Although simplified, the following chart shows that human sexual orientation is not a choice. The LGBT majority, excluding genetic disorders like hermaphroditism, is conceived as potentially heterosexual but are born anomalous due to the disruption of fetal androgen levels that affect portions of the brain associated with sexual orienta-tion and basal gender disposition; both are distinct from the somatic genome [xvii]. For example, if androgen levels are absent or insufficient during the first 4 to 12 weeks of gestation in a genetically male child, the fetal brain becomes feminized or inadequately masculinized although the male body develops normally. The inverse is true for genetic females; with higher androgen levels the brain becomes more masculinized. Such developmental mishaps within the Central Nervous System cannot be reversed. The chart shows progressive gradations and outcomes, including normative heterosexual variations. Following birth, secondary phase developmental missteps due to detrimental social and environmental influences can also occur.

Unambiguous gender dualism is the archetypal vessel of human identity. Each well-matched union completes a compatible whole that naturally assigns, signifies and channels human bio-quanta to what is beneficial for the universal human matrix. To the contrary, and unless restrained, unions of anomalous sexual orientations and perversions are couplings with physical and metaphysical dysfunctions that produce unfavorable quanta with harmful outcomes. Even when legal protection attempts to salvage dignity for distempered lifestyles, they never attain parity with the natural hegemony of validated hetero-sexual bonds that optimize human dignity when morally guided. This is why heterosexuality remains the primal object of romantic art and why classical art has been targeted for demoralization:

  • The contradictions of Warhol’s public and private tastes, along with inherent contradictions present in modern art, expose it for what it really is: a fraudu-lent enterprise that does not stand up to close scrutiny; a con perpetrated by talentless hacks and elitist snobs… In 2001, cleaners who rightly mistook it for rubbish, threw out an entire Damien Hirst exhibit… The Frankfurt School, like the Dadaists, also felt the old traditions should be thrown on the rubbish heap of history—faith, family, and the nation had to be destroyed. And, like the Dadaists, they were convinced the subjective was king and objective truth was dead. Affirmation and construction were to be abandoned for desecration and destruction [103].

We’ll return to the dark pagoda of robust disregard for cultural “affirmation” after considering the divine performative.

Normative heterosexuality is constituted as necessary and inimical to the cult’s drive for hegemony. Hence, masters of androgynous double-speak (symbolized by the double-headed Illuminati eagle [xviii] — suborn its praxis by undermining sexual morality. Many citizens join condign and compensatory clubs (political parties) [xix] like a church, thinking they’ll do well by sharing rewards with family and friends. Unknowingly, they either face or actually are controlled opposition (Lenin’s ploy). Examples are disaffected and restless sectors such as ANTIFA or ISIS (stage left) that appositionally augment Patriotic (stage-right) perambulators. The enhanced chaos purchases a ‘defense of honor’ façade as both sides address respective views and remedies for injustices, including Republicans and Democrats. Then enters a compound ignorant horde (stage-rear). Each witless sector supports evil by default, including organized religions of the Right Hand Path representing ‘positively’ controlled opposition from infiltrated pulpits, with Christian Zionism being a perfect example. Presently, all factions actively and passively oppose, knowingly and not–especially in countries where tax payers fund LGBT leadership and shadow governments– heterosexuality’s finely etched celestial monograph, which Dr. Butler rightly calls the Divine Performative because it produces the divine order of what is communally beneficial.

It is divine because the Decalogue inherently invests every pristine heterosexual union as the constituted and infra-sensible sensus communis of Kant, so that no man need teach another that its integrity must be defended. This is precisely why the cult of decadence represents the concept of freedom with New York Harbor’s androgynous ‘Mystery Religion’ idol. Magnanimous support of this idolatry breaks all commandments as a default point of departure (severance from the Divine). It then deflects heart-to-heart reflection through an ungodly mirror where hands cover sternums in temples, sport stadiums and public forums for PC mimes of the Freemasonic Gesture. The entire society welcomes harmful quanta by default when they enter the loyal service of occult masters with eyes and hearts glued to bouncing balls under her skirts.

