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Excerpt From The Primacy of Heterosexual Marriage Khadija brought food and drink to Mohammad during his retreats. Her life force, her prana, her vibration-stimulating bio-photons, her chi-emanating Yin-aether and bio-magnetic field (aura), suffused his sustenance and his Yang-aether. She became his personal tea ceremony,…

Why 17-Year-Old Mayar Mohamed Mousa Had to Die due to Traditional Female Genital Mutilation

Answer: Islamic silence on this issue is rooted in the fact that female genital mutilation is rooted in Islamic doctrine and it is integral to the misogynist social structures that support the ignorance of male chauvinists. So do not wonder that the world holds…

Muslims, Freemasons, Frankists and You, by Dr. Omar

Now, when trouble touches man, he cries to Us: But when We bestow a favor upon him as from Us, he says, ‘This has been given to me because of a certain knowledge I have!’ Nay. But this is but a trial, but most…

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