One Eyed Saudis: In the Kingdom of the Blind – The One Eyed Man shall be King

From Wake Up From you Slumber: 09 Nov 2011

I keep wondering about how the people in “the Kingdom of (Saudi) Arabia” aren’t aware of these signs… and then the quote comes to mind: “In the Kingdom of the Blind, the ONE EYED shall be King”

This here is the Saudi Arabian Police Badge, look carefully at the symbology…

For those who miss it, there is a crown placed above an eye.

As for Arrival of AntiChrist (False Messiah)… Evidences for the antichristl are quite clearly presenting themselves, and none gets more blatant and daring than this one, in Saudi Arabia – where Islam was born.




Notice the eye above the outiline of Hijaaz? Interesting eh? Also, this pic was taken sneakily at inside Masjid al Hurram only metres away from the Kaaba. Cameras aren’t allowed there. You can also see the pilgrims and the white marble floor which surrounds the Kaaba.


And, another pic of the police which patrol outside the Masjid – notice the badge? Also, notice the metallic collar pins? same symbology (the details on the pins can be found in this thread).


Anyway, in 2006 that arm badge was not the same as it is now. Back then it had a triangle with an eye in the middle of it. They changed it to an eye with a crown above it. The symbology is the same in both pics above.


The Saudi Arabian Military Collar…


…just keeps getting better doesn’t it?

Ok – So the collar has a crown on top, and an open book with the All Seeing Eye placed on it.

As for military emblems, we got this now too:


Notice the Triangle placed slap bang in the middle of the Saudi Arabia map

This one is a military collar pin from the Saudi Military.


If you know your symbology, you know this is really masonic, and by now – given the other badges I have posted in this thread – there should be no doubt about the Family Saud and their intent…

Jabal Habshi – A mountain that had its top sliced off for the construction of a huge Royal Palace complex.




They’re so-called Royal Family is of Jewish ancestory. They made it into a Jewish kingdom. Not an Islamic one. The Saudi cops and military are known for their ruthlessness and violent behaviours. So expect one big hell contained in a tin-can

61 Comments on “One Eyed Saudis: In the Kingdom of the Blind – The One Eyed Man shall be King

  1. Assalaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Can someone tell me that Najd is in Saudi and not in Iraq.

  2. As-salam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu
    I wanted to add some other things that may suggest the coming of the real Dajjal (Antichrist)

    – notice the move of Trump (setting Jerusalem as the capital of Israel)
    – some Israeli Tanakh (Bible) scholars announced that their Messiah might born by the next 2/4 years
    – the Saudi King built a house just outside Medina, in a place from which the Mosque of the Prophet (peace be upon him) can be seen, there is a Hadith in which the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that the Dajjal will be unable to enter Medina because Angels will prevent him to do so
    – the Saudi King built a clock tower, very similar to the London Big Ben, but on the top of it there is a crescent moon. The interesting thing is that the crescent is weirdly positioned, it’s facing up and it looks more like a pair of Horns, just like the skyscraper in Riyadh. Also this tower has the name of Allah الله written in calligraphy, but the ا (A/Alif) is placed at the center, cutting by half the rest of the word لله (Lah).

  3. I don’t think brother Zaidpub is a Shi’a or a fanatic. I checked the Internet and googled Saudi Arabia Emblems as the brother suggested. There you don’t really see it. Yet, in one of them at least, the one in the middle with the crown on top flanked by the 2 peace leaves, you find the eye, so cleverly camouflaged that you might not see it. But then I typed “Saudi Arabia Police Emblems” and sure enough: there they were, as sure as the sun shines. They are all there. If you want to be a simpleton and swallow all that the Media dishes up for you, go ahead and be their guest. They will be most happy to have you!

  4. there a golden triangular design (upside down) that inscribed the Mīzāb al-Raḥmah; (the golden rainwater spout) on the roof of the holy kaaba…if you can watch it carefully especially from little distance, you would notice an eagle like shape flying…which as well a prominent masonic symbol.

