There will be no coming back from an injection altering your DNA | From the Trenches World Report

If their vaccine was a good thing, they wouldn’t have to lie to us about what it will do, nor would they have to invent the disease so they could rescue us with a cure, which will be no cure at all for a disease that doesn’t exist which is determined by a test that doesn’t work …. remember following your doctor’s orders is the third leading cause of death in the United States.

Today, as the world cringes in fear from a plague that doesn’t exist, the shadow of Big Brother grows alarmingly longer, and darker. BUT … everyone still listens to proven liars day-after-day and insist they’re hearing the truth.

“You should be aware that this vaccine changes your DNA forever. If something goes wrong, it cannot be ‘corrected’ or healed. It may create a permanent defect that might also be passed on to your children and children’s children. Even if nothing goes ‘wrong,’ you are no longer yourself, as your DNA has been changed permanently.”
— Dr. Heiko Shoenig

Source: There will be no coming back from an injection altering your DNA | From the Trenches World Report


How to Legally Decline a Vaccine

Step 1. Do not ‘refuse’ a vaccine or otherwise you will be considered belligerent. Instead you can politely decline their services by doing the following.

Step 2. Ask the doctor if the vaccine has MRC-5 in it (they all do, these are aborted fetus cells and other DNA). If it does, you have the right to decline.

Step 3. Also ask if there is a possibility of a “latrogenic reaction” (an adverse reaction caused by multiple compounds or drugs interacting with each other) from the vaccine (the all do). When the doctor says, “Yes it does”; that is your “Get out of Vaccine Free Card”. Thank the Doctor for their offer and walk away.

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