Salaam to All,

Thank you. Any amount (subscription) will assist my work and enable me to better mange the website and also give books away to those who cannot pay.

I must pay the publisher for each copy and have thus far given away approximately 100 copies of Iblis, Taqua of Marriage and The Gospel of Barnabas

So please go to paypal  and pay a ‘subscription’ amount of your choice. Otherwise, they will close my account as I am not a registered charity.

If in Malaysia, you can deposit direct to any of the accounts listed below.

My Accounts:
Name: Leonard Joseph Owsiany, Jr. or Leonard Joseph Omar Zaid

Pay Pal:

MayBank: # 162085 446625

Bank Islam: # 02039024727704 Jitra, Kedah [SWIFT BIMBMYKL]

CIMB # 02040008673209

Bank Muamalat # 1205-0041876-72-0

Thank You kindly,

May Allah Reward You

Dr. Omar

2 thoughts on “PAYPAL DONATIONS”

  1. God rewards people who tell the truth!

  2. alward2000 said:

    God does not reward people that insult others just for a dialogue .. @Alward2000

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