Israeli ‘sex tourism’ is the fruit of normalisation with the UAE – Middle East Monitor

Israeli sex tourists have revealed that Dubai hotels host prostitutes from all over the world, including Brazil, Russia, Peru and Bolivia, and they cost over $700 a night. “This is an expensive trip and only Israelis with money go to Dubai. A weekend trip to Dubai costs $30,000. Everything is expensive. Club entry is NIS 1,000 per person, then you buy the bottles, then you eat, then a girl comes to you, and the night ends up costing $5,000 to $6,000.”

It is hard to believe that Dubai is witnessing the worst excesses of the sex industry, but it is true. Israelis are going to Dubai like they would go to Bucharest or Thailand, only in Dubai the price is much higher and prostitutes are found everywhere. According to a random sample of Israeli sex tourists, Dubai is now a top destination for them; the number one city for sex; and it is easier for them to travel to Dubai than to Romania, although it is more expensive.

What is happening in Dubai is an extension of the Israeli sex industry, with prostitution apps advertising women operating in Dubai. The UAE has become the sin city of the Gulf and one of the sex tourism capitals of the world. The fruit of normalisation is that Israelis are now heavily involved in the whole shameful business.

Israeli ‘sex tourism’ is the fruit of normalisation with the UAE – Middle East Monitor

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