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Freemasonry and Pharaoh’s Magicians, by Dr. Omar

So decree whatever thou desirest to decree: for thou canst only decree (touching) the life of this world. For us, we have believed in our Lord: may He forgive us our faults, and the magic to which thou didst compel us: for Allah is… Continue Reading “Freemasonry and Pharaoh’s Magicians, by Dr. Omar”

Thoughts on Today’s Luminaries & Pagan Iconography by Dr. Omar

FOR ALL STUDENTS OF TRUTH “They are like a man who kindles a flame, and when its glow has illumined the air God takes away their light, leaving them in the dark where they will not be able to see.” (Sura 2:17) “Freemasonry is… Continue Reading “Thoughts on Today’s Luminaries & Pagan Iconography by Dr. Omar”

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