Oscar Wilde’s Conundrum by Dr. Omar

Oscar Wilde’s Connundrum  a Chapter from The Primacy of Heterosexual Marriage

Contrived premises are non-existential except for challenges they present to discernment. Most are based on reductionist errors similar to the bargain basement myopia that underscores ‘vaccine safety’. Generally sustained by compound ignorance, they are used in marketing campaigns to assure the misplacement of trust in mendacious rogues [61]. But because the human ‘I’ emerges within a perfectly balanced and predetermined gender matrix, it is unwise to forswear the primacy of gender duality as archetypal then opt for equivalence with ambiguous alternatives arising from developmental missteps.

Primary human sexualization is obligated, predetermined, developmentally integrated, naturally regulated, autonomous and constrained without any human input whatsoever. It is also entirely heterosexual. An informed perspective accounts LGBT supra-identities as contrived abstractions designed to comfort the perplexed and intentionally demoralize targeted populations. The goal is to subvert normative gender subjectification because traditional human standards establish stable character traits under qualified governance. Since governance is political, the qualifier is ‘stable’, for which double-minded ambivalence is anathema (James 1:8); hence, deception is necessary.

Nearly everyone was convinced of Oscar Wilde’s sterling character until he simulated a morally superior rook on the hill of truth, which collapsed during his war against the Crown and which, in turn, buckled his curious defense [62]. Even the toy-boy of his desire abandoned the unfortunate bugger shortly after his release from prison. His repute as ‘sterling’ was as fictional as his reliance on the Greek pederast mythos in court [xii]. This grand pathos signified an extraordinarily common talent for gay disasters, including infidelity, exceptional debauchery, flagrant irresponsibility, creative pseudo-reality and polished casuistry for the cause of suggesting the moral superiority of sodomy. Altogether, his foolhardiness endorsed the cardinality of authentic heterosexual identity in human relations, which is sufficiently challenging without complications. Moreover, relations based on affectation are none at all; a puff of smoke in a dragon’s den that lingers till the earth quakes and topples the hearth.

Despite his role as mentor to a spoiled sprite, Mr. Wilde disguised masochistic fears of abandonment with bravado, even as his lover abused him. He then nailed himself to the cross of idealism as hero of his own tall tale. Similar psychopathology (drama) anoints stages that plague the sexually ambiguous in the absence of meaningful love relationships [63]. For far too many, the insufficient social integration of a wobbly identity offers little purpose beyond the ephemeral pleasures of touch, inebriation, vain intellectualism or celebrity. Many languish like droppings on a hollow monument to futility in a neglected corner of a garden that is bereft of vibrant quanta drawn from tender loving care. Such a grotto is carpeted by the moss of mourning over a life never lived because it is unapproachable. All properly Victorian but no fit dwelling for humans, let alone an ideal rook made of mythologized sand. The condition therefore requires the best remedies available, which are truth and compassion.

The heterosexual ‘I’, male and female, educated and not, is fixed rather than fluid. Its closed definition is necessary for enduring social relations and institutions. Veracious basal requirement for masculine repose demands approbation from males who mate females then support, protect and provide for them and their offspring. How this is done is immaterial and has everything to do with the validation of an absolutely authentic masculine profile. For unmarried males, the same kernel demands that they support mated males and their offspring without qualification. The reader can easily extrapolate basal requirements for the feminine kernel, which has absolutely nothing to do with feminist fabrications. More importantly, as validated and validating signifiers for each other, men and women establish a patently unambiguous gendered matrix in the absence of gender uncertainty, which is precisely why the nebulous and open ended term, ‘significant other’, was deployed to undermine the hegemony of legitimate marriage and heterosexual identity.

To the contrary, LGBT quanta routinely radiate heroic delusions brimming with dis-articulating fractals bearing “collective dis-identifications” that impound “constitutive antagonisms” like pack rats. Consequently, they present endless streams in which a “non-closure of definition” abounds [Butler, op. cit. 15, 175]. The non-closure grants unrelenting concessions to distortions that assault truth with sandcastles built on “a hill that cannot be commanded [64]. In the absence of truth, these constitutive antagonisms demand the buoyancy of even stronger delusions (devil enters stage left; 2Thes 2:11) whereby adherence to legendary mendacity impedes mass cognition as a mandatory requirement of state. This assures the illusion of conquest and survival while flailing against counterattacks such as this little book—and flail they will.

