Doctors Urge Caution About Safety, Efficacy of Coronavirus Vaccine

As far as being a potential source for autoimmune-inducing molecular mimics, SARS-CoV-2 is a nightmare. Out of all of SARS-CoV-2 immunogenic proteins, only one does not contain one or more epitopes that are similar to human protein. Considering that, as a coronavirus, like its close cousin SARS, and distance cousin MERS, SARS-CoV-2 seems to be a serious contender for a type of virus that can, if made into a vaccine, cause enhanced disease (something once called “Immune Enhancement”), can occur via a process we can refer to as “Pathogenic Priming.” …It looks to me that the expected increased immunopathology that will likely occur in vaccinated individuals if they become infected with SARS-CoV-2 following vaccination may represent additional autoimmunity—in other words, vaccine induced autoimmunity—something that we’ve seen solid examples of in the past…

Doctors Urge Caution About Safety, Efficacy of Coronavirus Vaccine

One Comment on “Doctors Urge Caution About Safety, Efficacy of Coronavirus Vaccine

  1. 1) There is a misconception among doctors that, the more people are vaccinated the less variants we will see. I believe this is utter non sense, because virus naturally makes a lot of mistakes. They don’t have proofreading as human have.
    Atlist 1 in 1000 they have errors. So to say vaccine will prevent this is a lie. Mutations and variants will occur with or without massive vaccination program.

    2) once the mRNA of the vaccine attached itself to human DNA and start to make spike copies, how could this process be stopped. The expression is not controlled. I believe they said one to billion copies could be made. How this is not over activation of immune system. Old vaccine techniques was only to present small amount for antibodies to recognise, and produce memory cells not mass production which we see in this vaccine. Logically this will result in circulation of spikes in the system, which our body might find hard to netralise.

    3) it can be clearly predicted as you state above, there will be an increase of autoimmunity among vaccinated.

    4) how can these individuals deal with real threat of actual SARS-covid 2 viriants if there immune system is already wrecked?

    5) have we thought about HERV ?
    Certain viruses can trigger HERV expression, and cause conditions such as MS, Schizophrenia etc. In the case of MS , EBV is the trigger.
    How do we know the covid vaccine won’t reactivate HERV expression?

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