Gog and Magog (Yajuj and Majuj) of Yesterday and Today – drnaumanshad

Source: Gog and Magog (Yajuj and Majuj) of Yesterday and Today – drnaumanshad

8 Comments on “Gog and Magog (Yajuj and Majuj) of Yesterday and Today – drnaumanshad

  1. Ws.
    We are in agreement regarding both Putin & the false paradigm of east and west. I acknowlege that you have warned sheikh Imran regarding Russia and Putin. My major point are the rehashing or rebranding of Sheikh Imran’s thesis verbatim by a so called Dr amanshaud,
    and two the major premise of sheikh Imran’s work revolves around an alliance with Russian orthodoxy. Why not arian’s etc as he never believed in the divinity of Isa a.s., & was expelled into exule by the new eastern Roman church of Conatantinople.
    A perfunxtory reading of Dugin’s actogaia magazine should suffice in seeing him for what he is. That he has appeared on Alex Jone’s channel is ever more disconcerting. Anyone having relations with this dangerous man and his ‘traditionalism’ is playing with the fire of CHAOS.
    So no I’m not trying too hard, I’m stating verifiable facts.
    Wa salaam dear brother

    • As for RUM … It’s contemporary was the ME Syriac Church et al., even those of Khadija’s family who were monophysites. This indicates “local” Christians, likewise the King of Ethiopia, not those removed to Russia by occult Sadducees (Boethusians) who later coaxed Constantine to utilize the goddess Cybele as idol for the Mother of Iesa. Thus, Cybele sits in both E & W Roman pantheons along with her LGBT priesthood. As for the rewrite of Imran’s thesis, perhaps that is exactly what it is (?). I have seen people use my own work without acknowledgement, so it is not surprising. — Wasalaam

      • Jazak Allah Khair.
        Agree to all. Esp re Cybele, & most especially re the early Semitic and Cyrillic Christians.
        An interesting and well written book was released at the beginning of the year
        Bethany Hughes Istanbul a tale of three cities, highly recommend
        Fi aman illah brother.

  2. Sawb.
    This is a pen name! The writing style & content are Sheikh Imran Hosein. Why the deception and Dr of what?
    There was a time where I entertained this thesis, however upon scrutiny it is a red herring! Putin’s close relations with the chabad rep Lazar sent personally by the late Rebbe Schneerson, & worse his even closer friendship and ties to Abrahmovic and Lev Leviev two great supporters of Lubavitcher, smack of the classic Hegelian dialectic. Hegel was deeply into black magic as is Dugin & his neo-fascist atlantacist multi-polar deception. That there is no Judeo-orthodox alliance to rebirth Eastern and western Roman empire is either sheer folly, complicity or both. Let us be reminded that Gog and Magog were allied against the people and both behind the barrier! This notion of aggressor and reactor is a far fetched obfuscation erroneous and dangerous ‘interpretation’, in an attempt to fit the Quran and hadith into the theory. UNWISE!!!
    I suggest watching Sheikh Imran’s first interview with the so called Strategic cultural foundation of Serbia based in US. The product placement of books behind Sheikh Imran is telling as are his hand gestures and orthodox grey coloured julaba the same he wire in Moscow with Dugin, ‘for those with eyes to see’. Whilst Sheikh Imran feigns an invitation to scholarly cricism and dialogue, if this does not meet his criteria it is dismissed ipso facto.
    On the point of Dugin’s Atlanticism, Sheikh Imran is a late comer. Sheikh Pallavicini and his son attended and spoke at this conference. A cursory research will reveal the links of the Pallavicini family,whose routes go back to Italian aristocracy and the Jesuits. There are ample examples of Sheikh Pallavicini’s son Yahya with Jesuits and knights of Malta of high rank. Not to mention there affinity, as has Dugin, with Evola.
    It’s just one magical cabal, or as the prophet Muhammad saw stated:
    Perhaps a return to David Livingstone’s article with your honest assessment and comments rather than just a post are in order.
    Wa salaam.

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