Moreover, without constraints on gay parades of ticker-tape quasi-realities, the open-ended lack of clarity ironically encourages LGBT antipathy towards self and others. Not only does mis-gendered gray and white matter hold them prisoner but the hubris that permits pageants of emotive self-destruction and haughty ignorance does as well. In the absence of marshaled remedies, this antisocial flux of antipathy for normality weakens societal standards that are otherwise firmly grounded in heterosexuality. Hence, without restraint, and in the absence of appropriate accommodation for LGBT handicaps such as traditionally applied by First Nations’ people, the result is social chaos and irredeemable loss. It is necessary to understand why this occurs.

The repose of validated gender identity can be likened to fishing: those with knowledge and ability gently tease the boat along shore or shoal knowing precisely when and where to find providential provision. This cognitive estate rests on the stability of basal gender complementarity, a phenomena that signifies and confirms identity by actualizing natural synergy across male and female borders. This well-defined border is precisely where vibes and hadrons validate respective gender roles in ever-challenging environments regardless of circumstances. The process also opposes the occidental state praxis of creating enemies to sustain the fabricated cohesion of enmeshment within milieus divorced from natural relationships and undefined borders.

Our LGBT minority fails to comprehend the inversion because faculties for knowing ‘how to fish’ in peace are distorted or inaccessible. Authentic sense perception is replaced by a bent cognition that is filled with vain abstractions, worthless lies and unobtainable ideals; causes lost from the outset. Born anomalous, their sexual orientations present both self and ‘other’ with muddled and confusing borders that are too easily crossed and liberally enmeshed. They lack natural boundaries defined by inherent social imperatives that reciprocally restrains desire with a view to qualify and signify human identity. Consequently, they cannot find the security of a prohibitive sexual alliance that peacefully nests within an ordered relationship that maintains borders of respective dignity; and this is despite a genuine desire for the privilege and responsibility of marriage — altogether disheartening.

Such poor epistemology allowed the US Supreme Court to commit a crime against reason by stating, “‘The gender composition of marriage is not an essential element of marriage’s meaning and purpose.’ In effect, the Court removed gender or biological sex as a defining pillar” [65]. Such a decision demonstrates a dangerous incompatibility between heart and head that occurs when too many fools gather under the same roof (six Catholics and three Jews). Excluding gender from marriage with apologia in the name of liberty lowers the drawbridge to the fortress of social stability’s ‘Hill of Truth’. They subjected the citadel of heterosexual complementarity atop Mount Synergy to entropy induced by clowns in white face [66]. Humanism’s wayward genius redefined the Law of Social Gravitas without consulting science or divine agency and gave building permits to sandcastle city planners of unsustainable Catamite farms. What marvelous stupidity.

But the LGBT manifesto lacks lock and key to the castle of social stability. Truth is that our LGBT citizenry must be girded, guided and protected by those who have it. This was traditional First Nations’ praxis until a Marrano Jew (Columbus) began suborning Natural Law with Catholic Canon Law in the so-called “New World”. The LGBT polity can only assist the grand cause of social stability. They cannot direct it for the following reasons:

(1)   They have difficulty actualizing maturity [67];

(2)   Except for political gain sustained by aggressive propaganda supported by Jewish-owned media, their electorate has limited capacity for natural unity or synergy.

(3)   Although LGBT sexual chemistry is real and analogous to marriage, it does not produce equivalent quantum outflows from the homogenization of (i) vaginal and seminal fluids; (ii) male/female bio-quanta from biomorphic energy fields; or (iii) discretely differentiated characteristics that are gender definitive, gender affirming, gender complementary, gender balancing and uniquely reciprocal;

All the above indicate inferior performative status.

  • The town crier therefore declares: ‘Hear Ye, Hear Ye. All is not well. LGBT sexuality is not only non-primary but normative male and female genders are essential constitutions and not stereotypes!’

