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Thoughts on Today’s Luminaries & Pagan Iconography by Dr. Omar

FOR ALL STUDENTS OF TRUTH “They are like a man who kindles a flame, and when its glow has illumined the air God takes away their light, leaving them in the dark where they will not be able to see.” (Sura 2:17) “Freemasonry is… Continue Reading “Thoughts on Today’s Luminaries & Pagan Iconography by Dr. Omar”

Corruption of the Western Mindset by Dr.Omar

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Last week, a reader asked me to write a quick summary–which he needed within hours–of how or when the West (as we know it today) became morally and spiritually corrupt.  What follows is the result, edited for typos, spelling and a few… Continue Reading “Corruption of the Western Mindset by Dr.Omar”

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