In an age of t-shirt people, the concept of submission doesn’t hold much currency unless you’re a sadist, masochist or cage fighter. Yet benevolent outcomes attending heterosexual repose depend on our falling in line with predetermined limitations that govern consolidated flesh and compulsions we neither designed nor control. LGBT brothers and sisters are advised to extrapolate and respectfully admit these limits by refusing to engage partners they cannot complement or congruently reciprocate or synergistically signify because they cannot do so without disturbing the peace. This calls for policing ‘gay-husbands’, pederasts, pedophiles and not a few soldiers, sailors and marines who sexually assault their colleagues in and out of uniform as a matter of military protocol. Social harmony is obtained by aligning with restraint rather than “free love” hysteria, which is another fallacy because genuine love is conditional, costly and commands enduring responsibility. Nonetheless, contemporary indifference and resistance to sexual sobriety and social accountability is remarkable, especially among an LGBT cadre whose happy knack for the celebration of promiscuity is world renown. And there is reason for this.

Our inherent submission to gender subjectification embraces a naturally endowed cosmopolitan ease and congeniality. Even so, the ‘self’ does not attain repose without satiating its hunger for the ongoing gender validation that attends the synchrony of symbiotic companionship and reciprocating bio-quanta, something we children of the 60s called vibes. Hence, we unconsciously approach this active resting state of seasoned king and queen fishers by learning to share ‘I’-borders with a complementary mate. This person restrains our prurient tendencies while confirming and accepting us as a gendered peer capable of synergetic praxis and congruent gender reciprocity; precisely what the wives of Bernstein and Wilde expected, especially for their children. The esoteric aspects of the intimate companionship are discussed in a later chapter and far exceed the facile anthropology of Sex 3.0 advocates.

But more importantly, gender reciprocity is paramount to the advance of human maturity. Certainly not everyone needs to or can marry, but except for reprobates on the happy road to perdition, everyone is obligated to comprehend and support the venture. LGBT people establish facsimiles but are rarely capable of successful nesting without support, restraint and guidance from the heterosexual community, generally because of arrested moral development.

Normative heterosexuals book passage to maturity by responsibly affirming (i) respective points of departure regarding submission to limitations that inherently manifest unambiguously gendered constitutions; and (ii) nature’s reasonable demand for coherent continuity. And here we approach the differentiating nitty-gritty that separates the fore and aft of human development. Unconfirmed ‘I’ seekers generally do not board freighters to maturity. They tend to ride ferries that island hop between ‘sex talk’, promiscuity and permissive venues or avoid sexual relationships altogether like a schizoid, or worse, participate in perversions including serial murder, rape, etc.

The search for ‘I’ confirmation has everything to do with gender identity and the self-esteem it endows. Children even launch the venture by playing doctor or by developing preschool courses in comparative anatomy. For people on transports to maturity, after reaching the initial stages of gender confirmation and the stable synergy of reiterative gender reciprocity, sex talk is replaced by activities that support respective identities, ambitions, roles, social placements, families and communities that encompass and protect all such nested reciprocal relationships. These domestic and communal undertakings are strands woven round the mating, and clearly indicate that stable heterosexual relationships are the ‘be all’ and ‘end all’ of civilized human society, even among hunter gathers like the Sioux—and so they are and always will be. Accordingly, if you cannot build your own reciprocity tee-pee but live as egg or strand in or near someone else’s, it is wise to submit to the apartheid that governs nesting reciprocity and the community that stands in its support. The gay mafia assaults this boundary with demoralizing impunity.

Hence, this rule-of-thumb: Wherever vulgar sex talk persists, insecurity, prurience and immaturity prosper, right up to the White House. In general, these traits flourish wherever gender reciprocity nests go wanting, unfinished or abandoned in the wake of irresponsibility. The Peter Pan flotsam marks arrested development and the unraveling of society’s fabric if unchecked. It is where promiscuous heterosexuals, as well as LGBT bias and histrionics encounter resistance from salt-of-the-earth folks who do not trust children with adult matters.

The present majority’s lack of knowledge and political power with respect to the sexology muddle is ominous because the unraveling of high cultural traditions obtains ponerocracy and marks the end of a nation. According to Prof. Glubb [71], America is falling. And it gets worse.