[left: early 19th Century; right: 21st Century America]

  • Do you not know that when you offer yourselves as obedient slaves, you are slaves to the one you obey, whether you are slaves to sin leading to death, or to obedience leading to righteousness?  (Romans 6:16)

And now the definition:

  • … The divine performative [subject] that brought [it] into being and exhaustively constituted its name [meaning/purpose]… [is] in other words, the matrix of gender relations [that] is prior to the emergence of the human [“I”]… [Thus], the naming is at once the setting of a boundary and also the repeated inculcation of a norm [104].

Divinely constituted boundaries that define this norm are now being rejected. Dr. Butler’s precise observations counter LGBT claims that sexuality and gender hold neither boundaries nor norms, despite the fact that every fetus is initially constituted heterosexual by divine agency prior to the emergence of the ‘I’. Accepting LGBT piffle is the same post-modern stupidity that encompasses anti-social behavior, endless wars, domestic trauma (physical and emotional), alcoholism, street drugs, industrial toxins, vaccines [105] and medications that unbalance androgen bathing of the fetal brain. Any one of these or all in concert can and do alter the finely tuned homeostatic process of normative fetal brain-sexualization in the womb. The truth is that our LGBT brothers and sisters suffer pathological outcomes as the result of “a silent pandemic of neurodevelopmental toxicity that is disabling a generation of children around the world[106]. Anthropogenic teratogens can and do violate fetal developmental protocols and consequently prohibit a child’s entry into standard ranges of human sexual phenomenology (see chart). If you doubt me ask any certified LGBT member if they are happy being queer. The insults that generate these adverse reproductive outcomes are a direct result of post-modern mankind’s submission to the stupidity of wickedness in the service of harm, and in far more than one venue from top to bottom. It is not God’s doing.

  • The same chemicals causing this plunge in sperm production may also be increasing non-male gender expression in biological males, leading an increasing number of biological males to pursue transgender surgeries or lifestyles. This biological fact remains adamantly denied by the anti-science Political-Left in America, which pursues the “magical science” narrative that transgenderism is solely a “choice” and cannot be influenced by chemical exposure. Yet every biological scientist and chemist in the world knows that chemical exposure alters biological function in humans. In fact, the very process of medical gender transition from a biological male to a female involves chemical castration using hormone-disrupting prescription chemicals such as Cyproterone [107].

LGBT victims are surely not happy to be what they’ve become. They are stigmatized and fated for what Dr. Butler calls “the compulsive production of moments of recurrent exasperation [108]. This calamitous situation denies them access to the repose of a well-articulated gender identity and imprisons them in perplexity. Except for the few who are intelligently guided by elders towards the wisdom and understanding that invites informed acceptance of a difficult fate, they are relentlessly pursued by futility. Their majority covers un-validated ‘I’s with fantasies of exalted offices, social frenzy, offensive attire, fame, fraud, legal outrage, promiscuity, perverse criminality and attention seeking, all of which betray weighty insecurities running amok in the service of communal harm.

  • A surprisingly high percentage of pathological liars and con men are gay, a natural habit of self-concealment that leads to stubborn self-deception about gayness and its implications… Gays tend to reject all forms of morality and value judgments… Gays suffer a narcissistic personality disorder: pathological self absorption, a need for constant attention and admiration, lack of empathy or concern for others, quickly bored, shallow, fad obsessed, seductive, over-emphasis on appearance, superficially charming, promiscuous, exploitative, preoccupied with remaining youthful, relationships alternate between over idealization and devaluation [109].

Here is a description that flatters even Oscar Wilde’s beloved rectal explorer, whom he over idealized with intellectual tripe. But we are free to choose enmity towards the divine performative, especially when gods of equivocation demand obedience to dystopian decrees that engender the gadabout chaos of inveterate liars. After all, entire nations, religions and cultures have been based on deceit. Even so, all stood and stand on the now failing heterosexual matrix.

