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THOSE WHO MOURN & Transgenerational Dupes, by Dr. Omar

Any man to whom God has given the authority to rule and who does not deal with them in an honest manner will never perceive even the scent of Paradise.  – Hadith 2107, Book 95, Sahih al’Bukhari The spiritual trouble with America is Egypt;… Continue Reading “THOSE WHO MOURN & Transgenerational Dupes, by Dr. Omar”

Corruption of the Western Mindset by Dr.Omar

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Last week, a reader asked me to write a quick summary–which he needed within hours–of how or when the West (as we know it today) became morally and spiritually corrupt.  What follows is the result, edited for typos, spelling and a few… Continue Reading “Corruption of the Western Mindset by Dr.Omar”

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