• We have been deceived by religions, governments, historians, Marx and Engels and misguided feminists who deny the essentially romantic nature of the nuptial bond.   ~ Ferdinand Mount, Editor, Times Literary Supplement
  • The Nation’s Hoop is broken and scattered. There is no center any longer, and the sacred tree is dead.   ~ Black Elk, Lakota Sioux Shaman

Occidental arrogance effaced Black Elk’s hoop and sacred tree with the impunity of an asteroid. Afterwards, the Lakota prophesied that mass-murdering wacishu legatees would commit seppuku as their ships of state are staved by the refuse of the beast described in Ahab’s scripture. This end of history is, unfortunately, inevitable. Indeed, Davy Jones awaits the imminent arrival of the cult’s final generation; a creed that stretched the Columbus Myth into unfathomable waters of Manifest Destiny and now stretches gender into Leviathan’s appointed jaws. Moby Dick is a minnow by comparison.

I may be accused of insufficient use of Hanlon’s Razor in my assessments but in the absence of righteous men at the ship of state’s helm, stupidity prospers wickedness and becomes a ship of ignorance that serves evil by default. Our ‘Post-Revolutionary’ age is not a dance requiring Versailles Palace poise but rather a heart-taxing polka that pounds the floor and bowls over anyone in its path. Just ask Zulu, Lakota or Gypsy dancers.

Presently, the Counter-Reformation’s final push returns the world to Mystery Religion tyranny. Last century, Rome’s ‘See of Vulcan’ advanced Pope Gregory VII’s triumph over Germany’s King Henry IV at Canossa in 1077 CE; only yesterday per divine calendar. The triumph was so weighty a deed that an hour or so after Luther rekindled the ancient Ghibelline enmity Bismarck announced he would ‘never go to Canossa’. Using willing ‘Jews who are not Jews’, ever-so-faithful Catholics divert attention and incriminate a legitimately hated people. These Magi finally crushed German ambition and folk soul after obliterating the faith and high culture of Viking Tzardom. Viewed correctly, Odin’s entire northern empire was suitably ruined in a few divine hours while Mephistopheles smiled at Goethe and Nietzsche.

Careful management then removed competent critics and re-schooled a guilt-ridden German zeitgeist to serve the menorah while Russians were reduced to cowpie status and trained to revere Lenin’s Teraphim. Lenin, an international scoundrel employed by at least two foreign services—all of which have served Olympians since Napoleon’s defeat and the re-ascent of Jesuitism—was a thieving Jew and monomaniacal opportunist. Russia’s cowpies now honor his corpse in the same manner America serves Our Lady of New York Harbor. Reverence for the super-embalmed mass-murdering gay Jew maniac—for which a Moscow museum boasts a breathing facsimile—subsumes Eastern Orthodoxy with the mummy-dust of Catholic necromancy [174]—say what you will.

The tenacious presence of Rosicrucian Jews, Jesuits, Freemasons, internationally organized crime, Mystery Religion tenets and myths, conjured hero-worship, idolatry, ism mania and grandiose ritual at cross-cultural and global levels reveals the recusant spirit of Luke 4:7. Here is a creature that abhors the divine performative’s purpose and prefers myths, tyrants and catamite lovers in seats of authority over conventional stupidity. Indeed, Stalin, born Josef Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili—literally meaning ‘Son of a Jew’ or Jewison’ in his Georgian tongue — became the trained Jesuit priest who nailed Lenin’s Teraphim to the Kremlin Wall as ‘house god’ of the nation; thus immortalizing him like ancient Israelites or Washington’s theophany on the DC Capital Dome. Putin sits on the Romanov (‘Son of Roman’) throne as inheritor of Constantinople, the ‘New Rome’, to which Constantine relocated Cybele’s statue after cutting it away from her ‘Queen of Heaven’ mountain lair in central Turkey. She was then re-hewn as the “Mother of God” for another seventeen hundred years of pious stupidity.

