Rate of adverse events caused by coronavirus vaccines 50x higher than flu shots

Put bluntly, only stupid people are getting vaccinated for coronavirus

Yup ! 

Rate of adverse events caused by coronavirus vaccines 50x higher than flu shots

4 Comments on “Rate of adverse events caused by coronavirus vaccines 50x higher than flu shots

  1. Yup!
    The Hadith of Adwa is the Dawah to the world. It’s practice would have prevented the scam, genetic modification (slavery) and possible deaths of millions of people.

    Dr. Stefan Lanka: The Virus Misconception: Measles as an example:

    Click to access The-Virus-Misconception-Part-1-Measles-as-an-example-By-Dr-Stefan-Lanka.pdf

    Dr. Stefan Lanka: The Virus Misconception:The beginning and the end of the corona crisis:

    Click to access The-Virus-Misconception-Part-2-The-beginning-and-end-of-the-corona-crisis-By-Dr-Stefan-Lanka.pdf

    Dr. Stefan Lanka: Why should we doubt the existence of viruses? What are viruses and what are they not? How are viruses being scientifically demonstrated to exist?

    Click to access Dismantling-the-Virus-Theory.pdf

    Dr. Andrew Kaufman educates us on Koch’s Postulates: https://www.andrewkaufmanmd.com/the-rooster-in-the-river-of-rats/

    True Nature of Viruses: Researcher Jeff G: https://virusesarenotcontagious.com/

    Viral Misconceptions: https://www.intentionalhealthforwomen.com/theviralmisconception

    Saeed A. Qureshi, Ph.D. Isolation and characterization of the virus (SARS-CoV-2)–be watchful of false claims and twisted scientific presentations:

    Click to access Virus-isolation-revised.pdf

    Saeed A. Qureshi, Ph.D CDC virus testing and isolation claims for SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19: Non-scientific and pure illusion!

    Click to access cdc-study-article-comments.pdf

    Saeed A. Qureshi, Ph.D COVID-19: The virus does not exist -it is confirmed!

    Click to access no-isolated-virus.pdf

    Saeed A. Qureshi, Ph.D. http://www.drug-dissolution-testing.com/?page_id=39 resume

      • MaShaAllah, I now see on my side that the links turned into open PDF’s. I hope that’s not a problem. I didn’t mean for that to happen. Also, I see that your academic papers are gone, do you still have them? but they are just not online?

      • do’t worry about the pdfs … I’ve removed all academic papers and will make them available privately to subscribers on two new websites

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