Ignorance Serves Evil: And the worst lot are ignorant religious folks


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Here are some graphics and stuff that are going viral over the past few days. I did not make any of these graphics. 

Ini bukan saya cakap tau. Orang lain cakap. I am just using the material.

These graphics have come about after the news of that 41 year old Serambi Mekah fellow marrying an 11 year old child.  According to the law marrying a child below 16 years of age would be Statutory Rape.


Here are some other pictures, graphics depicting some more strange behaviours.


Above and below : Strange behaviour in the shopping malls.

Here is another story of incest between a father and daughter (from Pakistan or India??)

Not to be left out, here is news from Malaysia. A guru agama had raped a student 20 times in the madrasah!!

Back to Pakistan, another guru agama had molested an eight year old child in the mosque !!

My comments :  Here is part of an old horror movie I watched in 1983 in Indiana in the US.  Its called ‘The Keep’.  Its a movie ok – meaning its fiction. Not real. 

‘The Keep’ is some medieval fortress in Europe which was built a long time ago “to keep” an old, evil monster locked up inside.  (I think the monster’s name is Molasar).

The movie is set during World War 2 where the invading Germans have taken over the castle. They do not know its big monster secret.  Two German soldiers who are standing guard  in the castle use their knives to prise off huge silver crosses that are nailed into “The Keep’s” stone walls.  The silver cross helps to “keep” the monster behind the stone walls.  The moment the German soldiers pry off the silver cross, the monster is let loose. The movie unravels from there.  This is the opening scene.  Dont get too frightened ok. 


The  religion of “political Islam”  (I really dont know what that means but it sounds cool so I use the term “political Islam” anyway) is like this horror movie “The Keep”.

Before the Saudi Arabian oil money boom of 1973 (and the Iranian Revolution of 1979)  “political Islam” was largely confined to the villages, the backwoods and the rural backroads of largely backward  countries.  These were highly ignorant societies.  They were inside their own “Keep” – safely locked up, few knew about them. 

Certainly there were cases of 50 year old men  marrying 11 year old children,  but the news never reached the newspapers because they did not have as many newspapers then. Or  as much  TV,  no  Internet, no smartphones etc.  So these types of aberrant behaviours  were not known to the rest of the world.   The world’s ignorance about their ignorance  was  also  “The Keep”.

Today (almost 50 years later) Donald Trump calls them ‘shithole countries’.  I think Trump may have read my Blog because I have used this term before.  Shithole meaning these societies have not modernised much.

I have also used this other term ‘cebuk dale sungai’ (cebuk dalam sungai).  Cebuk is a Malay term used to refer to the washing of one’s backside. “Cebuk dalam sungai” refers to folks who have no internal plumbing at home who have to do their “business” in the bushes and wash their backside at the nearest river or stream.  It simply implies a backward people.  Approximately the same as Donald Trump’s ‘shithole’ countries.

The ‘shithole’ countries have developed economically, especially after the influx of oil money in the 1970s.  They now have shopping malls, modern urban centers etc and their people live in the modern era.  

Unfortunately  their culture, traditions and belief systems have not kept up with modernisation.   Like that monster in that horror movie “The Keep”, their societies are still stuck in their medieval, backward and false belief systems.   They are still stuck in the age of  ‘cebuk dale sungai’. 

They were living in the bliss of their ignorance. Few knew about them or cared about them. They were living inside “The Keep”.   But now it is the 21st century.  Like it or not they are in the mainstream. In the mainstream media, in mainstream politics (in their countries) and they project themselves onto the world stage. 

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, the Internet, smartfones reach into the most remore villages in the farthest corners of the world.  The transmission of information is instant.  So their ignorant behaviours  hit the world news instantly.  Only now the world is aware of their backwardness.  Hence all the graphics, all the pictures and all the news stories above.  The monster has now reached the world stage.

Half of them will support the idea of 50 year old men marrying 11 year old children. 

Another half may support FGM (Female Genital Mutilation).  

Nearly all of them will support the idea of killing people who do not believe in FGM, marrying 11 year olds etc. They can include it under the catch all phrase “apostasy” or murtad.   

There is another “Keep”  which keeps their minds securely locked up in their medieval and false belief systems.  It is called ignorance.  Instead of nailing silver crosses to the walls, their ignorance is nailed shut inside their minds by the millions of their pedantic clergy (pedantic : excessively concerned with minor details or rules; the control freaks, the village idiots the village preachers who now occupy their highest universities, civil service, television and places of influence and power.  ‘Cebuk dale sungai’ has made it to uptown.   

In the movie that monster is ultimately destroyed.  Of course. The movie plot is so predictable. The monster has to be destroyed otherwise the horror movie cannot end.

All horror movies should have the same ending. The monster must be destroyed.   Otherwise the horror will not end.

– http://syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.com

2 Comments on “Ignorance Serves Evil: And the worst lot are ignorant religious folks

  1. Salam Dr Zaid,

    I would be carefull to post such images, not because it offends muslims, how often do see these? these images can only be used by the zionsts to frame muslims and islam. I do not disagree that these did not take place, but how many? 2 billion muslims in the world and maybe a dozen cases?

    • tip-o-the iceberg brother and it’s high time Muslims confront their ignorance, stupidity and hypocrisy regarding sexuality and gender relations, FGM, etc, especially since it breeds rampant incest and Victorian double-mindedness in support of hideous chauvinism. Zionists do not need to invent the foolishness — it is there for everyone with eyes and ears of discernment … I re-publish this to rub it right into Muslim noses.

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