Robert Crane

Thank You Brother David Pidscock

Former US President Richard Nixon’s adviser is Robert Crane. He holds a doctorate in public law. • PhD in International Law. • He then became President of the Harvard Society of International Law. He later became President Nixon’s foreign affairs adviser. He was also the Deputy Director of the US National Security Council. • He is considered an expert in political affairs in the United States. • He is the founder of the Center for Civilization and Modernization in the United States. He speaks fluently in six living languages. One day President Nixon wanted to read about “Islamic principles and rules”, so he asked the CIA to prepare a research paper on the subject for me. He wrote a research paper following the orders of his president, but it was a bit long … He asked his adviser, Robert Crane, to read and summarize the article. Robert read the article and summarized it for the president, but the contents of the article forced Robert to do more research on Islam, so he attended Islamic seminars and conferences to learn more about the subject. Began to … Then came the day when Robert converted to Islam, inspired by Islamic teachings, and word of his conversion spread throughout the United States. After converting to Islam, he changed his Islamic name to “Farooq Abdul Haq”. Explaining the reason for converting to Islam, he says: As a law student, I found all the laws in Islam that I studied. I studied law at Harvard University for 3 years but I never found the word “justice” in their law, however. I have found this word frequently in Islam. He converted to Islam in 1981 and named himself “Farooq” after Omar Farooq, who was the Imam of Justice after the Prophet. He says: “Once we were having a legal debate. A professor of Jewish law was also with us. When his demeanor began to increase, I decided to silence him. I asked him: Do you know the extent of inheritance law in the US Constitution? He said: Yes, he has more than eight volumes. I said: If I bring you a law of inheritance which is not more than ten lines, will you believe that Islam is a true religion? He said: It is not possible that such a long and wide law of inheritance can be summed up in just ten lines … I took the verses of inheritance from the Quran and presented it. A few days later he came to me and said: It is not possible for a human mind to cover all its close relatives so wide that it leaves no one behind and then distribute the inheritance among them so justly that Don’t oppress anyone … *Then this person of the Jewish faith reverted to Islam. !!* Dr. Robert Crane (Farooq) is still alive. He has reached the age of 91 years. He is happy to spread the candles of Islam in America according to his vastness and power. May Allah light millions of lamps from their lamps.

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