Entire French population contaminated with heavy metals, industrial agriculture may be to blame – study 

Of course and usual suspects are to blame. ~ oz

Entire French population contaminated with heavy metals, industrial agriculture may be to blame – study — Health & Wellness — Sott.net

3 Comments on “Entire French population contaminated with heavy metals, industrial agriculture may be to blame – study 

  1. Dr omar zaid I really appreciate all.your work.
    I wanted to ask you that is there a way to reduce this heavy metal contamination like eg d pencillamine or other chelating agents? My health has fallen by miles in the last two years and doctors cannot find a reason. But I suffer everyday. It also worsened when I got a flu vaccine in the end of 2019 (that was before all the covid nonsense started). I am wondering could it be due to heavy metal contamination?????

    • chelation does work …. best way to clear is fasting every 2-3 days for a month or so and changing one’s diet to organic as much a possible

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