From Fiaazookh 
Tue, Apr 6 at 3:13 AM
A sheep briefly glimpses the reality of things and is startled.
‘I just now feel a bit betrayed’: Quebec teachers and parents respond after potentially toxic masks pulled
Masks coated with untested Nano particle technology and people are getting sick of it.
On every level they are attacking us.
“It’s not just in Canada, but how many other countries around the world imported hundreds of millions of these toxic masks from China and mandated that the people wear them outside the home..even innocent children have been forced to wear these for hours in schools!! People have been forced to wear this toxic crap for a year now, imagine all the cumulative nano dust/toxin they have been breathing in over that time and the potential damage to their lungs/health. Then add to it all those hundreds of millions of ‘pcr test kits’ imported from China and those horrendous long swabs they have been shoving up people’s nostrils all the way next to the brain!! This is a crime against humanity. Why were governments allowing such potential health and safety hazards to be imported into their countries without any kind of safety checks/testing..”

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