Jew-run mass media has likened Putin to Pontifex Maximus Caesar [175]; a title taken from the ancient Babylonian priesthood of Nimrud whose wife, Semiramus (g-g-g-granddaughter of Cain), was another ‘Queen of Heaven’ (Ezekiel 8:14-17) cum ‘mother-of-god’ harridan. In 166 BC, King Attalus III of Pergamum (Satan’s Seat in Central Turkey per Rev. 2:12-17) bequeathed his entire system of magick to Rome’s Latin-Etruscans on Vulcan Hill, complete with a College of Cardinals. The Senate later imported Cybele’s black stone to ward off the wrath of Hannibal. What few realize is that Pergamum was the exiled seat of Chaldean Magi (Jews and Medes) who had fled the righteous whips of Cyrus and Darius. Their Petar—Pope or Petroma, i.e. ‘Peter the Roman’ and not to be confused with St. Peter who never set foot in Rome—can be seen on tarot cards to this day as the Hierophant or two-faced Jack (Janus). This fellow, this Petar, sat in the chair of Nimrud holding the Keys of Janus and Cybele in robes of red to magically ‘bind and loose’ tyranny in heaven and earth wherever men rejected the divine order boasted by Genghis Khan, which is the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ preached by Jesus and rejected by Jews [xliii]. Here is Hanlon’s razor.

Presently, the West is their golem and the cult’s rings of power are dialectically sent forth with Manifest Destiny flags to plunder and serially mass murder the world over per discreetly decreed “national interests” authored by Ivy League bonesmen and neo-cons from Universities of Chicago and Santa Fe, CFR, Chatham House and Fordham U Jesuits [176]. This priviledged but closeted synchrony conducts Right & Left Hand Paths to voting booths, popular theology, football stadiums and fruitless political and economic theories. Their success depends on the moral and intellectual decay of cognitive distancing from truth, a malady that had not yet affected Bismarck’s tutors. Such is the world in which we part and pass water.

I make no apology for purgatives or baroque elisions regarding the LGBT vole and its arcane warrens of evil intent. If I’ve pushed Rip Van Winkles and Winkettes off cliffs of ignorance and disturbed favored delusions, so mote it be. This treatise demonstrates that LGBT quantum emanations in no way compare qualitatively with those of normative heterosexual unions. Sheer hard luck, negligence in several disciplines and PC propaganda deny an ill-fated minority its sweet repose. Resultant wantonness breeds bustling notoriety seekers, liars and disturbers of the peace. But let us place celebrity in perspective: the world survived and forgot Bernstein’s West Side Story as well as Hadrian’s catamite god and city [177]; whereas the ship’s propeller, invented by an unsung heterosexual Negro slave (Benjamin Montgomery) remains in practical universal service.

Well-matched heterosexual marriage optimizes a careful culture that voices the silence of Plato’s divine order. When undisturbed by disturbed disturbers, its dyad of pristine gender complementarity affirms identity and fosters genuine social cohesion via meaningful contributions that abound with and increase robust human relationships. Yet ideals are like God and nearly unattainable in a world designed to try men’s souls to perfection or perdition. In the end, only intentions and deeds truly matter, and I fear those who destroy, prevent or pollute marriage qualify for the abyss.

Nonetheless, on the positive side, ‘Mind vs. Matter’ dualism is now thrown into file-thirteen as Plotinus’ contributions to quantum theory finally ascend to Max Planck levels regarding human intention [178]. Others more informed than I suggest basal gender functions are inherently limiting and specifically designed to prompt self-willed objectives that actuate, nurture and protect what is developmentally beneficial for everyone. Yet numerous folks attend and intend what is harmful and invite/invent essentialist ideologies that abandon the divine performative. These disturbed disturbers fabricate holidays, holy days, idols and tall tale narratives that insidiously modify mankind’s intrinsic appreciation of human ‘being’ and righteous governance as God’s image (Imago Dei) [179]. The Son of Mary called these cheerless tombs “whited sepulchers”, i.e., reprobate descendants of Cain who ate the apple and ceded their tastes (hearts) to constables of eternal demerit — woe awaits them.

