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Sexology 501 by Dr Omar

Sexology 501.1 — Marriage, Metaphysics & Genesis Sexology 501.2 — The Regulatory Ideal Sexology 501.3 — Arcana For Dust Eaters: A Meditation on Marriage & Salvation Sexology 501.4 – BORDERS: Jews, Queers, Identity & Maturity More To Come — Enjoy & Learn

Women Have Become Time Bombs

July 3, 2019 (henrymakow.com)  In 1934, a young, Oxford-educated ethnologist, Joseph Daniel Unwin (1895-1936), published a book ‘Sex & Culture’ whichconcluded that throughout history societies destroyed themselves by adopting feminism and “sexual liberation.”“Sexual licence amongst males, is bad, Unwin found, but sexual licence for women blows…

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