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Editor’s Note: 19 Feb 2017 I once sat with a well know Tan Sri of finance who told me: “Without exception, every Malay politician I have dealt with was a bold face liar.” You have little time to clean house and become the bastion… Continue Reading “CONFESSIONS OF A MALAY POLITICIAN”

It is Reported that MALAYSIA WILL GO BANKRUPT BY 2019

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Indian-Malaysian ramasamy malaiappan <mrsamsf@yahoo.com> wrote: Malaysia will go Bankrupt by 2019 Confirmation by Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) That Malaysia Will Go Bankrupt by 2019 with Debt to GDP Ratio Of 100% demonstrates the Importance of Change of Government at the Next General… Continue Reading “It is Reported that MALAYSIA WILL GO BANKRUPT BY 2019”

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