Even when LGBT folks access what appear to be compatible partnerships, they tend towards abuse and alienation because neither partner can assist the gender-qualified integration of a complete human dyad. The complementarity required to attain wholeness of cardinality simply isn’t accessible—the brain needs one gender, the body another. Thus, the heart vaccuum cited earlier incessantly seeks an impossible to attain male-female amalgam. Such handicapped souls are always restless and can rarely be bridled and securely saddled for the high jumps of love, which is why Dr. Oliver Sacks stopped training his for trot and gallop.

If normative heterosexuals cannot peacefully attend the world in balanced cognition without a mate (think Nietzsche) that completes the wholeness of human ‘being’, how are the sexually confused to do it? They cannot! Cognitive errors preoccupy them with relational squalls in leaky vessels. Metaphysically and physically incomplete, they comprise an inherently splintered mob, dispossessed of robust identity and unable to dwell content; they remain confused, misguided, calculating and forever misleading. Such pitiful living does not make a community of nesters who peaceably inhabit constructive concords. As such, they are better off plodding the pseudo-monastic path like the good Dr. Sacks or Heyoka shamans.

  • When people are in despair, maybe the laughing face is better for them; and when they feel too good and are too sure of being safe, maybe the weeping face is better for them. And so I think that is what the heyoka is for.  ~ Black Elk
  • Being a sacred clown gives you honor, but also shame. It brings you great power, but you have to pay for it.  ~ Lame Deer

Human relationships are not simulations; they are the ‘be all’ and ‘end all’ of our existence as anchored vessels by which we transcend self-seeking pursuits. Life demands this service as ransom for peaceful continuity, here and hereafter. Survival without human relations is a brutish delusion and those who destroy marriage and family cut to a hellish end. There is no escaping the need for marriage and family and no flag bears this truth better than unambiguous gender duality.

Although a small LGBT minority remains faithful to “significant others”, all studies report the insatiable hunger of the ghostly vacuum described above, which drives most to estrangement. Substituting promiscuity for authentic intimacy maintains neither crew nor vessel and disaffections become more pronounced after joining the iron armada of political correctness. Under an admiralty that denies the north star of morality, harsh gales of impulse and desire dash them against rocks, even as the flagship commands the fleet to conquer the Canaan of normativity. In seas they cannot fathom, fabricated charts lead to non-existent gay genes and attempts to turn developmental missteps into safe harbors, all the while charging nature, society and divine agency for their misbegotten charts.

Accordingly, and not unlike the warped Cohenism that attends Zionist scholarship [110], they toss reason, historicity and science overboard even when laden as certified truth. But only the admiralty of verity preserves amphora filled with the grace of divine agency. Only truth circumnavigates rock-strewn shores that unmercifully brace imaginary islets. Their seamanship is like rejecting the hygeine that maintains respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems, all of which require navigational precautions to maintain a steady course.

More to the point, honest captains foster self-love and stoic acceptance of natural orders when sailing ships of ‘being’ on deep seas of fecund maturity. The lighthouse that guides peace-imbued quanta safely to the mystical harbor of pure intent, the core of human biomorphic metaphysics and health, shines un-politically correct photons no matter the harbormaster’s sexual orientation. Skippers who recognize its lamp are schooled in navigation by Rumi’s stars and use the sextant of Al-‘Arabi’s soul mirror. Therefore, to reach port safely and then peaceably present a bill of lading, it is best to abandon the armada of deceit. But mankind is wont to accept lies, and cowards generally ‘go-along-to-get-along’ even when they know better.

  • When violence intrudes into peaceful life, its face glows with self-confidence, as if it were carrying a banner and shouting: “I am violence. Run away, make way for me—I will crush you.” But violence quickly grows old. And it has lost confidence in itself, and in order to maintain a respectable face it summons falsehood as its ally—since violence lays it ponderous paw not every day and not on every shoulder. It demands from us only obedience to lies and daily participation in lies—all loyalty lies in that. And the simplest and most accessible key to our self-neglected liberation lies right here: personal non-participation in lies. Although lies conceal everything, though lies embrace everything, but not with any help from me.  ~ Solzhenitsyn (Live Not By Lies).

