The Many Faces of Satanism

Serapis, the Serpent God of Ancient Palestine, Syria and Egypt, And his Roman Remake into Jesus shortly after the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus
Serapis, the Serpent God of Ancient Palestine, Syria and Egypt, And his Roman Remake into Jesus shortly after the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus

Salaam To All,

This section is dedicated specifically to the many forms of Satanism.  The images above represent an example of Satanism’s ‘Right Hand Path’ of religious conditioning for mass mind-control as practiced by the families of Titus (the son of Vespasian) and Philo of Alexandria (a Jew), who were joined in marriage and then embarked on a new Gnostic campaign.


The Romans constantly initiated new religious cults for this purpose and that which Constantine began was no different.  He was never truly Christian or Catholic: all of it  is/was a lie, which is part and parcel of the Right Hand Satanic Path of Political Science as per John Kenneth Galbraith:


That this is Satanic is empirically self-evident.  If you wish to further understand the ages past as well as the present, I invite you to survey the various subtopics under this title page.  Insh’Allah, I will post more as time goes by.

Tantric Sex Magic, the real origin of the Baphomet


15 Comments on “The Many Faces of Satanism

  1. Salaam
    You remind me of imam ghazali, a well known intellect of the past. I have read your book ” trinity…..I must admit it is a difficult subject but you wrote really well .
    May Allah increase your knowledge and wisdom.

  2. If the word of God was changed once; then how can you trust the Koran? Obvously if there’s a god, his words don’t change! Jesus never said the Old Testament was corrupt; that’s prophets like Muhammed and Joseph Smith, the founder Mormonisn said. Unlike them, Jesus said he is the Old Testament. Muhammed just pawned that off as manipulation because he was never indexed in scripture because he was never a prophet. You might not want to know this, but there’s many lost scriptures found to be from the Koran uncovered that are highly contradictory; not to mention how Muhammed was originally deceived by Satan into the worship of Allah’s 3 daughters. That right there is not only Mohamed’s lies, but his hypocrisie as well, so enjoy your so called salvation.

  3. Islam is a creation of the same ppl.(kikes) in order to attack Christians.Mohamed a sick and evil murderer,a thisf and pedophiel couldn’t get ANY dineve messages.The devil fooled him and the criminal religion was born

    • My, my my! You are most misinformed . . . May Allah have mercy on you and grant you true guidance. – omar

  4. Thank you for your website.

    I would like to ask where I can find more info about the union between the Titus and Philo clans. Thanks in advance.

    All the best and good luck with your writing and studies.

    Greeting from Holland,
    Michel van Dijk

  5. Hey friend, I’ve been learning a lot on both Islamic beliefs & Christianity. I have been reading the Qur’an.

    I was wondering if you could answer these questions:

    ▪Why does The Muslim tradition teach there was no crucifixion?

    ▪Were you saying Jesus didn’t exist with the Serapis example? Because there’s very little to prove for his Historicity.

    ▪Were The Gnostic writings before the other Gospels? Because I hear both sides debating either or. I know Paul’s epistles were before the Gospels, but it seems to make sense if The Gnostics were earlier than what apologetics claim & that shows The literalists using The other Canonical ones at time of Constantine. The Gospels don’t show up until late 2nd century. Marks being the 1st was embellished upon & so on.

    • Hello Rapture …. sorry for the late response, just saw your query today. To be crucified, in the literal sense, means one has to die on the cross, not simply be nailed to it. The koran says he did not die.

      No … Jesus existed, but he did not initiate Christianity. The Romans and Sadducees did that all on their own, and Constantine capped it 300 years later.

      Gnostics were certainly earlier and are connected with the Magi of Babylon and other even more Oriental sects. They carried the mysteries that descended with the children of Cain after G’d abandoned him to his own devices.

      If you read my book: Trinity, The Metamorphosis of Myth, you will clearly understand, especially the business about Paul.

      Kind Regards,


  6. i guess imams from mecca fund your website…..u r nothing but a disease carrier

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