  • Stable satisfying marriages promote physical and mental health for adults and children [72]… A new study on children raised by same-sex couples further confirms the findings of previous, authoritative studies: the healthiest environment for a child is a home with a mother and a father. Those trying to protect the “stygmatized minority” of same-sex parents may be letting ideology trump biology and placing the desires of adults above the health of children [73]. 
  • Children adopted by gay couples are raised in a culture that is highly specific and fraught with problems where adults have higher rates of depression, anxiety, eating disorders and sexually transmitted diseases, domestic violence, sexual assault, and suicidal ideation. Gay adoption is systematic child abuse… There are many of us in the world. Our parents used us as little display objects. We existed only to make them look good, we were living, breathing political statements. We existed to feed the insatiable egos of our parents. Does that sound like a happy childhood? [74]

There is far more at play than the biology that produces “insatiable egos”. The preponderance of LGBT hadron emitters remains distant and isolated rather than integrated with partners, families or community. But this is not because of prejudice or persecution. Much like sociopaths, they simulate normality but never realize it because (i) their faculty for basal gender cognition is confounded; thus, (ii) their ability to reciprocate the gender complimentarity that maintains identity boundaries and accesses the repose of relational synergy is nonexistent or profoundly flawed. Consequently, a frenzied unnattached mindset fills with undertows of uncertainty and unrequited passions that float the silent disquiet of wearisome fantasies or troubling enmeshments. Like unwanted appendages, people pretend not to see the unseen tides that cause pedestrian yobs to beat them into oblivion. A middle path requires communal guidance, knowledge and the restraint (law) to thwart the unbridled confusion that causes sanguinary mischief on both sides of the playground.

The caveat implies that Free Love’s decoction and boilerplate fare do not satisfy gays any more than heterosexuals. Yet LGBT soul pain is greater because the real malady is ignored by just about everybody these days. This is to say the effeminate male is not, in fact, a woman, nor is the man who sodomizes him a man (vice versa for lesbians)—although respective brains say otherwise. Neither are they naturally normal “alternatives”. Indeed, they are bipedal conundrums; beings other than either gender. What is worse is the desperation of a zealous lust for the un-natural, which in no way formulates unction for social amity. They are neither the ‘same-as’ nor qualitatively ‘equal-to’ heterosexuals, except for intellectual or artistic abilities in which many excel. This very theme split ‘gay’ history from the more accurate term, ‘queer’ history [75].

Although sharing numerous qualities in addition to sun, sea, air, ice cream and pizza, queers are as psychically different from heterosexuals as real men are from real women. They require careful study, self restraint and the closed-ended governance of clear definitions to prevent them and society from slipping into fellowship with harm.

Out of compassion and for the sake of clarity, communal safety and harmony, First Nations people attentively and nearly universally assigned their queer members a quasi-heterosexual status. As long as they mimed masculine or feminine roles they were given special designations of meaningful dignity within the tribal hierarchy, primarily because (i) sexual identity is central to human ‘being’; and (ii) communal welfare depends on communal synergy, especially when enemies are just over the hill. Hence, native elders carefully attended their queer children matter-of-factly [76] without treating them as aliens or projecting subsuming equality onto heterosexuals, although traditions suffer contention with degrees of praxis and tolerance. The Lakota customarily accepted gays, bisexuals and feminine lesbians but exiled dykes, likely because braves rejected competition for limited reproductive resources and tipi keepers. Their oral traditions speak highly of “Two-Spirit” people [77]. Moreover America’s indigenes were not the least bit interested in ‘causation’ and wisely focused on minimizing problematic social outcomes by addressing the problem head-on [78].

Traditional communities once assessed a child’s gender, character, talent, intellect, proclivities and ability in weigh stations to optimize social integration and congruent placement. Not knowing where one belongs or with whom is a post-modern epidemic that has everything to do with the gender ID card’s passport to human relationships that define Heidegger’s ‘dwelling’ and Luther’s ‘vocation’. But in light of intelligent approaches the world over, occidentals still licensed the mass-murder of moccasin wearers and the persecution of their LGBT citizenry, a minority that was never whalish.