  5. This guy who owns this site is spreading hoax news… Just Google Saudi Arabia emblem and you can see the real emblem, don’t know who this guy is but most probably a cursed syiah..

  6. He has been exposed to the Saudi police team’s illuminati.

  7. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under al-Saud and al-Wahhab is younger than the Illuminati.
    The Freemasons existed previously, but they did not use the Pyramid, on the contrary, they were opposing groups until the Illuminati infiltrated them, according to german Wikipedia.
    Thus if Illuminati are responsible for the pyramids they must have been introduced later.

    Can anyone
    1. provide information about when those patches and pins were introduced?
    2. provide more Evidence that the masonic collar Pin is really used in official Uniforms
    3. find out what the official explanation for the pyramid and masonic symbols are? i suppose horus eye can be explained by “police loves surveillance”.

  8. I’m not surprised that these signs on government bodies are being used in terms of logos ,this saud family is very close to the Bush family in the USA and they always get together to do lots if private doos,Saudi is under the influence of the USA as early as since the late King Faisal was assassinated after he was brainwashed in the USA to carry out this act,as he as westernized in all sphere of life,job got done for the Jewish lobbyists & since than its gone the way the USA intended to to go in their path ,make way for greater Israel as Hilary clintons leaked email stated ,,I want to get Syria destroyed ;for greater Israel & their military is waiting for the orders to go into Syria and finish the two state solution ,ehthnically cleanse Israel of all the Palestinians and put them in Israel occupied Syria ,who will veto the UNGA resolution when trump is president and the Saudis are not worried a bit about the Palestinians sufferings as the see them a burden on them ,they will never object to any Israeli aggression inside Syria and alsham ,because they need to survive to rule with the help of the Americans and the Israelis they will welcome the dajjal then the real war begins and then the world will see who are believers and who are the munafiqs they already have started. leaving the country for the west where their wealth is invested

  9. Are all the police, e.g the ones at the Harem aware of the symbolic meaning of their badges? As in I’ve seen them perform salah at the Harem. Are they also involved in this masonic cult?

  10. absolute nonsense do you forget the true controller of Mecca and Medina is Allah conspiracy theories come peopl of weak faith who love labelling people who try and forbid shirk occuring in the holy cities

  11. If you guys want to know what is going on it’s really simple. ‘Saudi’ Arabia had only recently been established. Before it was just Arabia. It is called Saudi because it is ruled by the family of Saud; the first being Muhammad bin Saud. This happened when he cooperated with Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab and they combined forces to oust the old ruler. Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab was a transgressor of Islam and with his corrupt ideology led several muslims astray, today they are called wahabbiis but several refer to themselves as salafiis; a name which they do not deserve. The salaf were the pious Muslims that were alive during the first three generations of the prophet peace be upon him. So in short Saudi is governed by the Zionists which are e awaiting their messiah who was actually meant to be Jesus but instead they rejected him and in place of him will take dajjal (The Anti-Christ) as their ‘messiah’. All of these physical symbols and subliminal messages and media influence is in preparation for his arrival. Their plan is all in their new Torah, the one created by the ‘rabbis’.

  12. This is most revealing to say the least. I live in africa and i see a lot of things carried out by the saudi trained proponents of sunnah, and it is not corresponding with the sunnah of the holy prophet we see in the sunnah books. Now i get where all this adulteration is coming from. “Allah is the best of planners”

    I will like more info on this, Anyone please?

  13. can anyone tell when was the new logo introduced and by whom?

  14. I realized it when I came to Makkah to perform Umra last January, I was shock. I was thinking, “is this for real they using this symbol?”

    May Allah save us from the evil and grant us to Jannah

    • I want to say that what noise we is this if we are using these signs so it didn’t really mean that we are illuminati and we are away from our religion mainly it’s the belief that dajal will raised

      • The wearing of the symbols is an act of magic and also a sign of submission to Iblis. He marks his dominion in this manner. – oz

    • look in carefully, even on kiswa (the black cloth) covering the walls of holy kaaba is as well filled up with so many of these kinds of masonic/illuminati symbols; all in the name of calligraphy.

