NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science on Spurious Covid Vaccines

Source: NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science

4 Comments on “NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science on Spurious Covid Vaccines

  1. Richard Ashcroft refuses to appear due to Govt. Restrictions.(Not all musicians are Luciferians)

    11 Auto Immune Diseases-Thanks Pfizer.

    At hospital just before my eeg brain scan.. pray i find some answers because over a month of this shit is so exhausting.. I just wish I knew more info on the possible injuries before hand. And that is why I am sharing my journey to put out there what can possibly happen.

    US Military Officials Say They Will Quit The Army If COVID Vaccination Is Made Mandatory

    One down in the Jab Queue , rest keep waiting for Depop Shot

    Father and Daughter gone within 4 days of each other.

    West Indies Female Cricket Team, WAXXED June 30, 2 players collapsed on the Field 3 days later, both taken to hospital. It would seem we have Another Unfortunate Coincidence.
    How Pfizer Manipulated COVID Vaccine Trial Protocols To Obtain Emergency FDA Authorisation For Children.

    Queensland Premier Fake Jab.

    Texas now have their lowest Covid hospitalisations in 14 months. Texas ended their restrictions 4 months ago.

    Astra Zeneca Holiday Woes for UK Dupes

    AstraZeneca 23 years old.

    Experimental Vax Victim -In a Bad Way

  2. For the British Mad Dog, the most important personal handler was Frederick A. Lindemann — a physicist whose German-Jewish family arrived in England when he was about 14 years old. He was known to friends as “the Prof” in reference to his position at the University of Oxford, and as “Baron Berlin” to his many detractors because of his German accent and haughty aristocratic manner. If you’ve never heard of Lindemann, it is because we’re not supposed to know about these secret handlers.

    Lindemann believed that a small circle of elites should run the world, resulting in a stable society, “led by supermen and served by helots” (his words). He concluded that science could yield a race of obedient humans blessed with “the mental makeup of the worker bee.”
    The mad Professor Frederick Lindemann – one of the most powerful “Englishman” that you never heard about.

    In Lindemann’s Jewish supremacist worldview, the “worker bees” would be mixed race and the “supermen” would no doubt be the Jewish Globalist elite. Naturally, before this New World Order could emerge, the ‘White Man’ would have to first “abdicate” his leading position on Europe and America. A brief excerpt from ‘The Prof‘ –one of the many the biographies written about Lindemann:

    “Professor Frederick Lindemann, the Chief Advisor to Winston Churchill and the inspiration and architect of the air crucifixion of Germany was in a reflective mood after the war.

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