Jews, jesuits & Covid bio-weapon poison

Loyola Medicine to mandate COVID-19 vaccine for employees, becoming one of the first hospital systems in Chicago to require it

they are after your children, your lives, your minds, your wealth, and your country ….. are you gonna let ’em ?

5 Comments on “Jews, jesuits & Covid bio-weapon poison

  1. Dr omar zaid I really appreciate the work that you are doing. My husband works in the NHS UK and he is being forced to get the vaccine. Do you think it would be a good idea to go to court against this? And what other options do we have for avoiding the jab ?

    • Do not take it …. it is better to resign …. go to court only if you can find a group advocate

      • He is in the process of completing his training to become a consultant. Still two years left. He recently passed his frcs theory exam and viva exam. But two years of his residency are still left. Your advice about this will be highly appreciated. Please reply. I really need your advice about this. We are originally from pakistan.

  2. Russia another victim of Sputnik V COVID 19#VACCINE.

    Stillborn 36.5 Weeks

    Michael Martin fake injection

    Resist Two Tier Society Ireland

    Died shortly after Russian made Sputnik V

    Russian girl regretted having Sputnik V COVID 19 #VACCINE side effects unbearable including headache and numbness in her leg.

    QR code system in Moscow resolted empty places well done Russian people.

    Difficult Morning

    Russian famous bloger was pushing for #vaccines has died after taking Sputnik V COVID 19.

    There is no Global Warming

    Head of the central bank of central banks says Central banks will have total control of how you spend your money.

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