When Dr. Fauci Said It Wasn’t a Virus – LewRockwell

The now infamous Dr. Fauci, who “controls the world” with his misdirected about-face pronouncements about lockdowns, not lockdowns, quarantines, face masks and social distancing in the current COVID-19 pandemic, said it wasn’t the flu but rather opportunistic staphylococcus infections that accompanied tuberculosis (TB) infections that led to the millions of reported deaths in 1918. The Spanish flu of 1918 is etched into the public’s mind as the most deadly pandemic in the modern era to strike human populations.  The fear of its return has funded the infectious disease research community for years on end.  But to continue with that funding, especially during the current Trump Presidency with budget cutting underway, virologists have attempted to fear monger their funding. In 2018 Dr. Fauci started warning about a disease that hadn’t occurred yet.  Fauci called it Disease X.  His infectious disease institute needed $7.5 billion to prevent it.  The funding request was a veiled threat.  At the time the President aimed to cut funding for the World Health Organization, an underling of the United Nations.  Dr. Fauci was inventing a disease before it happened, or in this instance, the mutated COVID-19 coronavirus.

Source: When Dr. Fauci Said It Wasn’t a Virus – LewRockwell

2 Comments on “When Dr. Fauci Said It Wasn’t a Virus – LewRockwell

  1. Asalam Aalaikum~ Ummah~ You mean…”X” as in MADAM X! The DAJJAL? SERIOUSLY?
    I know we are supposed to lower our gaze… So, I’m warning those who are challenged with this issue ahead of time! WATCH HIGH WITCH MADONNA’S 2019 PERFORMANCE! I showed my teen…who in awe said, “How creepy~” Need I say more~ She ain’t no icon nor living legend to me! The ENDING IS MIND-BLOWING!

    • P.S. Watch the woman on Madonna’s right rollover with the (((PALESTINIAN FLAG))) ON HER BACK! JUST CAUGHT THAT! MADONNA OF ST. CORONA… ST. MONICA HAS AWAKENED! HA!
      Oh… DOES THIS DISGUST ME! I want to express ANGER… though… these “whatever’s” don’t DESERVE that honor!
      (((Istaghfir Allah~ Istaghfir Allah~ Istaghfir Allah~)))
      Salam with LOVE from above~

      ~Monica Yunis

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