• I cannot exist without you,” he wrote . “I could be martyr’d for my Religion —Love is my religion — I could die for that —I could die for you.  ~ Keats
  • The crude understanding of sexuality as an urge that is resolved and fulfilled in consummative intercourse holds no sway in esoteric concerns… Eroticism is a mode of relation predicated on the indefinite deferral of consummation. In esoteric terms, this means that the communication of secrets is not an event but an ongoing process… In the Koran, the term “to enter” (d-kh-l) references literally ‘going into’ a woman, as in penetration in sexual inter-course that constitutes the consummation of marriage… The last segment of this passage is a direct quotation of a verse from the Koran (89:27–30), which likens the ‘moment of unveiling’ to the entrance into the inner sanctuary of a garden, presumably as in a sexual encounter. The garden is metaphor for the human body…  the use of this term in the Koran [& Old Testament] to refer to sexual intercourse validates its sexually charged reading as the symbolic analogy of the moment of mystical unveiling [149].

  • To love is to reach God …
    Love says, ‘Throw away your poetry and come to the stars!’  ~ Rumi
  • Love and honor are the two great things, and now they’re dimmed and blight-ed. Today, love is just sex and sentimentality. Love is really recognition of truth, recognition of another person’s integrity and truth … that makes both of you light up when you recognize the quality in the other. That’s what love is. It is recognition of singularity… And love is giving and giving and giving … not looking for any return. Until you do that, you can’t love.  ~ Robert Graves

Doing my best to avoid intellectual cathexis [xxxviii] in an age that accepts Professor Camille Paglia’s praise of Lenny Bruce and Madonna’s vulgar angst as scholarship, I have gleaned where neglected giants have sown and reaped. My takings suggest that licit heterosexual consummation is an intricately designed process of complementary gender reciprocity that brings unseen potential to perfection according to the “scheme of things” of Solomon’s purview, which is Divine Order. The human heart is made whole (cardinal) by the grace that attends service to the hegemony of heterosexual gender reciprocity as crucible for the divine performative. This is far from Tertullian’s howl that women are the “Devil’s Gateway” or from graduates of Harut & Marut U who daily “thank G-d they were not born women” then go a-quailing at a wall to copulate with G-d (davening). Such fancies do not reflect genuine esoteric aspects of the divine performative.

On the universal life matrix, heterosexual consummation is an ongoing process of transcendent growth; an ever-giving exchange of devotion that advances and maintains human maturation in support of individual and group identities and purpose(s). Sheer bad luck denies this experience to the LGBT population who desire it but cannot (i) co-mingle quanta imbued with the dynamics of mixed vaginal and phallic secretions joined to (ii) face-to-face / heart-to-heart quarks released by (iii) mutual orgasms on a continuum. They simply cannot do it. Consequently, LGBT gender reciprocity is fractional at best and Dr. Butler’s recurrent exasperations accompany a restive melancholia that endlessly preempts repose. This unfortunate circumstance bequeaths arrested emotional and moral developments in addition to protracted prurience; and is just as true for railing heterosexuals who avoid the performative responsibilities of marriage and family.

  • Adults are an endangered species. It is clear the country suffers an epidemic of arrested emotional development (AED) showing addiction, greed, immaturity, fear, blame, shame, resentments, anger, confusion and suffering. The vast majority of Americans are stuck in adolescence exhibiting juvenile, puerile behavior including gratuitous profanity, exaggeration, over-simplification, lying, negative attitudes, disobedience, disrespect, drug and alcohol abuse, depres-sion, and sexual issues… identity issues often involve sexuality, another phenomenon all too apparent in contemporary America.  ~ P Kindlon [xxxix]

The goal of living under licit fig leaves is to take up where Eve and Adam’s stupidity left off and complete the task of human development. When unmolested by phantom impositions and incursions by mongrels for hire [150], heterosexual consummation delightfully completes its constituted transport to Rumi’s stars by the time well married couples start resembling each other, which is likely due to suitably mixed reciprocating quanta and hubby-sperm fragments deposited in the female brain [151]. Fortunate couples metaphysically ‘die before they die’ on a continuum, which qualifies them to face each moment with the Zen of ineffable repose as they peacefully fish together for life’s catch, an occupation for which organized religion is completely superfluous.

