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Conventional publishers are not interested in producing this type of work because it is far too confrontational for most authorities as well as readers.  In addition, my books defend essential monotheism (Islam) in an nearly unassailable manner and furthermore, I am an unknown author.  All the above mean that financial risks are far too high  in the hard copy competitive market.  When adding this to the endemic realities that: 1) most Muslims have given up their command to ‘read’ and  that 2) secular humanism has won the day with  Roman Circus venues and intellectually stifling media, enormous obstacles present themselves to writers in general, let alone a polemicist and critic like myself.

Nevertheless, E-Books in PDF format provide the opportunity for us to benefit each other.  Of course I need to earn income, but for those who lack facility to make online purchases, I invite you to my website at Scibd.com (Omar Zaid, M.D. on Scribd) where you can at least read them online.

These tomes are not lighthearted weekend reads.  They are serious polemical reviews and exposės of world history and man’s failure to conduct himself with justice and piety on a continuum; most especially our leaders.  My approach far outweighs the tedium of conspiracy mongers as I do not avoid the fact that we are accountable to our Creator.  Hence, the purview is one of  Islamic Tawhid that provides a gestalt tapestry for conscious seeker of truth; one that leaves ‘sensitive’ readers vibrating from head to toe knowing they have struck veins of everlasting truth.

Each title has its own place as do my colleagues in this venture.  Shaykh Hassan Pedersen is a faithful companion and witness of several years who is also Web-Master for this site.   A full forty per-cent of what we earn here will go to his own efforts to awaken the world to the need for reality orientation with authentically sustainable habits & communal developments’.  Most of us are addicted to consumerism and unsustainable lifestyles, which is why there’s a ‘shopping mall’ and bordello within a km’s walk of the Kabbah.  Currently, we are working on a joint venture with the UN Development Project out of Bangkok to provide pilot Eco-Villages  and cottage Industries throughout SE Asia.  I invite you to seek him out and visit his website (http://consulting.iii4s.org/) for vital instructions on survivability in the troubling years to come.

Tom Dark is a remarkable individual with a singular approach to metaphysics and life that qualifies him as a true Cosmopolitan and literary pundit.  He has earned my respect and affection throughout the past two-plus years as I always find his professional advice sound and his personal counsel stimulating, heartfelt, exceptionally intelligent and challenging.  Anyone wishing to pursue further licensing for any of my works―they are indeed worth it―I ask you to please contact him.

As for the blog:  I have set this up for three reasons: (1) it is a reasonable approach to marketing and getting one’s work noticed in cyberspace and other dimensions; (2) from time to time I may have something of interest to share; (3) I encourage readers  and non-readers to contact me with questions, answers and criticism, i.e., as long as you absent yourself from vulgarity and the profane, and don’t try to convert me to another religion.  I was born a Muslim, but my  Catholic parents didn’t know this and, by the grace of God, it took me another 54 years to remember.  Hence, I am perfectly and immutably resolved to die a Muslim.

I therefore invite you to view my works at your leisure, if it so pleases Allah, SWT.


Dr Omar Zaid

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