“Pro-Vaccine” Internal Medicine Doctor Explains Why He Won’t Take The COVID Vaccine – Collective Evolution

I’m not aware of any vaccine out there which will ever give you more immunity than if you’re naturally recovered from the illness itself…If you’ve naturally recovered from it, my understanding as a doctor level scientist is that those antibodies will always be better then a vaccine, and if you know any differently, please let me know.

Source: “Pro-Vaccine” Internal Medicine Doctor Explains Why He Won’t Take The COVID Vaccine – Collective Evolution

2 Comments on ““Pro-Vaccine” Internal Medicine Doctor Explains Why He Won’t Take The COVID Vaccine – Collective Evolution

  1. I had covid in a light form and I treated myself at home, I already knew what to use and they were anti-inflammatory that I had at home. I didn’t go to the doctor because she wouldn’t see me and send me to the hospital. I know from experience that other bacterial and viral diseases are caught in the hospital. So I had to go it alone. After about two months, without knowing it, I have been close to asymptomatic positive people but I have always been fine. It must also be said that many people have had covid without knowing it. So if a person does blood tests and it turns out he has antibodies to covid I don’t understand why to get vaccinated. I understand that they all want to vaccinate us by force, indeed I think I have guessed it but I am not saying it, otherwise all this fury cannot be explained with this vaccine, which is not a vaccine but a very dangerous gene therapy, which will make us sick with cancer multiple sclerosis or worse still ALS. God help us

    • You are correct …. covid is the flu, simply renamed …. there may well be some forms of military weapons-grade covid out there, but most folks just have the flu or a cold …. worse symptoms are the result of priming the immune system with previous shots …. more people are now dying from the vaccines than the so-called covid flu … all of this fuss is a massive propaganda scam and psyop … that professionals follow this nonsense shows you how stupid the world has become …. so keep your powder dry and head for the hills dear sister

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