CIA Mockingbirds shake the world « Jon Rappoport

“We have begun an investigation of the three major ongoing clinical trials of the COVID vaccine. For the moment, I want to stress a point that hasn’t been covered. Two of those trials are using a new technology, called mRNA, which has never been approved for use. Not for any vaccine or drug. The reason is, in past efforts, researchers have seen adverse reactions in humans. That means HARM. I’ll try to explain. The immune system becomes confused. It starts looking at the body, at certain areas of the body, at certain organs, as if they were intruders, enemies. You could say the body begins attacking itself. These vaccine companies believe they can overcome this problem. They want to overcome it. Will they be able to? We don’t know. Here is what we do know. From a business point of view, a commercial point of view, the new RNA technology makes it possible to design and manufacture vaccines much more quickly, easily—and more cheaply. Am I suggesting THIS is the motive for these companies bringing a new kind of vaccine into the world? Not yet. But I want to find out exactly what is going on here…”

I recommend reading the entire article. Jon is succinct and careful.  ~ oz

CIA Mockingbirds shake the world « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

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