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Steadfast elders are hard to find and I am grateful Dr. Omar fulfills that role. I found the old white man online providing the meat of historicity for Imran Hosein’s extensive works on eschatology (INSIGHT Conferences: KL, Malaysia, 2011–2014). Not long after, I was… Continue Reading “AN INTRODUCTION, by Sufyan Jan”

Oscar Wilde’s Conundrum by Dr. Omar

SUBVERTING THE GENUINE & CONSOLIDATING THE CONTRIVED Oscar Wilde’s Connundrum  a Chapter from The Primacy of Heterosexual Marriage Contrived premises are non-existential except for challenges they present to discernment. Most are based on reductionist errors similar to the bargain basement myopia that underscores ‘vaccine… Continue Reading “Oscar Wilde’s Conundrum by Dr. Omar”

The Muslim Polity as one Man: An Analogy, by Dr. Omar

{This is a continuation of the essay on the Law of Unity} The outer (ritual) form of the Islamic discipline of piety (taqua) requires ablution, prayer, fasting, and generosity in almsgiving.   These rituals are actually disciplines of purification so that the grace of Unity with its… Continue Reading “The Muslim Polity as one Man: An Analogy, by Dr. Omar”

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