During these moments of flourishing rapture, both forget self as well as the entire world while in the grip of Allah’s Almighty command — a moment in which they literally have no choice.  Together they consciously touch and guide each other to the sublime involuntary surrender in remembrance of Allah; a moment that fully mirrors the helpless spastic state of the infant and even mimics an epileptic seizure with its loss of consciousness.  This is Fana.

In this collective experience, the shared spiritual ecstasy is perfected and a release takes place both of body and soul that causes a momentary dream-like separation or excarnation — a nearly death-like phenomenon.  It is of such a nature that without the shield of doa jinn have ready access to enter and/or possess the human body.   This is a premise for sexual magic as practiced by Satanists and pagan shamans. [1] And if satans gain access to parents, what then happens to any child’s body so conceived?  These satanists and pagans perform intercourse consciously in honor of their many gods.  Fornicators and those who commit zina accomplish similar demonizations unconsciously.  All have lost faith and trust in God for reasons discussed above, but the primal instinct for the comforts of human touch remains so irresistible they must blindly grope each other for the momentary pleasures and comforts that can never permeate their souls with the Rest of Allah.

Parents must bear this in mind whenever touching both spouse and child.  For these most serious of reasons, the Prophet gave instruction for prayer before marriage, before sex, during pregnancy and at birth; and I must emphatically stress that this is no laughing matter except for those with unbelief in their heart.  These prayers must be regarded as an act of marital jihad in order to preserve its holy temple (mosque), as touch without faith only leads to mischief, destruction and war with the Cause of Allah because touch without faith defaults to its equivalent of faith in self  and/or Satan.  This is idolatry; the inverse of remembering Allah and the very essence of Sexual Magick.

Those who do not have communion with God will always war with those who do.  It is a fact of life that cannot be avoided or disregarded until judgment day.  It is the real reason for the hedonism, immorality, dearth and terror that now stalk the entire globe.

[1] “… a party of the People of the Book [Bani Israel] threw away the Book of Allah behind their backs, as if it had been something they did not know!  They followed what the Satans recited over Solomon’s Kingdom.  Solomon did not disbelieve, but Satans disbelieved teaching men magic, and such things as came down at Babylon to the angels Harut and Marut.  But neither of these taught anyone such things without saying: ‘We are only for trial; so do not blaspheme …”      Q,  II: 101-102

See also: Sexuality, Magic and Perversion, By Francis King Ferral House,ISBN 0-922915-74-1 One of the first modern-day books to explore orgasm as part of a supernatural rite to achieve Divine Union [marriage with jinn].  Mr. King investigates the use of sexuality by Western and Eastern religious and occult traditions, from fertility cults, tantricism, black masses, Islamic mysticism, templarism, forms of Crowleyan sex magick, and even the work of Wilhelm Reich. The late Francis King was also the author of Satan and Swastika, Ritual Magic in England, Magic: The Western Tradition, The Magical World of Aleister Crowley, Rudolf Steiner and Holistic Medicine, and other books describing the kingdoms of Iblis.

5 Comments on “The Perversion of Touch: Sexual Magic & War

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  2. Assalam alaikum,
    dr. omar. I know you through vids from Sheikh imran hosein.
    I used to be an atheist in my teens. Those thoughts come back to haunt me sometimes. I always wondered, this world is a proof of the existence of Allah… Is there a proof for the existence of Satan, the angels and the jinn. I somehow cant trust the Quranic story of Adam and iblis to be correct, although i try making myself to believe in it.
    You have an extensive work on this. Can you direct me Somewhere.

    Gratefully yours,

    • Salaam,

      There are no objective proofs other than subjective experience. I have experienced all three realms, although I doubt it was Satan himself I ran across over the years. I suggest that you read some of my work, in which the reasoning is made clear, especially for the existence of evil (via men’s actions). If objective proof was forthcoming, there would be no need for faith. This is where reasoning and revelation come into play. If you discount the latter, you are left only with reasoning, which is, on it’s own, insufficient to prove anything without subjective experience, and even that falls short of revelation, which is why the scriptures are necessary. For the last 300 years we have subjected the world to reason alone almost entirely, which is destroying it, and us along with it.
      Al’Ghazaali had the same dilemma and went on 10 odd years of meditation in search of an answer that only brought full circle but made him a better man and witness of the truth. You should read him, more than me.

      Wasalaam, dr omar

  3. Assalamualaikum!!,Dr Omar.I respect what you’ve said.This is,in my opinion,a very important and powerful message.Many Muslims still don’t realise this!!.

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