Our discussion confirms sensus-communis instincts with regard to negative repercussions of certain same-sex concessions (liberties) if granted; noting they are fundamentally disqualified from sensuously approaching cavities and psyches of normatively gendered moccasin wearers. We also admit that human ‘being’, intelligence, affection, talents and abilities do not purchase gender autologous validation for the LGBT ‘I’, a matter that is crucial to independent social integration for those wishing to keep the peace. This and what follows make it clear that the social management of the LGBT polity requires exceptional care, insight and informed mediation; considering that even the confederacy of gender complementarity transcends what is necessary to validate the human ‘I’ for appropriate social placement, leaving much to be yet revealed. Additionally, authentic gender signification (‘I’ validation) requires apposite physical and metaphysical qualifications rather than similarity. Hence, heterosexual qualifications cannot be met, equaled or surpassed by numerous LGBT disadvantages. And there’s more to come.

Male and female orgasms are analogous, fertile, and different but apposite, all of which afford complementarity. To the contrary, gay orgasms involve prostatic assistance for the ejaculation of sperm for both partners. This identical process produces identical infertile products that are neither apposite nor complementary. The physical incapacity for and/or lack of gender complementarity (ditto for lesbians) leaves a metaphysical vacuum in the human heart; a vessel designed to contain dynamics generated by complementary amalgams of male and female bioquanta. The deficit invites relentless promiscuity as a compulsive drive to achieve impossible compensation. Brain, body and soul inherently desire the satiety and repose granted by this dynamic’s fruition. Indeed, nature abhors a vacuum and it seems the only empty vacuums are man made. Hence, this wanton emptiness, especially for LGBTs, is a peculiarly hopeless condition that requires governance to forbid troublesome relational enmeshments that vainly attempt to fill it with illicit quanta, especially vibes stolen from children who are damaged by the process. Queers would therefore expressly benefit from rites of passage that inform and help them constrain unsocial proclivities that cross the bounds of human decency. Such rites would allow entry into dignified communal membership with restricted avenues of integration plus legal remedy on either side of the great divide.

Although LGBT moccasin wearers can and do assume gendered roles, the actual difference approaches neo-speciation and disallows role modeling for generations that are 95% heterosexual. The lack of definition and endless non-closure of Dr. Butler’s complaint endorses confusion and undermines social stability. ‘Gay-husband’, ‘gender fluidity’, ‘gender equality’ and ‘significant other’, etc., are terms that mislead a poorly informed but emotive political movement that avoids scientific facts, reason and genuine social needs. Sexual pliancy is mistaken for freedom of impulse rather than mature submission to inherent limitations and imperatives that dictate gender regulation and social order. Similar post-modern concepts render fully integrated relationships and sexual ethics of little moral accountability and thus purchase robust demoralization. Professor Jordan Peterson deserves kudos panegyric for admirably describing these phenomena:

  • The best you can do with postmodern philosophy is to emerge nihilistic. The worst case is that you’re a kind of anarchical social revolutionary who is directionless apart from that you want to tear things down. Or you end up depressed, which I see happening to students all the time because postmodernists take out the remaining structures of their ethical foundation … So the reason they [Marxists who don’t know they are Marxists] don’t let people who they don’t agree with speak on campuses is because they don’t agree with letting people speak. You see, it’s not part of the ethos… they have no solutions… they’re goal is to destroy… they do not have gratitude and are driven by resentment, and resentment is the worst emotion that you can possibly experience apart from arrogance… They [atheists] talk as if the psychopathic tendency is irrational. There’s nothing irrational about it. It’s pure naked self-interest. How is that irrational? … I’m arguing that the ethic that drives our culture is predicated on the idea of God and that you can’t just take that idea away and expect the thing to remain intact midair without any foundational support…  [So] why do people become ideologically possessed? OK well, some of it’s just confirmation bias. Temperamental bias. Then you can add ignorance to that. Then you can more specifically diagnose historical ignorance… The truth is what makes the world. The truth is what redeems the world from hell. And that’s the truth. And we saw plenty of hell for the last hundred years you know and we haven’t learned a bloody thing from it … [In the end] ‘Being’ is good and you should serve ‘Being’. And that’s what I try to do in my therapeutic practice [79].

This remarkable fellow also refutes gender and ethnic studies as well as gender-neutral pronouns, which he identifies as tools of a post-modern neo-Marxist cult that others and I say is sponsored by the Olympian Oligarchs identified in Carroll Quigley’s remarkable history, Tragedy & Hope. I further posit that his ‘they’ are being used by legatees of extremely competent power-sharing elitists; a more powerful ‘THEY’ discussed in later essays.

