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The Putin Deception

Editor’s Note:  I always respected Putin, admired him even, but never trusted him. I discussed this with former colleagues, almost all of whom appeared deaf.   – oz By Tim Fitzpatrick: July 2, 2018 Putin inaugurated by Archbishop Kirill   “At present, Russia appears… Continue Reading “The Putin Deception”

The Putin Deception (1)

Editor’s Note: I happen to agree. I never trusted him. – oz November 9, 2017 As it becomes increasingly clear the West is controlled by  Cabalist Satanists, our hopes increasingly rest on Russia’s Putin who, in contrast, seems like the paragon of sanity and goodness.   He thwarted… Continue Reading “The Putin Deception (1)”

The Neoconservative Serpent: The Enemy Within the Gates

SUCCINCT  …. quick read … on the mark … be warned.  – oz Admin May 2, 2015 Other Writers This is a world in which America dominates the world and the Jews dominate America. An edited abridgement based on this article by Nelson Hultberg,… Continue Reading “The Neoconservative Serpent: The Enemy Within the Gates”

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