Bombshell! Public Health England Admits it Cannot Scientifically Prove That COVID-19 is Contagious

The main difference between a unicorn and Sars-Cov-2 is that no one has yet invented a “scientific” test of supposed constituent parts that “proves” the existence of a unicorn, which is a great shame as it would be quite something to observe how many people would be convinced if a ‘unicorn test’ ever returned a ‘positive’. The DHSC also held no information about transmissibility/ contagion but suggested I sent my request to Public Health England. PHE has replied (at last). Here are the relevant lines: Please could you forward any information you have relating to experimental evidence demonstrating that COVID-19 is person-to-person transmissible. PHE can confirm it does not hold information in the way specified by your request. What this means is that no specific investigation has been carried out into the most central assumption (and that’s all it is) that has driven the global “response” to this supposed pandemic!

Source: Bombshell! Public Health England Admits it Cannot Scientifically Prove That COVID-19 is Contagious

4 Comments on “Bombshell! Public Health England Admits it Cannot Scientifically Prove That COVID-19 is Contagious

    • about their making attempts on your lives ,, oh la elders !no one has made any attempts other than thoses sons who perform vaccines ..on folks !

  1. Have You Actually Read A COVID19 Vaccine Consent Form Yet?

    Below is a sample vaccine consent form from INOVA.

    I understand that the vaccine may cause a severe allergic reaction which can include anaphylaxis (difficulty breathing, swelling of the face and throat, a fast heartbeat, a rash all over the body, dizziness and/or weakness).

    I understand that these may not be all the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine as the vaccine is still being studied in clinical trials. I also understand that it is not possible to predict all possible side effects or complications which could be associated with the vaccine. I understand that the long-term side effects or complications of this vaccine are not known at this time.


    I, for myself and my heirs, administrators, trustees, executors, assigns and successors in interest do hereby agree to release and hold harmless Inova, its subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, successors, assigns, officers, trustees, employees, volunteers and agents from and against any and all demands, damages, losses, costs, expenses, obligations, liabilities, claims, actions and cause of action (whether any of which is groundless or otherwise) of any nature whatsoever (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs) by reason of or resulting, in any way, from any and all acts, accidents, events, occurrences, omissions and the like related to, or arising out of, directly or indirectly, my receipt of this COVID-19 vaccine.

    Read the full text on link below:

    NOTE -Clinical trials not complete,list of potential side effects is not exhaustive or knowable until
    trials complete. Inova has no liabilities.

  2. NEW – Dr. Fauci hopes to be able to vaccinate children as young as 6-months by the beginning of next year.

    quote from twitter link below:

    Lyndsi received her second dose last Wednesday .Thursday her breastfed baby was covered in a head to toe rash .By that night he was inconsolable and declining so they went to the ER. Baby was diagnosed with thrombotic thrombocytopenic
    purpura and elevated liver enzymes. He was hospitalized and began various treatments but continued to decline.He passed away last night.

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