As far as we know, and much like the human genome, ninety-five percent of energy remains inexplicably ‘dark’ and unaccounted for, although the theory is challenged [28]. According to quantum theory, which has so far played out handsomely, including Einstein’s gravity waves, energy is transmutable but ‘can neither be created nor destroyed’. Nikola Tesla said, “All that exists begins and ends with some form of light, even blackness,which is interesting because photons are the major player in Em-Drive-Propulsion and quantum telecommunication, which involves teleportation [29].  But what has all of this to do with human sexuality? — In a word, intention, both human and divine.

Coitus is a fertile rather than sterile process that requires vagina and phallus plus abilities to perform a non-locatable compulsion that drives us to accomplish complementary rhythmic iterations of mass-shaken energy. The activity gathers, concentrates, focuses and releases waves of reverberant hadrons, bosons and fermions to biomorphic fields filled with innumerable intelligently designed purposes we enjoy but make no contribution to whatsoever. These out-flows obtain (i) cymatic fusion with impenetrable quantum communications that (ii) biochemically crystallize coherent potentials that (iii) enhance bio-formative structuring and physiological processes that (iv) enhance, sustain, repair, prolong and replicate human life. Indeed, well-married heterosexual couples live healthier and more meaningful lives.

  • Even after years, the married are still more satisfied. This suggests a causal effect at all stages of the marriage, from pre-nuptial bliss to marriages of long-duration. The well-being benefits of marriage are much greater for those who also regard their spouse as their best friend. These benefits are, on average, about twice as large for people whose spouse is also their best friend [30].

Outcomes include augmented longevity, healing, health maintenance, reproduction, enhanced cell regeneration, and coherent neural networks that oppose sociopathic intent [31]. The entirety follows flesh driven succussion [iii] administered with passion and tender loving care in temples of fidelity that seal and protect the union.

To the contrary, inverse quantum outflows result from discourteous approaches to coitus in temples devoted to prurient self-interest. This is obvious even to pedestrians who enjoy cobblestones of quotidian thought. Rumi said the hubris of self-centered male chauvinism, for example, was a kind of “masculine menstruation” that represented a reprehensible flow of base intent to which divine grace is averse; indicating sanctified outcomes are not to be had for such brutes. This unsweetened whisper will no doubt offend because it brooks God-forsaken realms of social entropy’s reconstruction zones.

Human thought and deed not only affect the chemical crystallization of liquids—we are 70% water and 99% space—but they also guide neuroplasticity with exquisitely designed dendritic networks that conduct and preserve somatic formation, form and function for better-or-worse outcomes; meaning input affects output [32]. Tesla likened the brain to a radio receiver and Fichte said, “The ear does not hear—I hear“. Others and I suggest the brain and its sensory append-ages comprise both receiver and transmitter.

Advancing this line of thought: formative forces therefore attend human intent and deed to directly affect the crystallization of matter and experimental outcomes as well as matter-comprised creatures in close proximity. Indeed, mounting scientific perspective admits laws governing quanta deriving from a vital force (prana, chi, Yin, Yang) that invest human bioenergy fields, something DARPA investigates with so much interest they dare not discuss it openly [33]. These same forces integrate human flesh but vanish at death, a matter ancients strove to impress on know-it-all upstarts who finally seem to be catching on.

Hence, effects deriving from human thought and bio-morphic energy fields are real and have been demonstrated by repeatable scientific studies. Homeopaths, for example, hold to diagnostic principles with two-hundred-plus years of unchanged praxis that empirically realigns a still-to-be-explained vital force with medicinal preparations stemming from substrate succussion joined to water’s impressionable and inexhaustible capacity for memory and imprints from nanoparticles. Those who attend the materialist Church of Reductionism believe this is flattered vanity but I expect chagrin to swallow their wakes before much longer.

Qualified thousands of scientists and physicians off mainstream publicity grids propose that all the above and more signify effects from human intent joined to unexplained marvels of St. Augustine’s surmise. It appears, therefore, that phenomena are affected by human will and remain inversely subject to resolves that attend moral vs. immoral motivations. This includes amoral vacuity (apathy), by which nothing positive or negative is accomplished other than preservation of the mundane (or worse) in support of entropy. Social disorder pursues a lack of purposeful (willed) human ‘dwelling’ for the conscious creation of communal benefits (Heidegger & Luther), which marks the arrival of Nietzsche’s feared nihilism. I submit that the fulfillment of sexual identity and its validation lie at the core of human will and have a far wider range of influence and application than is commonly appreciated.

  • Observation not only disturbs what has to be measured, it produces it. We compel the electron to assume a definite position and produce the results [34].

Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans said:

  • The stream of knowledge is heading toward non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter [35].


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[32]     Neurulation develops embryonic systems around which the entire somatoform is built.

[33]     Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

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[iii]      Succussion is the process of potentization by which the preparation of a medicine is accomplished using a liquid vehicle such as alcohol or water, via shaking the solution in a defined method according to the Homeopathic pharmacopoeia. The human body comprises 70% water.

Davenas E et al (1988). Human basophil degranulation triggered by very dilute antiserum against IgE. Nature, Jun; 333(6176): 816-8. Since dilutions need to be accompanied by vigorous shaking for the effects to be observed, transmission of biological information could be related to the molecular reorganization of water.

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