Marital consummation recruits forces that establish encoded neurological networks by faithful habituation. In turn, these characteristically circumnavigate routine behaviors, responsibilities and dignified pur-suits only to return refreshed lovers to all three realms after exhilarating sessions of indecorous potentization. Truth be told, the consummate orgasm is a half-baked excarnation that temporarily relieves the astral body of earthly tillage. Via succussion [152], the soul’s psycho-physiological surrender to the dynamics of co-mingled biomorphic fields, flesh and venereal discharges ends in systemic convulsions followed by a state of near-cataleptic vulnerability [153] over which we have no control. We can, however, opportunistically control certain outcomes, which is why wet workers, since Jael murdered Sisera (Judges 4: 18–21), devise honey traps.

In sanctified couplings, this cognitive veiling is no ordinary siesta. It avails unmatched tranquility amidst a stupor of complete flaccidity that some have called “The Little Death [154]. Not only are we literally inebriated by the release of endorphins after the ‘petite passing’, but when in tune and synchrony with the universal harmony of the act’s overwhelming beneficence and cosmic directives [xl], something miraculous occurs. The entire cerebral cortex electromagnetically evokes a biomorphic field with ‘heaven on earth’ resonance, a halo if you will, one that is rhythmically milled by respective circulatory systems into the fluid content of spouse-on-spouse reciprocating heartbeats as they are hard pressed in the collapse of ecstasy [155]. LGBT folks cannot achieve this degree of reciprocity and metaphysical bliss; which is why the same drugs that cause affliction somewhat ease their disconsolation. Jaded hearts reject the divinity of this Valentine moment that requires no flowers, wine or drugs. It does, however, necessitate a trustworthy certified partner to meet at borders of unambiguous identity for the reiterative reciprocity that avails the continuity of the metaphysical and ongoing process of consummation; the absence of which inevitably invites wantonness [156]. One-night stands, pink dildos and bounding anal recalls simply do not qualify. Authentic consummation surpasses the nothingness of nirvana because it is where wakeful repose and mindless sleep share tete-a-tete in arms of divinely ordered fidelity. And there is more in the way of contingencies.

  • A woman’s identity lies in an “essential feminine altruism.” Her self-expression and power are based on making her husband and children her first priority. Similarly, her sexual satisfaction and spiritual fecundity depend on self-surrender [157].

Indeed, this is the identity kernal feminists destroy. Men are also advised to submit to the divine performative. For this cause I left the imaginative existence of a randy lepero and abandoned myself to the loss of self-governance. The liberty I found is exhilarating and I confess that I fear the love I have for my blessed lady and for which, under no circumstance except that which faced prophet Lot, could I feign indifference to her affections, attentions or the honor of her respect. I’d rather face a typhoon off the coast of Japan in a canoe.

  • But I see the fear stems from being alone in the world [abandonment] and it has a new meaning for me now. You can be alone in the midst of people or you can be alone and join with the other one’s aloneness. There can be a real meeting between two people at the point where they always felt marooned—right at the edge—and that’s how it is with me and her. 
    ~ The late playwright and actor, Sam Shepard

That’s how it is! Many who cannot ‘let go’ at conjugal borders remain insulated identity seekers, unable to effectively share life at the edges, per Mr. Shepard and Robert Graves. This is generally due to a sense of inadequacy or fear of abandonment, early childhood matters, particularly from infancy. They can remain anorgasmic or hyper-promiscuous or worse, desperately neurotic, paranoid, even psychotic. They are forever in search-of but incapable of realizing the generous approbation of meeting “at the edge” for the reiterative reciprocity of bipartisan orgasms that crown human identity with consummative quanta deriving from the ordered complementarity solely afforded by the divine performative. Although they try, LGBT citizens cannot approach this end because of physical and psychic limitations. They can only purchase an ephemeral similitude or vulgar analogue. Moreover, the cumulative process is limited to the pure fidelity that is restrained by loyal habit: “The cheating ratio of married gay males, given enough time, approaches 100%[158]. Hence, contemporary seekers of this profound degree of intimacy are a clear minority.

Some supra-human intelligence appears to have designed human sexuality and physiology plus the solar flares, magnetic fields and tides that guide animal migrations, estrus and human menses. My medically trained monotheist life’s blood suggests God Almighty did the entire shebang with a special focus on marriage as a mirror required for entitlements not permitted politically contrived celibates and wor-shipful androgynies in windowless temples; which is reason enough for some to practice ritual magic to obtain forbidden perks [xli].