In light of criminal science statistics, the reader will soon appreciate—and with a view to protect society from sexual predators—that LGBT psych profiles should be scrutinized by a tool similar to the Hare Psychopathy Checklist. Aspects of LGBT gambits are criminally and routinely played out in social welfare programs that are mistaken for progress or community service. Horrifically corrupt fundamentalist institutes managed by Chabad and Jesuit argenturs, for example, characteristically outrage patriarchal and matriarchal ethnic groups and get away with it, and this is not to mention the black market sexual predator highway under child welfare programs. Moreover, when liberal delusions are applied to fictive milieus, legal melees are launched in which proprietary boundaries are subjected to abstract interpretations that avoid scientific and divine directives. The Cult of the Robe provides clear examples of this lunacy. The same imaginative circus imposes vaccine intoxication, allows reverse discrimination and supports sexual perversion [xiv] while grinding political and legal integrity into dust, the very opposite of professed creedal objectives [80].

  • Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. Their caresses too seldom pertain to these regions while this is the only way the girls can develop a sense of pride in their sex. The child touches all parts of their father’s body, sometimes arousing him. The father should do the same [81].

Merav Michaeli of the Israeli Knesset wants to abolish marriage altogether. And there is more bad news that stands behind these crimes against reason.

Conflicting neurological and psychological signals to and from anomalously gendered CNS systems forbid subjective LGBT cognizance of gender complementarity and reciprocity, which is no light matter. Their incursions into heterosexual territory are therefore common and if you imagine an octopus trying to copulate with a jellyfish you’ll get a glimpse of the problem. Many queers tentacalize heterosexuals under the sepia of sexual freedom’s gender-fluid mania. It is a blind rutting that repeatedly engages impulse drive for the restive wantonness already cited. Since they cannot access the repose of heterosexual reciprocity, their impossible-to-fill inherent demand for the soma of an unsullied male-female quantic amalgam continually calls from the heart like a hungry ghost that cannot eat, even when they are seemingly well partnered. Hence, they cannot assist heterosexual cosmopolitan maintenance without acknowledging its metaphysical and sociobiological hegemony. Those who do are have boarded a transport to mature reality orientation. But not a few LGBT comrades attempt to compensate by seeking dominion under the ploy of equal opportunity sexual orientation, which is humbug.

They object like the circadia in the lizard’s mouth, whose piercing scream is muffled. “Freedom, freedom” it cries! To do what? Trespass where they are uninvited? force the unacceptable where it is detested? harm those they claim to love? Here is an endless loop of compulsion that must be swallowed by the lizard of definition’s restraint.

I therefore suggest (H9) that coming out of the pretense of normality —what Oscar Wilde desired— is an initial step in a cognitive process ideally guided by informed mentors. The assistance should bring about a thorough social integration and acceptance of exclusion from the heterosexual cardinal identity set, but without political or social disenfranchisement. For example, blind people accept that they cannot become Olympic marksman and paraplegics forsake professional football careers. But reality orientation is generally not the case with the LGBT crowd. The very opposite has entered our educational systems with far more than intercrural pederasty [82].

  • The failings of human consciousness, deprived of its divine dimension, have been a determining factor in all the major crimes of this century. ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Templeton Address

LGBT criminality scores make it clear that equating them with heterosexual cardinality must be given the kibosh. Only two normatively gendered ‘selves’ (male and female) constitute identities qualified to guide a continuity of peaceful social cohesion. This lot’s instability is indelibly stamped by ambivalence and even antipathy towards self, a mindset that autonomously projects to others. As such, it ethically forbids their seduction of heterosexuals, which should legally account as fraud or at least Machiavellian harassment (he was gay). This is especially so considering their excellent rankings among pederasts, pedophiles, serial killers and common murderers (highest incidence per capita) [83].

  • Homosexuals account for 86% of male child molestation [84].
  • Homosexual males are three times more likely than straight men to engage in pedophilia … the average pedophile victimizes between 20 and 150 boys before being arrested … only 5% of cases are ever reported [85].
  • We must listen to our prophets. Instead of fearing being labeled pedophiles, we must proudly proclaim that sex is good, including children’s sexuality … Surrounded by pious moralists with deadening anti-sexual rules, we must be shameless rule breakers, demonstrating our allegiance to a higher concept of love. We must do it for the children’s sake. ~ Ed Hougan (Ed): THE GUIDE (1995) [86]
  • Of 100 child molesters at the Massachusetts Treatment Center for Sexually Dangerous Persons, 1/3 were heterosexual, 1/3 bisexual and 1/3 homosexual [87].

