2020 03 17 CORONA Update – Simon Parkes – YouTube


I can partially accept this narrative, but I also know that Jesuits set their enemies against each other and then sit back and wait for the dust to settle. I don’t for one minute accept that Trump is a “White Hat” — he’s just another pawn, this one a Joker/Harlequin, being used like Hitler was used to destroy Germany. Going after the enemy because they’ve attacked the goddess Queen is an old narrative/ploy used to prompt Knights of Knit to protect the Holy Grail castle AT ALL COSTS … soldiers need to war, that’s what they are trained to do … This is just another Hegelian approach that honest fools who believe in White Hats need to justify their existence and misplaced trust… my opinion thus far is that Wuhan was set up as a perfect laboratory for an initial binary 5G/Covid experiment to see what would happen in real time … as usual, one never lets a good crisis go to waste … White Hat functionaries are running around looking for Black Hat functionaries while Magi sit back comfortably behind high walls and watch what happens as both teams move back and forth across the board. With each change in momentum, they place their bets and puts and hedges … all the while moving closer to Global Tyranny … which is inevitable  ~ oz

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