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The Light of Genesis, by Dr. Omar

SEPTEMBER 2018 ABSTRACT: The author looks at the original work metaphorically, equating light with governance, waters with human beings, darkness with evil, and the deep with re- vealed wisdom and knowledge, etc. He relates the whole to Old Testament Cove- nants and contemporary events… Continue Reading “The Light of Genesis, by Dr. Omar”

Dancing the Divine Performative by Dr. Omar

Tango and flamenco demonstrate reiterative antipathy (divergence) and sympathy (convergence) between archetypally gendered sovereigns at edges of constituted ‘being’. Extraordinary rhythms and physical grace unveil an irreducible mystery celebrated again and again by the triumphant shout, “Ole!” Such elegance pinpoints fulcrums between ‘beauty and… Continue Reading “Dancing the Divine Performative by Dr. Omar”

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