Indeed, all will be well again when people of the shire leave-off assaulting well-differentiated borderlands and go home in peace. The Cult of the Robe removed communal repose by granting LGBT coteries legal status and equity in marriage, which imperils society by removing the heterosexual family from the sanctuary of hegemony; thus binding and subjecting them to wicked cunning. Moreover, “The notion that all family forms are equally helpful or healthful for children has no basis in science[68]. Thus, the court removed science from its legal and communal role as protector of human development and maturation, major goals of constituted heterosexual ‘being’. And it gets worse.

Our sexually ambiguous comrades tend towards pathos due to ceaseless unrequited ‘love interests’ who deflect or reject their attentions for want of congruity, ability, desire and fidelity. They lack the promised pot of gold and the gay rainbow remains forever distant. Restating the phenomenon philosophically for clarification: Gender challenged individuals cannot:

  • Fully inhabit the name by which one’s social identity is inaugurated and mobilized. This implies instability and incompleteness of subject-formation, [i.e.] of the ‘I’ (Butler, ibid. 202).

This incompleteness implies an inability that forever confounds the subject, irrespective of expressed comfort zones. More explicitly, he/she aggressively radiates puzzling bio-quanta (vibes) from an atypically subjectified, incongruent host. Hence: (1) they cannot fully signify the kernel of human identity nor be signified in return; (2) this incompleteness disallows harmonious empathy and synergy on a continuum, especially due to instability in the absence of restraining governance. These are not light matters considering mass murdering Bolshevik sociopaths, of which many were gender challenged Jews. Even Hadrian’s mania caused him to sacrifice Antinous to the Nile god and deify the catamite per Satanic protocol, after which he built a memorial city that is now a forgotten scrapheap. — Ah romance! — But Here is where we strike gold in the real heterosexual vs. LGBT polemic, which does not concern gender at all but rather power and governance. The Gay Mafia makes it abundantly clear they are exceptional tyrants and will not share liberty’s magic wand once attained.

  • What is liberty without wisdom and virtue? This is the greatest of all evils. For it is a folly: vice and madness without restraint. ~ Edmond Burke

Thank you for the endorsement sir.

The Cult of the Robe unwisely inserted incongruity and prurience as compeers with those who weave the heterosexual matrix. Irremediable conflicts, instability and subjugation are consequently unavoidable because borders of ambiguous frontiers cannot be marshaled without markers that prevent offense—and offend they do as a matter of course. Native Americans generously (but not scientifically) found a solution with their kind-hearted ‘two-spirit’ remedy. But we should keep in mind they also danced and prayed to become bulletproof.

Presently, un-marshaled gay-pride pipers legally menace forbidden territory and sedulously lead audiences to S&M franchises [69], pagan pageants [xiii], generous STD packages and catwalks for puzzling slut walkers. But exhibitionism does not purchase the repose of gender complementarity. Moreover, LGBT hominterns generally lack the contemplative disposition of the admirable Dr. Sacks; a man who recognized the conundrum and immersed himself in Zen-like humility to circumvent futility, self-abuse and the abuse of others. He did this in the same unkind society that mass-murdered heyoka and two-spirit-loving natives.

The abuse of others is an inconvenient truth Misseurs Bernstein and Wilde ignored with respect to the needs of their wives and children for steadfast husbandry and lifelong symbiotic synergy. Both were incapable of consummating gender-congruent reciprocity on a continuum in lieu of affectations that covered lust filled intemperance and arrested development. Oliver Sacks knew he couldn’t manage the pretense and made no such trespass. Despite fifty years of psychoanalysis, indicating serious intent, he still had trouble “bonding, belonging and believing”, which translates as ‘trusting self and others’. So he left off intimate sexuality, except for his final years as an invalid, and sought repose in his work — exceptionally genuine and nothing contrived.

Bravo! We miss him [70].


[60] Here, ‘legitimacy’ refers to biologically defined, non-ambiguous, gender qualified heterosexual partners. LGBT individuals do not qualify, although they can certainly have limited intimate relations with heterosexuals.

[61]  Zaid O, Op. Cit. The Fabric that Holds Society Together – Parts I & II.

[62] He sued for slander against the charge of sodomy, of which he was perfectly guilty.

[63]  Bailey JM (1999). Homosexuality & Mental Illness. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 56(10):883–884.  Also See: National LGBTI Health Alliance (2016). The Mental Health of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex People in Australia. Online.