The current mis-gendering conundrum demands honest remedies and navigational instruments of moral compassion and informed science, absent the legalese and religious bigotry and PC artifice, especially imbeciles belonging to what Eustace Mullins insightfully called, “The Cult of the Robe“:

  • According to the Arkansas Supreme Court, everyone must be made to feel like a biological parent, even where there’s no biological connection to the child. Chief Justice John Roberts declared that Arkansas had to issue birth certificates to same-sex spouses regardless of biological parentage [111].
  • Under Greening’s proposal, adults will be able to switch the gender on their birth certificate without a doctor’s diagnosis, while people who don’t think they have a gender at all can alter it to read “x”. Transgenderism will go from being a medical issue… to a lifestyle choice endorsed by the state [112].

Since there are only two genders but several anomalous sexual orientations, an evenhanded approach to any remedy shuns contempt except for pederasts, pedophiles and sadists. Anyone else outside the pale of heterosexual normativity should be ascribed a respectable status that maintains dignity and due signification minus qualitative parity with heterosexual primacy. Moreover, science, justice and sound logic must depose the cult of misrule’s premise for LGBT equality while protecting human needs instead of “rights“.

Do they have a need to engage in sexual activity (?) — of course! But they do not have rights to impose their lust on children or march naked down Main Street unless they go to Papua New Guinea hinterlands where pederasty, nakedness, phallus worship, sodomy, male-to-male fellatio, human sacrifice and cannibalism ritualistically constitute indigenous mores’ and rites of passage [xx]. Moreover, sodomites and lesbians have a need for partnership but no right of marriage or of adoptive parenthood because both institutions require the complementary reciprocity that accompanies ‘vagina-plus-phallus’ unicity on a psychic continuum, as solely administered by unambiguously gendered harbor-masters and mistresses. Hence, neuro-physiological, sociological, psychological, quantic and biomorphic metaphysical limitations prevent the LGBT polity from challenging the hegemony of heterosexual marriage. The latter is inviolable and comprises an entirely different set of cardinal qualifiers that cannot be matched by gender anomalous couplings, no more than a quadriplegic qualifies for show jumping or Olympic fencing, boxing, ice hockey and wrestling. The matter is not a case of  ‘left-handedness’ vs. ‘right-handedness’.

The vacuum suffered by LGBT unions, mentioned previously, now draws greater relevance when we acknowledge that quality outputs depend on quality inputs such as data, substance, moral intent and essence placed in equations of existence:

  • A century from now, it will be well known that the vacuum of space which fills the universe is itself the real substratum of the universe. This vacuum in a circulating state becomes matter; the electron is the fundamental particle of matter and is a vortex of a vacuum with a vacuum-less void at its center and is dynamically stable; the speed of light relative to the vacuum is the maximum speed that nature has provided and is an inherent property of the vacuum; vacuum is a subtle fluid unknown to material media; vacuum is massless, continuous, non viscous, and incompressible and is responsible for all the properties of matter; and that vacuum has always existed and will exist forever… Then scientists, engineers and philosophers will bend their heads in shame knowing that modern science ignored the vacuum in our chase to discover reality for more than a century.      ~ Paramahamsa Tewari[113]

Having qualified the divine performative and its rejection, we now continue our study of the Provenance of Misrule under contemporary wardens of evil; those folks who strive to upend traditional values and logic in favor of Papuan morés for the masses, some of which can be traced to pre-Dravidian cannibals in caves with rock-hewn phalli.