Before our arrival on earth as naked bumpkins in need of the tender loving tickles that actualize faith and sexual fulfillment as adults [159], without a furrowed brow among powdered wings and harps the Qur’an says we all acknowledged that God does whatever He wants (7:172). And since Bruno’s multiverse survived his Vatican-induced ashes to enter the world of quantum field theory along with St. Augustine’s surmise [160] and Melville’s metaphors; and since Stephen Hawking (RIP) et al. admit that life in other dimensions is likely (in agreement with the Koran) [161], I table a hoary fact known to prophets and practiced satyrs of the Left Hand Path for aeons, and even retired CIA officers like Kevin Shipp:

  • Those living the downside of human sexuality invite djinn infestation and/or possession, especially at the moment of unsanctified climax or sodomy.
  • Practicing Luciferians even go out of their way to invite these monsters from hidden infra-cosmic lees to help them attain tyrannical power.

Inebriation permits other-dimensional mischief from fallen seraphs [162] and djinn who seem to enjoy sex at the expense of human flesh, largely because they don’t have any [163] [xlii]. Professor Sheldrake suggests PC scientists who reject such concepts are bound hand, foot and mouth by the gobbling black hole of reductionism until the last breath absconds with their life force. Making matters still worse, after conditioning by professors of reductionism, post-modern furies exile the masculinity their pre-designed constitutions require, which qualifies as insanity.

  • We should reject the idea that men have a psychic need to distinguish them-selves from women because masculinity is toxic.  In fact, we should be suspicious of males who strongly identify as men.  ~  Lisa Wade, professor, Occidental College
  • Feminist geographers urge fellow scholars to think twice before citing a research paper written by a white man, claiming it contributes to “white hetero-masculinity [164].

  • Don’t you know that to be a liberated woman, you need to have the sex life of a chimpanzee?  ~ New York Times [165]
  • This tendency of women to overshadow the masculine is a sign of a deterior-ating civilization. Woman’s determined competition with man in the business world is breaking down some of the best traditions — things which have proved the moving factors in the world’s slow but substantial progress.  ~ Nikola Tesla
  • NB: Women not only absorb but also retain male DNA, especially in the brain, and from every man they have had sex with. This certainly muddies micro-tubules with sub-atomic photons for generations to come, and also aligns with homeopathic theory regarding quanta of inherited miasms [166].

Quanta deriving from attenuated cosmic forces crystallize vessels that house new life, regulate health and healing, and coordinate communal menstrual cycles and animal estrus in non-urban environments [167]. Because human intention modifies quanta, the attentive cognizance of mindfulness is advisable, which is why considerate folks sublimate the embarrassing exchange of genital fluids that carry bio-resonance with the judicious cover of fig leaf of modesty — a matter of decorum generally avoided outside medical forums, rape kits, serial killers and gritty novels. Hence, to propitiate the indignity before and after the oblation, etiquette obviates the material isolation of sexual intercourse as a proprietary focus unless one is making the effort. However, in less auspicious venues, vulgar inventions and all manner of discourteous terms describe and accompany the event in more than 50 shades of dishonor. Nonetheless, modest hadron emitters clothe the repulsive exchange with dim lights, intimacy, privacy and affection in the comfort of validated/validating arms of fidelity. It is approached with the tender care that thwarts mournful effects from morally inverted djinn and otherwise profaned quarkers. And therein lies both crop and rub of the poetic despair that launched this little book [168], essentially for want of proper preparation and education.

Except for ‘thou-shalt-nots’ from ‘know-it-nots’, no one taught anyone I knew anything of these matters when I was coming up south of Philadelphia sixty odd years ago. Despite degrees in biology, med school formaldehyde and ER blood baptisms; dark passages of taciturn neglect remained at the crux of human sexuality, which is, after all, the hub of human affairs. Over the years amiable know nothings and eager partners provided inadequate lectures and demonstrations, and an ex-con Christian minister from Glasgow even suggested possession by fornication. I therefore propose that folks are scarred by avoidable errors. I also suspect our current epidemic of cadaverous marital outcomes signifies failure to properly teach the gestalt aspects of navigating life with venereal ‘birds-and-bees’ . The indictment falls on political parties, fancy robed graduates of ‘We Didn’t-and-Couldn’t Know’ university, and shoeshine plebeians. All yaw far from corridors of truth.


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  • EXTRACT: A married clergy is connected with the world by social ties, and concerned for the support of the family; an unmarried clergy is independent, has no home and aim but the Church, and protects the pope like a standing army.

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