[64] Sir Francis Bacon: in Bok S (1878). Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life. NY: Pantheon, p. 262. Implication: Divine Agency is Commander of Truth.

[65] Obergefell v. Hodges (slip opinion, June 26, 2015), p. 6; 576 U.S.

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[69]  Spengler A (1977). Manifest sadomasochism of males: Results of an empirical study. Archives of Sexual Behavior. 6(6): 441–456. 2/3rds of S&M participants were Bisexual or Gay.

[70] Sacks O (2015). On the Move, A Life. NY: Alfred A. Knopf.


[xii]    On Greek Homosexuality

THE MYTH: The ancient Greeks regarded homosexuality as equal or superior to heterosexuality. At no time, and in no place, was this practice considered normal behavior, or those engaged in it allowed to go unpunished. In order to remove any doubt whatsoever, please read any of the following Aeschylus, Aristophanes, Diodorus Seculus, Euripides, Homer, Lysias, Plato, Plutarch and Xenophon, all of whom have left a written record as to what the prevailing norms were concerning this behavior. There were at least fifty different city-states in what we know as Greece, and the idea that homosexuality was important in the culture is based on only a minority of these. In many of the Greek city-states, homosexuality was never accepted or tolerated. In the broader ancient Greek culture, heterosexuality held its natural dominant position. The world-view of the ancient Greeks is best understood through its gods and its mythology. In Greek mythology sexuality is represented by Aphrodite, a female goddess, beautiful and desirable to men, who feels reciprocal desire for the male Ares (Mars). The king of the gods, Zeus, is a lustful philanderer who pursues many females and is only once attracted to a boy, Ganymede. The myth says that Zeus made Ganymede his cup-bearer, not his lover, or catamite. Any homosexual interpretation is optional. Ares, and Poseidon are all heterosexual. [Originally I mentioned Phoebus the sun-god here but it has been pointed out to me that he is really androgynous, so he does not count.] There is no homosexual god. So homosexuality is classified as an aberration, a minor exception to the heterosexual rule, and identified with pederasty. In the greatest of the Greek epic poems, the Iliad, the story revolves around the love of Paris for Helen, a beautiful woman. In its successor, the Odyssey, Ulysses is a heterosexual who returns home after twenty years to find his wife, Penelope. These great stories, interwoven with innumerable lesser stories, dominated the culture and reflected its fundamental assumptions. In the surviving Greek drama, heterosexuality is also the prevailing norm. The comedies portray domestic life in which households consist of a man and his wife. The tragedies concern families with a mother, father, sons and daughters. There are no Greek dramas about a homosexual love or a homosexual relationship. In the myths about homosexual relationships, the outcome is often tragic. Even the celebrated female poet, Sappho of Lesbos, most of whose works are tragically lost, was bisexual. She fell in love with a young man called Phaon and is supposed to have committed suicide because of this. This would be typical of the pattern commonly seen today. Exclusive lesbians are very rare. Most women classified as lesbian are bisexual and avoid men because of some negative experience.  – Girandola, Hub Pages, Ten Gay Myths That Need To Go, Online (13Feb18).

[xiii]    Origin of Easter & Gay Pride Parades:

A pine tree [the Christmas tree of Semiramis; once censored by Jeremiah] is felled representing the death of the god.  The acolytes and initiates proceed to the Temple of Cybele with the sacred pine bearing the effigy of the god in its branches (the god is hung on the tree).   The tree is laid to rest at the Temple of Cybele.  The following day was a “day or mourning” and lamentation.  The Salli (who were priest dancers of Mars) went in procession sounding their trumpets and beating their shields. The sacred pine tree and an effigy of Attis is buried in a tomb and a day of mourning, fasting, sexual abstinence, self-flagellation and self-mutilation commemorating the Mother’s grief follows.  People would beat their breasts with pine cones and cut their arms and shoulders with knives [1]. The High Priest playing the part of Attis draws blood from his arm and offers it as a substitute for a human sacrifice [2].