Wonder not that more than a few of this <5% of the population commit murder or are murdered when attempting to (i) secure impossible validation; (ii) establish imagined sexual prowess; (iii) pleasure themselves at someone’s expense; (iv) and/or spread venereal contagion [88]. When unrestrained, their social incongruity is hostile to beneficial relations in the absence of informed marshalingr. The latter is best accomplished by self-policing via informed self-possession plus enforceable sanctions that, with few exceptions: (i) restrict sexual behavior to their own community and (ii) exile recalcitrant offenders to prey on each other in venues that are far removed from decency. Pederasts and pedophiles destroy a child’s sense of identity, security and self-worth as well as mental and emotional health, all of which prevent the victim’s entry into heterosexual repose, generally for life. Such outcomes are inevitable and negatively affect everyone they have relationships with. Simply put, LGBT people must be bound by the truth of the faulty constitutions that imprison them and should be refused unsupervised access to children. And there is even a more dreadful addendum.

Like cult-conditioned believers, a sinister contingent of LGBT constituents despises their disenfranchisement so much they generate homicidal quanta that cannot be legislated into social harmony. The ceaseless tension of bearing unwanted psychic appendages entertains a criminal misanthropy that can lead to murderous mania. This includes a remarkable contingent of serial killers, cannibals and the murderous hysteria of a Lenin or Ernst Rohm.

  • The homosexual historical footprint is large when it comes to the rape and murder of children…  Homosexuals make up less than 3% of the American population yet they perpetrated ~68% of all serial killings in the last 20 years… All cases involving eating or torturing of victims were committed by homosexuals… A group constituting 1 to 5% of men generated 43% of those recorded in the most recent 14 years for raped and murdered children. This group also accounts for a third of child molesters and commits a third to two-thirds of child rapes…  Judge John Martaugh, chief magistrate of the NYC’s Criminal Court said, “Homosexuals account for half the murders in large cities“. Captain William Riddle of the LAPD said, “30,000 sexually abused children in Los Angeles were victims of homosexuals“… 50% of women on death row are lesbians (Lesbian News, Jan. 1994) [89].

This tally represents those who are caught. Since the best defense is offense, it is reasonable to find elevated numbers of sex ‘offenders’, murderers and suicides among the LGBT polity. But unlike cultists who can opt for a more generous worldview, many LGBT malcontents remain arrogantly volatile and exceptionally hostile [90]. Wrapping hidden conceit in the unifying hatred [91] of colorful promenades, they pretend to alter what cannot be changed, which is worse than dissimulation because it anticipates metaphysical and physical carnage. Gay Pride also forbids access to the repose and mystical heart of fishermen Zen, which requires submission to the hegemony of things as they are. Besides, there is no substitute for the dignity that girds truth-imbued quanta radiators as they captain or man Crows Nests on ships of social stability. Only humbled hearts submitted to the divine performative reign over the peace of social harmony. Only the ‘salt-of-the-earth’ polity sees God in the moment, boasts no artificial regalia, nor declares unknown others ‘enemies of the state’. Like Cincinnatus, once a genuine cause is won, kings and queens of peace quietly return to the repose they never abandoned. Such is maturity.


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[xiv]   Top Dutch gay publication publishes pedophile ‘coming out’ interview. Online. (23Aug17)

EXCERPT: In a country where the push for pedophile acceptance started in the 1950s with the growth of the ‘Enclave Movement’ – which brought people from both inside and outside the country into contact with each other – it’s no surprise that pedophiles are now ‘coming out’ as just one more ‘sexual orientation’… the country’s psychopathic elite is “leading by example, setting the path to push the boundaries of what later on becomes acceptable across the Western world (and eventually everywhere else).”… it turns out that 40% of the people in The Netherlands have personality disorder flags. It’s the highest ratio of personality disorder flags of anywhere in the world.

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    • In an age of t-shirt people, the concept of submission doesn’t hold much currency unless you’re a sadist, masochist OR CAGE FIGHTER.


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