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Spiritual Determinism: An Introduction by Dr. Omar

… a whole series of countries is now dominated by conditions which have destroyed the structural forms worked out by history and replaced them with social systems inimical to creative functioning, systems which can only survive by means of force. Political Ponerology: A science… Continue Reading “Spiritual Determinism: An Introduction by Dr. Omar”

Chamish – Rabbi Antelman Is Back By Barry Chamish

PDF Download Antelman_To_Eliminate_the_Opiate_vol1 chamish@netvision.net.il 3-10-2 “Rabbi Antelman expresses the view that when the CFR-affiliated Jewish Power Elite saw they would not be able to stop Zionism and the creation of the state of Israel, they decided they would ‘join it,’ gain control of it,… Continue Reading “Chamish – Rabbi Antelman Is Back By Barry Chamish”

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