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The Muslim Polity as one Man: An Analogy, by Dr. Omar

{This is a continuation of the essay on the Law of Unity} The outer (ritual) form of the Islamic discipline of piety (taqua) requires ablution, prayer, fasting, and generosity in almsgiving.   These rituals are actually disciplines of purification so that the grace of Unity with its… Continue Reading “The Muslim Polity as one Man: An Analogy, by Dr. Omar”

The Mystery of Zion by Dr. Omar

Zion was originally a Jebusite stronghold located in or near Jerusalem or is equal to Jerusalem.  King David captures this stronghold and it is renamed City Of David.  David sets up the tabernacle there and Solomon retrieves it from there to place the ark and utensils in the… Continue Reading “The Mystery of Zion by Dr. Omar”

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