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Ivory Coast Citizens Burn Down Coronavirus Testing Center

These facilities should all burn … along with the CDC, NIH, WHO and FDA knock offs everywhere. Anyone in uniform protecting these facilities or enforcing lockdowns is both a FOOL and an enemy!  ~ oz

We May Never Return to Normal

requires careful review ~ oz April 6, 2020 Millions of people may not eat today because billionaires like Bill Gates want to imposetheir tyrannyon humanity.  To regain freedom of movement, Americans may need a certificate of vaccination. Only these people will be allowed to attend mass events, like NFL… Continue Reading “We May Never Return to Normal”

This is a terrible day for freedom

Thank you Sister Maryam from Manchester TODAY The emergency Coronavirus Bill will be rushed through as law. Today sees the 2nd reading, if passed it will immediately proceed to 3rd and on. It contains the most draconian powers ever proposed in peace-time Britain. It… Continue Reading “This is a terrible day for freedom”

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