  15. Then we shall all wait and when death comes to all of us. We shall then know who the real losers are.

    Whoever does not fear Allah and wishes to write anything KNOW that it is enough of a sin to be destroyed by our own evils let alone taking the evils of others.

    This seems to be based on theories and those “So Called Conspiracy Theorists” have they ever think that misguidance is an evil path to take.

    Wait and we all are waiting with you. Then your Lord and My Lord will show you the Truth at death

  16. Assalaamo’alaykom


    in the fact the Saudi the most enemy , against the Islam , they are destroying the Islam from inside this time , from its roots , and the Muslims , just keep watching , let me tell you something , i am from hejaz ,the people here just blessing alsaud , i don’t know why?
    people here so stupid ,or monafegoon or just want to leave as animal , eat , drink and get the salary ,
    so no hope on this kind of people .
    we have only one hope , only on Islamic state ,
    of course our hope on ALLAH fires and always.

    anyway i have some searches on this ,
    i have founded a lot of decimation and proofs that show the Saudi family is the heart of Zionist movement , its the kingdom of Israel , no doubt , all the Muslims is responsible for this , they must be come together and free makkah and madena and alagssa , and all their lands , from the Jew and koffar . only by al-jehad . no thing ales…

    by the way if you want really knows whose ALKAWAREG ,,
    check this blog ,
    i have been discover some important information , you can check it , its by Arabic , if any body know Arabic that is good , or try to translated ,,
    information there not telling by any one , only Allah has guided me to found it , i am sure 100% from every words i have wrote there ,

    thanks ..

  17. last two posts – in fact the whole thread is where this info comes from. Do check it out.

    Also, a new video will be uploaded to the Scimitar Productions channel which originally exposed all this information back in August 2011… Wakeupfromyourslumber took only some of the information and posted in on his blog – if you want to see it all, go the thread I linked you above.

    For the Scimitar Productions youtube channel;

  18. I stumbled across this site n the land that is sooooooo holy is the one preparing all this evil,subhanallah ,my heart is so sad.

  19. Assalaam alaikum Dr Omar Zaid.

    The information you have in this post is taken from wakeupfromyourslumber but was originally taken from and was my own research. Since then, I have amassed more information which I would like to pass onto you, for your perusal in sha Allah.

    If you would like this information, please pass me an email and I will give you what I have in sha Allah.

    In Allah we trust.


  20. I visited makkah to perform my umrah and was surprised to see the symbol of dajjal in makkah everywhere in police badges, cars banners etc .! I dont think many people are aware of this thing . And i even saw the jabbal habshi which is also known as dajjal palace and it is all true .! I got shocked by seeing all this .! May Allah protect us from the fitnah of Dajjal .!

  21. Assalamu alaikum hamdan lillah wasalatu wa salamu alal mustafa my name is Taha alqadri I like to here, read and post the stories of the signs of Qiyamah especially based on Dajjal. I will be very fortunate if you contact me through my email adress or on facebook Taha al-qadri so that you can share these infomation and up coming ones with me and I warn the others.

  22. The signs are crystal clear, but only those who have eyes to see will see. Blindness according to al-Qur’an means blindness of the heart: “FOR VERILY! IT ARE NOT THE EYES THAT GET BLIND, BUT IT ARE THE HEARTS IN THE CHESTS THAT GET BLIND” [Surah 22: 46]. Dr. Umar you are of those blessed with “FIRASAH” as mentioned in the Hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). May Allah bless us all with this spiritual sight so that we may not br fooled by Dajjal and his agents….

  23. i thought of u some scholar but it looks like tht u were just free to upload some thing to pass ur time so sir omer zaid try some thing new

    • deny it all u want but the facts are right in your face. shame on you for defending the saudis. even w/o these satanic symbols it’s clear that the saudis are zionist stooges and have massively betrayed islam and muslims.

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