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Kings, Jews, Kabalists and Talmudists: A Deconstruction of the Judaic Delusion by Dr. Omar

By Omar Zaid As for Freemasonic seneschals, satraps, Templars, Maltese mummers and the bureaucracy of this unfortunately all-too-real-fellowship of serpents, I spare just a few remarks in this chapter, as I already covered this lot of icon lovers extensively in other works: The Masonic…

The Christian Chrysalis: On New Testament Pauline Propaganda, etc., by Dr. Omar Zaid

THE CHRISTIAN CHYSALIS New Testament Pauline Propaganda, Inconsistencies, Plagiarism, Lies & Historicity by Dr. Omar Zaid, being an excerpt from from his book Trinity, The Metamorphosis of Myth One is hard pressed to find any trace of a genesis or continuum of Apostolic Doctrine for…

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