That night the tomb is brightly illuminated but empty, the god having risen on the third day.Initiates undertake the Mysteries and are baptized in bull’s blood at the Taurobolium to wash away their sins whereupon they are “born again” after being washed in the blood. [The Gnostic Christian ruse!]  They then become ecstatic and frenzied and recruits to the priesthood castrate themselves in imitation of the god. This was performed with broken pottery, sharp flint, and glass (in later times only the testicles were removed) After that the initiates were left in the temple during the night.  In many cases they saw visions sent by the Goddess, affirming their initiation [as did Ignatius Loyola and many Catholics before and since.  This experience is a cardinal mark of the blasphemy as also is the demonic manifestation called the “Stigmata”— there are many others]. At the close of 24 March, the priests reverently removed the sacred effigy from the tree, and laid it in the tomb.  The older as well as the newly de-sexed initiates watched and fasted all through the long night, until the Dawn of March 25. The tomb was then opened; and a great shout of joy went up from the assembled worshipers: for the tomb was empty, the god was not there.  He had been resurrected from the grave into eternal life.

The resurrection of Attis and the onset of spring is celebrated with a sacramental meal and a day of joy and feasting.  With the resurrection, the people gave themselves over to an unrestricted Saturnalia (Satan et alia.) of joy, gaiety, and sexual license. Processions of overwrought mourners, bearing images upon their breasts, following the statue of the goddess through the streets; driven to the highest pitch of frenzy by the wild and discordant music of fifes, cymbals, tambourines and kettledrums, they screamed and whirled and leaped about like dervishes, and slashed themselves with knives and swords. The festival ended with a procession bearing the sacred black stone [meterorite] to the river Almo, where it was washed and purified; after which it was returned amidst singing and rejoicing to its sacred place within the temple.  Those who castrated themselves become Galli—i.e. cocks—and there afterwards dressed in women’s clothes and wore perfumed oils.

26 March – A quiet day of rest and recovery;

27 March: The Goddess was asked if she would return to Rome.  A procession was made with Cybele’s Idol along the Appian Way until the Almo river was reached.  Then the idol would be dipped into the river, rubbed with ash and then washed.   The conclusion of the festival with a procession in which the statue of the goddess, with a meteorite embedded in her brow [Cyclops effigy and/or pineal third eye of Horus indicating ‘enlightenment’], is majestically carried to her temple and a series of religious dramas and entertainments follow.  Clay statues of the gods were made in ancient times just as statues of saints are sold today at Catholic shrines.

Precedent for Gay Easter Parades:

The gallus indulged in extravagant personal appearance.  On the day of blood (dies sanguinis) he forever discarded his male attire as mentioned previously; henceforth he wore a long garment (stola), mostly yellow or many colored with long sleeves and a belt.  On their heads these priests wore a mitra, a sort of turban, or a tiara, the cap with long ear flaps which could be tied under the chin (Phrygian Cap of the French White Terror).  The chest was adorned with ornaments, and sometimes they wore ornamental reliefs, pendants, ear-rings and finger-rings.  They also wore their hair long as did the Merovingians and Danite cum Benjamites, which earned for them the epithet of “long-haired,” they sometimes dedicated a lock of hair to the goddess.

By preference they had their hair bleached [like Madonna or Lady Gaga]. On the day of mourning for Attis they ran around wildly with disheveled hair, but otherwise they had their hair dressed and waved like women.  Sometimes they were heavily made up, their faces resembling white washed walls [heavy metal band: Kiss].  The galli were also very conspicuous [eccentric] when they showed themselves in the city outside the temple precincts. With a procession of enthusiastic followers they wandered about begging; in exchange for alms they were prepared to tell people’s fortunes (vaticinari); they performed their dances to shrill music of the pipes and the dull beat of the tambourine.  When the deity entered into them [possession] and they were possessed by divine power they flogged themselves until the blood came [like Shi’ites on Ashura; or sub-groups of the Jesuit Opus Dei cultus].

Vermaseren MJ (1977). Cybele and Attis: The Myth and the Cult. London: Thames & Hudson, 97–99.

[1] The pinecone remains a major icon in Freemasonry.

[2] According to Aleister Crowley, this is the highest form of Hermetic Magick along with completion of sexual rites; the high priest offers his own blood, as purportedly did Jesus, in seeking demonic favor for the dispensation of power. Satanic cults still practice this. – oz.

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