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As far as we know, and much like the human genome, ninety-five percent of energy remains inexplicably ‘dark’ and unaccounted for, although the theory is challenged [28]. According to quantum theory, which has so far played out handsomely, including Einstein’s gravity waves, energy is…

Why 17-Year-Old Mayar Mohamed Mousa Had to Die due to Traditional Female Genital Mutilation

Answer: Islamic silence on this issue is rooted in the fact that female genital mutilation is rooted in Islamic doctrine and it is integral to the misogynist social structures that support the ignorance of male chauvinists. So do not wonder that the world holds…

The Roots of Institutionalized Heedlessness: the forgetfulness of God and Women Amongst Muslims

Essay & Assay By Omar Zaid, M.D. Notwithstanding astonishing anecdotes of divine blessing from Islamia’s communities and individuals, which Christians may also claim, what is unknown to many Muslim pedestrians is that—in addition to influences from Illuminati Orientalists—for centuries the Qur’an, Sunnah and Sirah (Seerah) of…

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