My unveiling of the gay-centric cult exposes socio-psychopaths and other borderline-humans who lend restive characteropathies to a fabricated ‘Right vs. Left’ dialectic:

  • In 1848, Karl Marx wrote his Communist Manifesto under the direction of one group of Illuminists, while Professor Karl Ritter of Frankfurt University wrote the anti-thesis under the direction of another group of Illuminists. The idea was that those who direct the overall conspiracy could use the differences of two so-called ideologies to enable them to divide larger and larger members of the human race into opposing camps so they could be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and destroying each other [180].

Participation at either pole destroys or disturbs the peace of the cult’s natural born enemies. Similar manipulations result in a compound state of ignorance regarding teratogens and anomalous sexual development. Thus, as truth sinks into grounds owned by ignorance, apathy and unsubstantiated belief systems, it is paved over by monetized mindsets pregnant with the deceit that guides many to false historicity and contrived science. Wandering Edomites ceaselessly present dubious intellectualism and myth as academic verity while ignoring morals and ethics as they disguise facts of matter and association. The CDC was not the first to do this.

  • Jews went through great efforts to conceal the predominately Jewish nature of their intellectual movements by appointing token gentiles as controlled spokespersons for their groups. Freud [a sexually challenged B’nai B’rith Freemason] for example, took great pains to ensure that a gentile, Jung, would head his psychoanalytic movement—a move that infuriated his Jewish colleagues in Vienna, but one that was clearly intended to deemphasize the very large overrepresentation of Jews in the movement during this period [181].

The absence of verity and high-cultural traditions such as Japan’s tea ceremony or Oromo rites of passage allows fictive black holes to draw the inadequately informed into hero-worshiping singularities comprising a collective of dissipating social ruin. This denigration of time-honored social order demoralizes reciprocating gender complementarity with cosmetic makeovers and taxing impositions from hostile civil administrations. The latter do not engender bone fide social relationships but do include flag waving relatives and neighbors who mindlessly follow contrived rule books. Public facades are constructed with affected Freemasonic hand-on-heart abstractions or facsimiles, and all is environmentally-, intellectually- and user-injuriously incapable of natural signification.

Contrived and contriving entities, authorities and social orders are deceptively confirmed in the absence of meaningful relationships or beneficial purpose and scientific definition. In seas of deceit and compound ignorance, captains are frequently rotated and ships renamed (both per Lenin directives) to maintain the confusion that covers the magnificent fraud. Vain imaginations are routinely put forth by an ostjuden vanguard described two thousand years ago in 2 Cor 10:5. These Sadducees of demerit comprise an exceptionally redolent club that neutralizes truth and erases natural law along with authentic human signifiers, replacing them with flattering histories, unkind legal tenets and ‘significant others’ of exaggerated worth — and now even sex-robots.

In view of these wondrous evils, I pray readers remember (i) the Agency that empirically constituted human identity by (ii) obligating man’s submission to (iii) predetermined gender constraints of (iv) the divine performative in support of (v) qualified opposition to antisocial intent in favor of the sacred hoop of (vi) stable domestic communities and cultures under (vii) honorably charged heterosexual quanta (patriarchal and matriarchal leaders). The author trusts this same Agency has allowed him to fashion a crucible for primary waters of discernment that reveals “the scheme of things” and the “stupidity of wickedness and madness of folly“.



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[xliii]   The Keys of St Peter (Babylon’s Petar)

In Greek mythology, Cybele holds the key to Earth, shutting her up in winter and opening her again in the spring. Similarly, Janus opens the door of the sky and releases the dawn…  The keeper of keys was charged not only with guarding the passage as human beings went from this world to the next but also with keeping the dead where they belonged…  Because in the ancient world many divinities were key bearers, their priestesses bore keys signifying that the divine powers belonged to them as well, or that they were guardians of the sanctuaries of the gods. Priestesses were represented carrying on their shoulders large rectangular keys…  The key symbolizes initiation into the mysteries of the cult.  In Mithraic rites the lion-headed figure who is central to the ceremony holds in his hands two keys.  It is possible that they function in the same way as the two “keys of the kingdom” held by Saint Peter in Christianity: One represents excommunication whereby the door is locked against the unworthy soul, while the other represents absolution whereby the door is opened and the initiate achieves salvation.

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