Covid 19 Vaccine Kill Shot Delivery System 

The new vaccines allow the disease to proliferate in the population by lessening symptoms. There may be other triggers to activate whatever latent biochemicals, viruses and chemicals that are injected or experienced from without by exposure to 5G etc. Just one of the toxic ingredients of the new vaccines is PEG [Polyethylene Glycol – found in screenwash and anti-freeze] which will reduce IgE immunoglobulin allergic responses but increase IgM and IgG shifting from anaphylaxis to anaphylactoid reactions. This is the classic Mad Edward Jenner practice of turning off the immune system. Once the disease digs deeply into the body, a trigger to turn back on the immune system wiill cause an overload of cytokines and a quick death is almost inevitable. What is going to be the trigger? A booster shot, 5G or other?

Source: Covid 19 Vaccine Kill Shot Delivery System | From the Trenches World Report

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