Banned From YOUTUBE

I’ve been shut down and my site deleted today without explanation …

Not sure I can salvage that site at all — I have all of my lectures, and some others on disk and will likely move to Bit Chute sometime in the future but am too busy with a new book at the moment.

I am also going to stop using gmail and Google Drive — will be moving to and very soon.


9 Comments on “Banned From YOUTUBE

  1. As Salamu Alaikum bro. Zaid. This is bro. Angelo L. Rosario from America. Al Humdu Lil La, All Praises due to Allah! I’m rather disappointed, however not entirely suprised as to the reaction and subsequent banning of your youtube video’s. I enjoyed and learned alot from them over the years bro. You have a very uniquely insightful way to present provocative, rare and important knowledge and information that the masses of people need to hear and be exposed too. In Sha Allah, we can get to see and hear more of your important critiques and video’s in the very near future. I’m from Chicago, IL in the USA. I came from a predominantly Christian background, specifically Roman Catholic and reverted to Islam and made my Shahada over 20yrs. Ago. I’ve seen and witnessed alot since then. Bad and good. I still hold to this Deen of ours. With my teeth , if I have too! I would like to correspond with you one to one if it’s not to much trouble for you, as I know you said you’ve been busy lately, with your important writing.
    My email is
    May Allah reward all your efforts in bringing deep truths to the deep state nations of the world.
    Jizak Allah Khair!

  2. Not surprising Dr Omar. Whenever they have started talking to monitor “hate speech” I thought you’r one would be one of the target . I am not happy that I am correct rather thanks to you for the knowledge to have this educated guess.

  3. P.D.: Good tip about leaving Gmail and other Google services altogether… I’ll consider the choices for email and cloud storage that you’ve given us…

    May Allah Grant you Tawfiq and Stedfastness, Amin!

    Kembara Lawak

  4. AsSalamu Alaykum Dr. Omar,

    I just found out about your YouTube ban. Your channel was a valuable resource, sad news indeed. Good news that you are currently working on a book, and hopeful that you can sometime in the future recover your video lectures on another platform…

    May Allah Guide you and Preserve you for a long time, Amin!

    Kembara Lawak

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