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[xviii] The Two-Headed Eagle

Appears to be of Hittite origin (1600 BC). Early examples come from the Hittite empire in central Anatolia (Turkey). Two-headed eagles can be found on seals and also on sculptures. – Theodoros Karasavvas

A fascinating parallel can be drawn between Masonic symbolism and the mythology of Kabbalah, also supported by the opinion of Manly P. Hall. They tend to incriminate that the eagle depicts a union between feminine (passive) and masculine (active) principles: “The ancient emblem of equilibrium consisted of an androgynous body surmounted by two heads, one male and the other female, wearing a single imperial crown… this state of perfection is appropriately typified by the two heads of equal dignity” (Hall M.P., 1976)… The aim of the alchemists was to achieve not a terminal perfection but a process ever continuing, of which their ‘stone’, the lapis philosophorum, should become at once the model and the catalyst: a process whereby and wherein all pairs of opposites – eternity and time, heaven and hell, male and female, youth and age – should be brought together by something ‘midway between perfected and unperfected bodies’. (Waite A.E., 1893)… It was one of the alchemists’ main postulates for the Philosopher’s Stone (Elixir). – Joseph Campbell

Found also in Sumer as early as 3800 BC, and linked to Babil and Nimrud’s rebellion against God. Nimrud is honored as the first Freemason by the Scottish Rite of the 15th and 16th centuries AD but later attributed to Solomon. The double headed eagle was probably introduced into Freemasonry in the early 1760s by a body in Paris called the Council of the Emperors of the East and West [a predominantly Jewish body affiliated with Wesihaupt’s Illuminati] to represent advanced degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. It symbolizes a sort of Philosopher’s Stone, facilitating the alchemical transformation of spiritual regeneration and perhaps apotheosis [Nietzsche’s Perfect Man]… The [Scottish] rite therefore claims a link to the ancient Sumerian god Ningirsu through the double headed eagle that represents its 32nd and 33rd degrees. Non-­Christian scholars consider Ningirsu a deified form of Nimrod, and Nimrod has been an infamous character at best since ancient times. He was a great builder, but a tyrant.

See: The Double ­Headed Eagle: Scottish Rite Freemasonry’s Veneration of Nimrod. Online @ (22Feb18).

Also: Chariton JD (2011). Mesopotamian Origins of Hittite Double-Headed Eagle. UW-L J of Undergraduate Research XIV.

[xix]    Galbraith JK (1983). The Anatomy of Power, Houghton Miffin.

Condign power wins submission by the ability to impose an alternative to the preferences of the individual or group that is sufficiently unpleasant or painful so that these preferences are abandoned. There is an overtone of punishment in the term, and this conveys the appropriate impression. It was the undoubted preference of the galley slave to avoid his toil, but his prospective discomfort from the lash for any malingering at the oars was sufficiently unpleasant to ensure the requisite, if also painful, effort. At a less formidable level, the individual refrains from speaking his or her mind and accepts the view of another because the expected rebuke is otherwise too harsh. Condign power wins submission by inflicting or threatening appropriately adverse consequences. Compensatory power, in contrast, wins submission by the offer of affirmative reward — by giving of something of value to the individual so submitting. In an earlier stage of economic development, as still in elementary rural economies, the compensation took varied forms — including payments in kind and the right to work a plot of land or to share in the product of the landlord’s fields. And as personal or public rebuke is a form of condign power, so praise is a form of compensatory power. However, in the modern economy, the most important expression of compensatory power is, of course, pecuniary reward — the payment of money for services rendered, which is to say for submission to the economic or personal purposes of others.

[xx]    Howe C (2014). Cannibal killing finally revealed: The gruesome details of how Rockefeller heir was gutted and cooked by the Asmat tribe of New Guinea. MAILONLINE.

EXTRACT: Hoffman traveled to Asmat, consisting of 10,000 square miles of swamps and rivers with no road and spent four months there. He lived with the sons of the men who had been named as Michael Rockefeller’s killers. These tribal men were primitive and practiced every taboo known to the Western world. Men had sex with each other, they shared wives, they drank each other’s urine, and sucked the penis of the chief of Basim. They killed their neighbors and hunted human heads and ate human flesh.

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