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Essays on Islamization and Islamic Science by Dr. Omar

Universal or Authentic? I vehemently take issue with (i) the alleged “traditional” approaches that support the perusal of unseen worlds objectively; and (ii) the philosophically entertained quiddities of “Active Intellects”, sometimes called Ibn Sina’s noumena—which Imam Ghazali soundly refuted. I suggest these claims are superfluous at best… Continue Reading “Essays on Islamization and Islamic Science by Dr. Omar”

The Science of Pondering by Dr. Omar

On pondering this past year, past decade and last half century—something I do regularly—I took note of several matters concerning the present global demise of mankind’s common sense, the environment, as well as health and science; all in favor of politically correct gobble-de-gook. First… Continue Reading “The Science of Pondering by Dr. Omar”

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