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Thoughts on Today’s Luminaries & Pagan Iconography by Dr. Omar

FOR ALL STUDENTS OF TRUTH “They are like a man who kindles a flame, and when its glow has illumined the air God takes away their light, leaving them in the dark where they will not be able to see.” (Sura 2:17) “Freemasonry is…

Gog & Magog by Dr. Omar

Gog & Magog, a Synoptic Scope:    Taken From My Book, Cain’s Creed, The Cult(s) of Rome http://www.scribd.com/doc/67828049/Cain-s-Creed-The-Cult-s-of-Rome Map of Khazaria Gog = ancient Semitic word for King or Mountain of Darkness.  As a king, he is clearly identified as the Prince of Rosh, Meshech,…

Gnosticism: The Hidden History of the Secret Church, An Introduction

EDITOR’S NOTE:  I prefer not to re-invent the wheel of this matter, and as I’ve already written extensively on it in my two books: Iblis & Cain’s Creed; the brief article presented below is suitable because it is insightful and historically accurate, albeit incomplete….

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